Joe Walsh to Speak About McHenry County Tonight

Many of you know Joe Walsh has a radio show on AM 560 The Answer.  Tonight during his broadcast Joe plans to talk about McHenry County and the problems that local candidates are facing.  McHenry County is increasingly finding itself in the news with the intense sheriff’s race as well as the effort to reform the McHenry County Republican Party.

Joe Walsh AM 560

The reform efforts have attracted attention across numerous political news letters, news papers, and blogs.

In McHenry County Walsh has publicly endorsed Bill Prim for sheriff and Andrew Gasser for county board.

The Joe Walsh show can be heard weekdays from 5-8PM.


Joe Walsh to Speak About McHenry County Tonight — 9 Comments

  1. Ok, I will listen, after all I agree with him on Gasser and once supported him when I believed he was about policy instead simply building a alternate power structure.

    I will predict some small chat thrown at most races (lets say 8% of his time/don’t want to be accused of having a single agenda), and then 90% mud thrown at Zinke and maybe 2% really generic “my candidate will…”.

    It will be ugly, it will be innuendo, it will mostly be based on accusations no one can prove but challenging others to disprove them.

    Just my prediction, this guy once sold him self as the Anti-Obama but now supports many a local race where nothing but Obama/Saul Alinsky tactics are used.

  2. I supported Joe for Congress, but I can’t think of a person that knows less about McHenry County than Joe Walsh.

    Now he has reduced himself to a cheerleader for Prim.

  3. I listened to Walsh’s meager rubbish.

    Like the show any other day it was no more intelligent than any other.

    Make a simple point, say it again but louder, and then shout it s third time.

    Mr Walsh failed to explain the Mr. Prim has overseen no more than 15 officers in his previous position and has not one iota of the administrative experience or educational achievement Mr. Zinke does.

    Of course that is the kind of intellectual dishonesty that is governing our friends that have been dubbed ‘reformers’.

    Mr. Walsh, please move along.

  4. Great night for Bill Prim.

    He was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, along with Glenda Miller and Nick Provenzano.

  5. I keep seeing the same few pseudonyms repetitively boasting of Mr Zinke’s “education” and “leadership”.

    As does his Campaign slogan…

    To suggest that merely taking some courses constitutes one being educated, shows, quite clearly, that those behind the pseudonyms are either not “educated” themselves – or that they are choosing to embellish Mr. Zinke’s abilities/worthiness.

    The word “Education” comes from the latin root “Educo” which means “to draw out”.

    So, by definition, education is not measured by the amount of information taken in, but rather by the result/actions/outcome that is brought about from the information taken in…

    “Leadership” is described, in any dictionary, as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”.

    Understanding the real meaning of these two words… I have had the occasion, in the last several months, to measure both, the “education” and “Leadership” abilities of Mr. Zinke.

    I have done this the only way that I believe one could do this, if ones intentions are to get a true measure the education and leadership abilities of Mr Zinke.

    I have done this by speaking, personally, with more than a dozen McHenry County Deputies.

    In each of the many conversations, I was told of the same conditions.

    I was told by all that morale was “deplorable”.

    I was told by all that many deputy’s had even submitted resumes with other counties or municipalities, desperate to leave this Sheriff’s office.

    I was told that several had already tendered their resignations.

    I was told by all that their was one reason for all of these “deplorable” conditions and negative feelings… The reason that I was given… “ZINKE”!

    I was told by all that the number of those who were unhappy working under Mr. Zinke made up the far majority of the force.

    I was told by all that this majority of deputy sheriif’s were literally praying that Mr. Prim is elected!

    “Zinke has got to go and Prim is our only hope!” (Their words – Not Mine!)

    In light of the conversations that I’ve had with these many deputy’s, it is quite evident that, while Mr. Zinke may have taken some courses… and while he may have attended “leadership training” he is, in fact, neither educated nor a Leader!

    I don’t mean this as an attack on Mr. Zinke’s character, although, I personally must call it into question, but, rather as a real life illustration that Mr. Zinke appears to be the antithesis of what he purports to be.

  6. Very telling Mr. Serwatka; you’ve spoken to ‘more than a dozen’ which is about the extent of Mr. Prim’s staff in his previous employ.

    You may note that if you had spoken to 20, that is still less than 5% of the total organization to which Mr. Prim would have responsibility over if he were to win the election. I don’t know of many organizations with over 400 employees that don’t have some that are disgruntled; some legitimately and others more likely because the situation just doesn’t meet their favor. Of course they will tell you that the sky is falling. Often times disgruntled employees are disgruntled because they have a boss that is making them work… perhaps?

    I do not doubt Mr. Prim’s credentials but to say that Mr. Zinke’s is false because of disgruntled employees is to say that Mr. Prim’s accomplishments are mute because he’s only supervised fifteen.

    I’d challenge you Mr. Serwatka to give Mr. Zinke a call, sit down with him and discuss your concerns.

    If he is a good leader than he’ll be able to give you good answers. I have. He did. I could tell you what he said, but so goes the proverbial horses mouth.

    He may not change your vote, but perhaps your interaction with him might lead you to at least beg your contemporaries to treat the man with some bit of respect, because right now posts such as yours, which is fairly mild but none the less of an attack on Mr. Zinke’s character are without merit, because you are only expelling the tainted meat that I believe you have been served.

  7. Oh, I’m sure that Mr. Serwatka spoke to several folks who were highly qualified to comment on the sheriff’s department. People like Seipler, Milliman, Schlenkert, Bodden and others whose egos told them they should lead the department rather than follow orders and work their way up.

    All the problems alleged seem to have a common source… about a half dozen or so individuals who, being charitable, are or were problem employees.

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