Politicians in the Johnsburg Parade

With the new roundabout in Downtown Johnsburg, I parked north of the Community Club and walked toward the refreshment area.

The first sign of politics was a Steve Reick sign on the back of a big red pickup.
Reick truck sign
At the refreshment area, I couldn’t find a soft drink in a can and took a shortcut to the church, where the parade was scheduled to end.

Reick sign + Ranks-Madigan no sign

Between the food area and St. John’s were these two signs, one for Steve Reick, the other against Jack Franks.

I started walking from the end of the parade toward its beginning.

Harrison sign Church St Parade Day

This Jim Harrison yard sign I saw one the south side of Church Street.

I continued down the street until I found an uncrowded shady spot near the elementary school.

Reick + Pim signs Johnsburg

Across the street from the grade school were Steve Reick and Bill Prim signs.

Then the parade began.

Sheriff's Depty on motorcycle Johnsburg parade 2014

A Sheriff’s Deputy was on a motorcycle.

Weaving around the Johnsburg Police vehicle in the front of the parade was a McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy on a motorcycle. (When I figured the politicians had all passed, I left. There was nothing more from that Department by then.)

Next came Johnsburg’s village officials.

Hettermann, Ed Johnsburg parade 2014

Village President Ed Hettermann led the contingent of officials.

Immediately behind was the entry the Johnsburg High School Band.

Johnsburg HS Band Banner 2014 Parade

The Johnsburg High School Band.

Then came State Rep. Jack Franks.

Franks Johnsburg entry from front

State Rep. Jack Franks’ entry was really spread out.

He was working the shady the street, then ran to the other side.
Franks Johnsburg running across street 2014State Senator Pam Althoff was right behind passing out Double Bubble.

Althoff Johnsburg 2014McHenry County Board member John Hammerand drew the slot behind Althoff.

Hammerand Johnsburg 2014McHenry County Board member Sue Draffkorn was next in line.

Draffkorn Johnsburg 2024

Sue Draffkorn waved to those along the parade route.

A pickup truck bearing the name of McHenry Township Clerk Marsha Nelson went by.

Nelson, Marsha, McH Twp Clerk

McHenry Township Clerk Marsha Nelson’s entry was a pickup truck.

The only Democratic Party elected official in McHenry Township office is Assessor Mary Mahady.

Mahady, Mary Johnsburg 2014

Mary Mahady is in here first year as McHenry Township Assessor.

Independent candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison followed Mahady.

Harrison Johnsburg 2014

The Jim Harrison parade entry.

The candidate was walking in the middle of the street behind his vehicle.

Harrison Johnsburg 2014 walking

Jim Harrison greeted parade watchers.

One of Harrison’s walkers was Greenwood Township Supervisor Barb Klasen.

Klasen, Barb Johnsburg parade 2014

Besides being Greenwood Township Supervisor, Barb Klasen is also Republican Precinct Committeeman in Greenwood 3.

Lisa Madigan’s Republican opponent Paul Schimpf had a banner in the parade.

Schimpf Johnsburg

In the Paul Schimpf entry was a sign I hadn’t seen before” “Save Illinois. Vote Republican.”

Next came the group supporting the Republican candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, Bill Prim.

Serwatka + Salgado Johnsburg 2014 Prim

Grafton Township GOP Committee Chairman Paul Serwatka and McHenry County Chairman Sandy Salgado were near the front of the Bill Prim entry.

Bill Prim was working the crowd.

Prim Johnsburg 2014

A woman to my left asked Bill Prim if he were the next Sheriff. “I hope so,” he replied.

A guy on a Segway came next. At first I thought it was for State Rep. Barb Wheeler, but it turned out to the the GOP candidate for County Board, Chuck Wheeler.

Wheeler, Chuck Segway Johnsburg 2014

When I asked Chuck Wheeler where he got the Segway, he handed me a card for Steven’s Segway Tours in Chicago.

A truck covered with Republican candidate signs followed Wheeler.

GOP Johnsburg Parade Truck 2014

Rolling campaign signs on this truck came next. McHenry Grade School Board member Erik Sivertsen​ drove the truck.

Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board Arne Waltmire had a a BMW with his name on it after the Republicans.

Waltmire Johnsburg Steve Rooney in foreground

Arne Waltmire is seen walking on the shady side of Church Street. In the foreground is McHenry Township Republican Party Chairman Steve Rooney campaigning for Steve Reick for State Representative.

Reick Johnsburg parade introducing self to man

Republican candidate for State Rep. Steve Reick introduced himself along the Johnsburg parade route.

Steve Reick, the Republican challenger to State Rep. Jack Franks followed.

That, I figured, was the last of the political candidates and office holders, so I was off to the Crystal Lake Methodist Church for ribs and football.

But I couldn’t resist the candy target you see below:

Candy Target, Johnsburg

Kids know what’s important in a parade.

On the way back to Crystal Lake I took Chapel Hill Road.

I saw on Jim Harrison yard sign and lots of big Bill Prim signs.

Prim + Reick + Wheeler Signs Chapel Hill Road

This Bill Prim sign on Chapel Hill Road was joined by ones promoting the candidacies of Steve Reick for State Representative and Chuck Wheeler for McHenry County Board.

I took the four-lane Bull Valley Bridge across the Fox River.
Bull Valley Bridge 4-lanes 9-14It narrowed into two lanes.


Politicians in the Johnsburg Parade — 23 Comments

  1. Johnsburg may be Harrison’s home town but it didn’t seem like that yesterday.

    It was clearly evident that the people of Johnsburg were excited seeing Bill Prim.

    All the pee-greeny yellow in the world won’t take away the fact that Prim was the favorite candidate in Johnsburg.

  2. Should Barb Klasen not have resigned her position as a Republican Committeeman if she is openly campaigning for the Independent who is running against a Republican?

    Why was Althoff not placed in front of Franks?

    She holds the higher office.

  3. Yeah…. I don’t know voter. <10% of ppl were probably excited for candidates and more folks were interested in candy, beer, brats and DA BEARS!

  4. l.o.l. Front page on…….

    You are probably right….

    DA BEARS probably won the vote for the day. ( but the buggers lost)

  5. Excellent pictures, Cal.

    And you can see the Republican Logo on both my signs.

  6. I find it hilarious the guy on the segway is wearing the helmet on backwards.

  7. Is that former Wonder Lake and Holiday Hills Police Chief Larry Mason walking behind Harrison?

    Is he courting Harrison so he can be the Undersheriff if Harrison wins?

    If so, god help us all.

    Next thing you know they will have Steve Shinkel and Davy Linder all working at the Sheriffs department.

    Voters, you just can’t let this group of thugs run anything

  8. Hmmmmm Dave Linder, would again prove to be nothing more than a public relations disaster.

    The tax payers reviews, that I have heard about him, are horrific!

    Further, I have been witness to the bullies he was once a leader of….

    Gosh, I seem to remember the tax payer they falsely arrested numerous times and was then found not guilty.

    When David Linder left the Crystal Lake Police, he had popcorn in his office that was left over from the dark ages.

  9. At least Prim had a float.

    Slapping a sign on a vehicle shouldn’t entitle one to participate in a parade.

    Look forward to hearing what Prim’s pension is, since some of the commenters have stated transparency is a reason to vote for Prim.

    An even more interesting conversation would be how police and fire pensions have been hiked by the
    Illinois General Assembly and Governors since one sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution in 1970, stating pension benefits are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    But it’s perfectly permissible to hike pension benefits and not clearly disclose that to voters in an easy to understand press release.

    Have you ever seen a press release, pension benefits hiked again?

    Well you should have seen at least one, and typically several, press releases stating that, just about every year for the past 40+ years.

    Why mention pensions?

    Because it’s the state’s #1 fiscal problem.

    Because there is an enormous amount of misinformation about pensions.

    A day should not go buy without a conversation about pensions.

  10. Mark put a sock in it.

    Prims pension has nothing to do with us in McHenry.

    That is from DesPlaines and he isn’t going to take a pension from McHenry County so you bringing up this is stupid.

    You’re making an idiot out of yourself. What part of “Prim saving the County money” don’t you understand.

  11. People should be more concerned about someone trying to bring back the thugs and old regime.

    There is a new man in town and we are going to more forward with Prims experience to run a department and is for the people of McHenry County.

  12. Cal, I took the same picture of the no franks no madigan sign on the fence!

    It was a beautiful day in a great place full of awesome people.

  13. So Prims public sector pension is being kept secret yet he is running on a platform of transparency to become McHenry County Sheriff, with allegations of the current regime not being transparent?

    Yes we previously established many times, McHenry County taxpayers do not fund the Des Plaines

    Police pension, and Prim will not contribute to the McHenry County Sheriff pension plan, saving McHenry County taxpayers money over Harrison.

    The story does not end there.

    If elected Prim would be drawing a full public pension and a full salary, and that irritates a lot of people.

    Therefore, his current pension should be revealed, and in the revelation, it can be stated that McHenry County taxpayers do not fund his Des Plaines police pension.

    Since pensions are the state’s #1 financial problem, understanding pensions is extremely important.

    Many of the fire and police pension funds are underfunded including many of those in McHenry County.

    If the public does not understand how pensions work and how they have evolved they cannot make informed decisions of how to lobby to their state reps and senators and the Governor to solve the crisis.

    The police and fire pensions are not sustainable.

    There are many reasons for that.

    At the top of the list is legislative benefit increases.

    Why would the state legislator and governors over the last 40 years increase pension and retiree healthcare benefits, when existing benefits were underfunded.

    Certainly not for financial reasons.

  14. “Bill” Harrison has not disclosed those famous land records to the public….

    Hmmmm….not good for Harrison to be avoiding the people

    That should be a pretty good indication as to how he will run the sheriffs department.

  15. The story does not end there……..

    If elected , Harrison will be drawing two Full Salaries.

    That irritates a lot of people……….

    Therefore, his current salary, as a Lawyer, should be revealed, and in the revelation, it can be stated that McHenry County Taxpayers do not fund his Lawyers salary.

    Good Grief Mark……….just trying to be informative…

  16. And, Tamara Demodica AKA “Fukoku,” is working as his public relations person.

    How much is she getting paid?

    It’s amazing, she totally embarrasses the Zinke camp and then Harrison hires her.


    What on earth, compels Harrison to make such a ridiculous decision?

    What are your motives Jim?


    That Jim, he is scary!

  17. Taxpayers will fund Harrison’s McHenry County salary AND a pension, while he stills draws a Lawyers salary……….

    I think that will irritate many more……….

    Sounds like a lot of $$$$$$$

  18. Sure hope the Bianchi team has some real juicy depositions planned for Tamara Demodica.

    The public wants the whole truth and nothing but the truth behind those “Fukoku” transactions…..

    Gosh Tamara, you shouldn’t have opened your mouth so wide!

    Corruption McHenry County Style, to be seen soon, at a McHenry County Theatre near you….lol….

    It’s gonna be the best show in town, next to that Zinke law suit…

    You know the one where Zinke goes outside in the middle of winter, making a fool of himself in front of all of the neighbors?

    Gosh Andy, don’t you have any pride?

    Sure hope they offer some reruns on that show…….

    Bet they offer popcorn….

  19. Gosh, Zinke and Nygren thought we were just going to let them retire and drift off into the sunset.

    Not if I have my way…lol…

    We fully expect the both of you to stick around and sweep up all of that famous popcorn.

    You know, the ones with Gordy and Big Al?

    And, once the popcorn is swept up, you will need to clean up the greece from all of that over buttered popcorn.

    Use “DAWN” it’s a greece fighter.

    Besides, by the time the both of you get to that point, it will dawn on the both of you, that most people have caught onto those famous popcorn parties….

    And, both of you thought it was a one man show?


  20. Mark………. I have a pension and I sure don’t think I have to be transparent about what that is to you.

    It would be like asking me to show you my savings account.

    I put into my pension and worked for it and that is my savings.

    I personally don’t think peoples pensions should even be a topic.

    Bottom line here: Thank you Mr. Prim for not putting an extra expense on the people by taking the Sheriff’s pension in McHenry which you could but because you are thinking of us again thanks.

    With Harrison, he would earn from his law practice, his Sheriff pay AND the Sheriff pension. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    With Prim, Sheriff’s pay

  21. Agreed. Pension system in public sector Illinois will cripple the state…..

    However, the McHenry County Sheriff’s election is about choosing the best candidate for the job.

    Bill is that candidate.

    Mark, redirect your effort into statewide reform.

    That is where your focus must be…unless your argument is simply a stalking horse for your preferred candidate.

    If you truly think this is an issue in this Sheriff’s election, you must believe that an experienced law enforcement candidate from Illinois must be passed over for an inexperienced private sector candidate.

    That dog don’t hunt.

  22. Anyone running for public office should be transparent about their public sector pension.


    There are many people whom get irritated by someone receiving a full public sector pension, and working a full time job.

    Now, that is only one data point, and there are many other factors to consider.

    Even more so someone running on a ticket of transparency in an office that has been criticized for not being transparent should reveal their public sector pension amount.

    Why are they hiding it?

    What’s the big deal?

    During the primary, the question arose about Harrison’s pension, and if I recall he was not currently drawing a pension.

    It would be good to know what his pension would be some day also.

    One of the reasons we are in today’s pension crisis is that most people don’t understand how pensions work and how they have evolved.

    I am not advocating for Prim or Harrison.

    In fact, during the Republican primary race, I was quite critical of Zinke, Prim’s opponent, about flipping off the local blogger then not owning up to it.

    There are many people who are interested in the amount of Prim’s pension.

    And just because someone is interested in the amount of Prim’s pension, does not mean that person will vote for Harrison.

    Even though McHenry County voters do not fund Prim’s pension, there are McHenry County voters whom are interested in the amount of Prim’s pension.

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