Social Media Report of CL Police Theft Unfounded

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police:

Crystal Lake Police Investigate Report of Police Impersonation

On June 24th of an alleged crime which had been reported to have occurred within the
City, as indicated on social media.

Crystal Lake Police car.

Crystal Lake Police car.

Information had been posted that police impersonators had conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and had robbed the lone male driver of $100 cash.

An investigation of the incident commenced immediately.

During that investigation an interview with the reported victim in this case was completed.

At the conclusion of the interview it was determined the incident, in fact, had not occurred and appears to have been a miscommunication between the person who posted the incident on social media and the purported victim.

This event, although unfounded, brings to light a need to always keep safety in mind. Crystal Lake Police encourage motorists to do the following when involved in a traffic stop they believe, or suspect to be conducted by police impersonators.

  • Always pull over in a well lit area if possible. If not possible, slow your vehicles speed, activate the hazard lights (four-way flashers) and drive to the nearest, safer location.
  • Call 911 and ask to verify that the person(s) behind you is in fact a police officer(s) initiating the stop. Request that a fully marked police unit come to the scene if possible.
  • Request the officer’s name, badge number, and agency they represent

Crystal Lake Police Department encourages citizens to report all crimes and suspicious incidents. An identified, cooperative witness is always beneficial to investigations, however reports can be sent by text anonymously to “TIP411” (847411) with the keyword “TIPCLPD” within the text.

While social media and present day technology has the ability to disseminate information rapidly, always take into account the validity of the source, and refrain from perpetuating unverified information which may result in public fear, unrest, or distrust, jeopardizing the safety of us all.


Social Media Report of CL Police Theft Unfounded — 24 Comments

  1. I don’t trust the police.
    I’m sorry; but the police have lost my trust.

    Too often they ATTACK their own citizens and do their best to destroy their own citizen’s lives. This has happened too often in Crystal Lake and elsewhere. And they do it aggressively and with a smile.

    I’m really sorry to acknowledge this as I know many officers who are indeed honest, hard working, and dedicated to the community.

    Like the IRS, however, too often when you screw over hard working citizens, you regretfully obtain the reputation of THUGS. The CLPD now has that dubious distinction.

  2. I think your view may be shared by many more, CLM. It seems to be much more widespread than just this city, though.

  3. CLM & Cindy-pretty obvious neither of you can read or comprehend a sentence?

    And how does this story cause CLPD to have this “dubious distiction”??

    You both come off as pretty, pretty, pretty ignorant.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself Larry.

    I also think the CLPD gave good advice to the public in this article.

    I applaud the dedicated and hard working officers.

  5. Larry?

    Why would you call us ignorant when we both just made comments that were just general comments?

    Seems the ignorant ones are the ones that jump on other people’s backs for just mentioning a belief or an opinion.

  6. Cmon Cindy, you specifically made those vague comments related to this article.

    What did, “it seems to be much more widespread than just this city” mean???

    You are just making random, trolling statements…ie ignorant statements

  7. CLM & Cindy are spot on ….. the police-hirelings today are far more interested in reaching their ticket quotas than doing actual police work ….. like arresting illegal aliens using fake IDS.

    They get bonuses for their ‘efforts’ …… the municipalities love the moolah to offset declining revenues ….everything in Illinois is in decline.

  8. What do ticket quotas have to do with this article ?

    The police were responding to a social media complaint about a robbery and an impersonation of a policeman…….then they gave some points on how to protect yourself.

    Wouldn’t you want the police to check it out ?

    It’s not like they charged anyone or gave them a ticket.

    They were doing ACTUAL police work !

    Great tips..

    Hope you never get stopped by an imposter.

  9. The police have obtained the title of “thug” through long term hard core abuse of the constituency who pays their wages.

    This article brings out the comments against these thugs because the three bullet point suggestions the police released actually can, will and have gotten citizens arrested in the streets.

    The dichotomy between the stated purpose and actual daily habits of the police earn them widespread derision from a wary public.

    From the worst police in Kenilworth to racist police in East St. Louis to abusive police in Bloomington, Illinois residents are right to be wary.

    Police are not to be trusted.

    The comments by some here prompted by this article have the benefit of being correct but they certainly are appropriate.

    There are good police but until they start policing their own insane behavior and holding themselves to higher standards expect to see comments about their behavior, even in articles which aren’t explicitly about police corruption.

  10. I agree that their are bad apples everywhere, that spoil it for the rest…….but when you come right down to it, you can’t trust anyone…….that includes spouses, politicians, lawyers, newspapers, employees, babysitters, teachers, doctors, dentists, and priests….the list is endless……so you just try to live your life the best you can.. and have some faith.

  11. Thank you, Old Man and Priest.

    Not that the two of us needed vindication ⎯ but it is good for the Nanny State hand clapping folks to hear the truth from more than one or two.

  12. Larry you are right again and you will soon learn that Priest always comes to Cindy’s defense.

    The next thing he will try and analyze you and Cindy will go at you.

    She always starts trouble.

    They both have a distinctive M.O.

  13. It is true that there are bad apples (and good apples) in every profession.

    The problem is, Government is expanding greatly at the expense of the private sector. As Government grows, its need for $$ grows exponentially and so does their need to ENFORCE their growth.

    This fuels the animosity between the two groups. Police need to generate revenue and they turn on their own citizens.

    Thus, the seat belt law goes from: 1) public interest….then to 2) a state law that they promised would NEVER be primarily enforced…..then to 3) a law that is primarily enforced……and then to 4) cops sitting outside the local high schools harassing students on their way home and nailing them for not wearing a seat belt (and additional violations if they don’t like the family).

    And the state “rewards” departments for this thuggish behavior. That’s why departments are getting more equipment, assault vehicles, etc. Can’t wait to see what’s in the future

  14. So to make it short and simple……you don’t like laws enforced.

    If the cops enforce the law,which is their job, people don’t like it and call them thugs and yell harassment

    Stupid thinking.

  15. Victims of circular thinking calling others stupid.

    Now that takes the cake. CLM, you can explain until the cows come home and “must have the last word” will castigate you until they become blue in the face.

    It’s the ‘dance of the sociopath’.

    Take heed.

  16. For the ignorant…

    There have been laws justifying every form of victimization a human may visit upon another.

    The magic of the United States and her diversity is she attempts to hold to a higher human ideal.

    We have had our issues and through great struggle we correct those issues.

    Much of this struggle has cost the blood of citizens.

    We seem to be at a crossroads again in American history where the dependent non producing class (government and all those dependent upon government) feel absolutely entitled to bite the hand which feeds them.

    By and through various means, education among them, the children are now brainwashed into thinking these entitled are better than them(a caste system has been created) whereby the victimization of the producers is both justified and ordained.

    This goes against every foundational value of the United States.

    Police officers are merely the most violent domestic expression of this war of ideals.

    They are married to a system which glorifies the lowest common denominator rather than the highest ideals and they are given ever further reaching power/tools to violently enforce the will of their political masters upon The People.

    For those of us who understand the meaning of freedom and all the rights this naturally allows the police are well beyond their founding charter.

    Those who choose to blindly follow and enforce unjust law to the detriment of our American society/culture need to be caged along with those who create unjust laws.

    This is the start of the thought on why police are in the trick bag of being put above the Citizen through violence and hated for following moronic tasks set forth by some of the most arrogant beggars in America, the politician. Volumes have been created on this subject.

    Find a library and look up Rousseau, Hobbes, Aristotle, Plato, Buddha, Ghandi, Dalai Llama, Jesus…. So many.

    Read about freedom loving people throughout history and their struggles with the armed enforcers of unjust will. Spoiler alert: The means of balancing the tables change but the end is the same.

    The entitled beggars and their minions lose.

  17. The CLPD has had the distinction of being thugs for a long time…

    I can tell you about a police officers wife that had her brother, brother in law and sister in law all falsely arrested.

    Then she went on to bring more false allegations against other people, for which the CLPD graciously accepted from her.

    We watched it all unfold before our very eyes…

  18. I ask all the good, well-intended police officers of this area to do this:

    When your commander orders you to do something wrong, unethical, or clearly overstepping your “peace officer” position, tell them (like Officer Voter) “NO”.

    Stand up for the citizen and freedom and no to tyranny and thuggery.

    Sorry, Voter – I sense you even notice you’re being called out.

  19. CLM.WHERE did I ever say that an officer should follow an unlawful order?

    I would like an answer to that because I NEVER said that.

    You know nothing of my law enforcement career.

    I almost lost my job twice because I would not do something unlawful that the higher-ups asked me to.

    Maybe I become defensive because I am one of the good cops.

    I won’t hurt people and I won’t do something that I feel is wrong just because someone tells me to.

    There are some of us that are actually good.

  20. Voter has nothing but good intentions and wants reform in our county just as much as anyone else.

    I know several police officers that are tired of corruption and the unprofessional antics of their colleagues…

    It only takes a few to ruin it for the rest….

    For example, there was an officer who knowingly arrested his friend’s sister in law 9 times.

    The officer was subpoenaed into court and the Judge found out that the officer was indeed Facebook friends and personal friends with the brother in law.

    Because, of those revelations in regards to the connection with the brother in law, that ended the validity of their case.

    Additionally, the charges had no merit.

    The court bailiff could barely contain his laughter once the police officer admitted his friendship with the brother in law…lol….

    By the way, the Judge had to compel the officer to answer the question: “ Is it true you are friends with this women’s brother in law?

    He said “YES” Stupid is as stupid does….

    The women walked out of the courthouse with no convictions and those officers used our tax dollars to continue on with courtroom shenanigans.

    The court cases lasted from 2007-2009, with a public defender on board.

    Let’s not forget about the officers that actually lost their jobs because they were railroaded for crimes they did not commit, all because they refused to participate in corruption.

    There are police officers that have been victims of the corruption game inasmuch as the people of our community…

    We have to view this objectively, as there really are no black and white answers.

    The list for victims in McHenry County runs very deep and it includes individuals from all walks of life, including police officers.

    Over the years, many of those officers have contacted me for a meeting, to exchange information on corruption.

  21. If the people want real change for McHenry County, the they better get off their duffs for the upcoming election in September and make it happen by voting for Bill Prim….

  22. Voter:

    First of all, I didn’t know for sure your were an officer; I guessed by your responses and I apparently guessed right.

    By your passion, I sense you are a good, honest cop.

    I thank you for that.

    I hope that you are in the CLPD so that will give me hope that things will clean up in that department (don’t tell me which department you are in, as it will hurt your standing and they will harm YOU.

    Jeff Thorsen has already admitted on this blog that Chief Linder apparently has spent time and money investigating commentators on this blog).

    I based my statement that upset you so much on your comment, “You don’t like laws enforced.”

    Though that sounds like you’re “just doing your job”, you know that routinely police routinely make judgements on laws and penalize those they wish to.

    Otherwise, everyone going 1 mph over the limit would get a ticket.

  23. Yes, there are police officers that were falsely charged and prosecuted for crimes for which they did not commit.

    They too lost their jobs.

    We the people must realize that corruption has no boundaries, it affects and has many effects on people from all walks of life, including police officers.

    Corruption can change anyones life in an instant. As corruption moves into communities, it takes over government and violates the rights of so many people. Corruption has existed in McHenry County for decades…

    As a way of preventing and impeding the investigation of corruption from deepening, corrupt officials have been involved in the investigation of corruption and bribery.

    It is true.

    Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell who is involved and who is not.

    I personally have had the opportunity to talk to business owners who were held at gun point.

    They were required to pay to keep doing business in McHenry County…

    Many took business elsewhere.

    So, we can’t continue to berate our police officers when they have nothing but good intentions and try so hard to do their jobs on behalf of everyone. However, when they clearly and intentionally do wrong and inflict harm, they should be held accountable inasmuch as anyone.

    The Crystal Lake Police Department needs to start sweeping up all of that over buttered popcorn….lol…

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