Kent Gaffney Draws a Primary Challenger in Danielle Rowe

Last night at the Family PAC Cruise I was introduced to Danielle Rowe.

Danielle Rowe, Sandy Rios and Penney Pullen on the Family PAC Cruise

I was told she was going to challenge appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney in the Republican primary election next March.

When I examined her card, it said,

Citizens for Danielle Rowe

for State Representative, District 52

Beneath that was

  • Conservative Republican
  • Tea Party Member

I didn’t learn a lot more about her, except that she is from Wauconda and volunteered in the Recall elections in Wisconsin.


Kent Gaffney Draws a Primary Challenger in Danielle Rowe — 5 Comments

  1. I met Danielle Rowe at an event for Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) back in June. She is a very impressive individual and true conservative unlike Mr. Gaffney.

    It’s important that GOP primary voters tell the Party that we will not abide by your appointments when they are big government hacks who have been part of the problem for the past ten years.

    I look forward to supporting Ms. Rowe in 2012.

  2. It will be interesting to see Ms. Rowe’s candidacy begin to be publicized. Looks like she set up her political committee back on August 8th, and to-date, she has 2 A-1 ($1,000+ contributions) reports posted to her committee totaling $4,500, not counting small dollar contributions.

    I hope Ms. Rowe and her campaign people remember the 52nd district dips into Kane County, and includes Algonquin east of Sleepy Hollow Road, as well as the village of Carpentersville north of Huntley Rd. There are some good real grass roots Republicans hope she recruits to support her candidacy.

    Also, with Rowe’s candidacy surfacing, it looks like Algonquin Area Library Board Member Joe Stefani will not be seeking this seat next year.

  3. Danielle is a breathe of fresh air in Republican politics. She’s a genuine person who cares about her country and her community. She’s running for office because she believes she can make a difference.

    She would make a great representative in Springfield because she’s solid on the issues, you can trust her and she would respect her constituents. As part of the tea party movement, Danielle knows that our representatives work for us, not the other way around.

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