How McHenry High School Board Candidates Line Up on the Referendum

Seven of nine candidates on the ballot for the McHenry High School Board showed up the League of Women Voters candidates night.

Incumbent Mellody Ahrens

Tracy Simon

The McHenry County League of Women Voters held a candidates’ night for the McHenry High School Board Wednesday night at McHenry East High School.

Steven White

There was too much covered to spell it all out, but the most important question was how candidates planned to vote on the tax hiking referendum.

Three candidates favored the measure.

The first is the incumbent up for re-election, Mellody Ahrens.

The members of the blue and white yard sign slate do, too.

They are Tracy Simon and Stephen White.

All the rest who participated said they plan to vote “No”.

Steve Bellmore


  • Steve Bellmore
  • Timothy Byers
  • Beth Taylor

Timothy Byers

In addition, Darnell Qualls said he was an opponent to the referendum.

Two people listed on the ballot didn’t show up.

Beth Taylor

They are Alexandra Coy and Daniel Koruna.

Darnell Qualls

The missing two are, respectively, the second and last on the ballot.

Being first on a long ballot like this provides about a ten percent advantage. Being last or second has been show to add about five percent to one’s vote totals.


How McHenry High School Board Candidates Line Up on the Referendum — 1 Comment

  1. The “three-in-a-row” reform candidates Beth A. Taylor, Steve Bellmore, and Timothy C. Byers were elected to the McHenry District 156 High School Board on April 5th, 2011. Their website campaign website was

    A losing candidate, Darnell H. Qualls, is the husband of Kimberly Qualls. Kimberly is on the McHenry Elementary School District 15 Board (she’s Vice-President) and the Principal of Alden-Hebron Elementary School in Alden-Hebron School District 19.

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