Patriots United Opposes County Executive Referendum

A press release from the Board of Directors of Patriots United:

Patriots United is Opposed to County Executive Referendum

Jack Franks and Mike Tryon faced off on the County Executive referendum at a forum sponsored by Patriots United and the Northwest Herald.

You will be asked to vote on a referendum at the election in November as to whether McHenry County should change its form of government to the County Executive form.

Because Patriots United believes this is a very important decision, it co-sponsored with the Northwest Herald a public forum to hear the pros and cons of the proposal.

State Representative Jack Franks, a sponsor of the referendum, spoke in favor and argued, among other things, that passage would result in lower taxes and greater transparency.

Mike Tryon, State Representative and former McHenry County Chairperson, argued against the proposal saying it would not lower taxes and would result in less transparency, not more.

He argued the proposal, if adopted, would create another layer of government and result in significantly more County expense.

The presentations were detailed and informative.

Based on the forum and after careful consideration, the board of directors of Patriots United voted unanimously to recommend to you, the voters, that the referendum should be defeated.

We are of the opinion that the proposal would not result in greater transparency or lower taxes.

It is very likely it would result in significantly more County expense and cronyism of a kind and extent we have not yet known.

We want to thank the Northwest Herald for co-hosting the forum and Representatives Franks and Tryon for their participation.

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The debate between Franks and Tryon can be seen here.


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