Algonquin Township Republican Party to Vote on Nepotism & Patronage

In a move that seems antithetical to a political party the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee will consider a policy statement on nepotism and patronage at its upcoming 7:30 May 10th meeting at Republican Headquarters next to Joseph’s Market in the Crystal Lake Plaza.

Alg Twp GOP agenda 5-10-16

Agenda of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

You can see the other items on the agenda below:


Algonquin Township Republican Party to Vote on Nepotism & Patronage — 14 Comments

  1. exactly what does that mean?

    A volunteer organization is not going to allow for people to serve because they are related or in favor?


    This makes as much sense as when a precinct committeeman campaigns that they will fight to lower my taxes.

  2. Looks like a pretty tight knit group to me! I thought the “good ole boys” were a thing of the past, guess not.

  3. So what about Sandy Salgado when she was hired by Bill Prim for her support and her fathers and Lou’s support is that patronage.

    They are saying that if the Sheriff or any elected official hires someone that they trust to do the job once they get elected.

    Every hire after a person takes office and tries to make it what they want it to be will be patronage.

    Lou when he took office hired his own people to make the State’s Attorney office what he wanted it to be.

    Andrew Gasser is using the Republican Party for his own self serving agenda you should beware of self serving agendas.

  4. The only people that are in favor of nepotism are those that are participating in it.

    Pablo brings up a good point about patronage.

    Should we only allow elected official and their subordinates to hire people that they don’t know, don’t trust and don’t like?

    Would that cascade down to military hiring as well?

    I am sure that Andrew was only ever promoted or transferred into units by people who went out of their way to make sure that they didn’t know him, didn’t trust him and didn’t like him.

    Which explains alot.

  5. The first issue to tackle is nepotism.

    Are any of you saying you favor nepotism?

    If so, I would appreciate your thoughts on why you favor it.

    The second issue we will tackle will be patronage.

    Just a thought.

    You might want to wait to see what we come up with before you make these assumptions.

    Are any of you suggesting that it is appropriate to hire in a quid pro quo situation such as hiring someone because they donated to a campaign, or they provide some discounted cost to an elected official to gain a political position?

    I don’t believe anyone has stated that nobody should be hired that an elected official knows or has done work with in the past, as long as their is an arms length transaction.

    Would you support that kind of approach?

    If not, why not.

    I certainly can not speak for all those involved in coming up with these ideas, but my experience with this group is they possess logic and common sense.

    Lastly, please let us at least put our thoughts out before you criticize what MIGHT be in the concept.

  6. Really people !

    These are your responses to a meeting agenda ?

    Nepotism & Patronage are topics that need to be addressed

    Continuously by our elected officials so there is continuity
    & standards instead of the mess we have in this county now.

    Do any of you ACTUALLY KNOW what the ATRCC policy statement says about Patronage ?

    I don’t, but I am going to find out.

    So instead of firing missiles or just being adversarial on a public forum, I am taking the time to get information on this topic/issue.

    Would love to respond to some of the above comments like,

    ‘The only people that are in favor of nepotism are those that are participating in it.’

    But would rather spend time getting info & being informed on the issue .

  7. If a person is qualified and can do the appointed job well I really don’t care if they are related or not.

    It is different if it is a paid position, if there is an process of application and the person related is the best person for the job, then so be it.

    I agree however with the arms length provision and if I was asked by the person for their opinion on whether they should apply, I would tell them no.

    In some positions I have held I actually appointed a rival to be part of my Team as although we did not agree on some aspects they offered balance and reached a part of the group that I could not.

    I would like that to be considered by anyone with appointment powers, it expands the circle of information and allows for a melding of viewpoints.

    It also sometimes makes a friendship which otherwise would not have been cultivated and I would have been missing out while still allowing us to agree not to agree on everything but able to hear each other out.

  8. My point was as a political party- exactly what do you expect to impact?

    I have sat at the voter’s forums and listen to people talk about things the office they are running for can not impact in any way.

    I have seen letters from Precinct committeemen candidates talking about lowering my taxes- (which they can’t in any way shape or from) and talk about government transparency you are not running for a government position, but as the workforce for a political party.

    Stay focused on your mission- getting people elected, educating the voting population about your candidates.

    That is what your mission is.

  9. Voting for or backing any politician who demonstrates a direct abuse of the acts of nepotism and/or patronage is not who I want to be.

    And as for being antithetical?

    In the current atmosphere, of the new and needed movement within the Republican Party, all candidates and pundits need to lose the antithetical attitude, with its narrowing and exaggerative tendency, and gain breadth and balance in the assertion of their distinctive promises and platforms.

  10. “If a person is qualified and can do the appointed job well I really don’t care if they are related or not.”


    Those answering to their WIFE or MOM aren’t going to be accountible!

    We need to get rules against nepotism on the books and enforce them!

    ‘Conflict of interest’ is already against the rules but is not enforced!

    We need to get Edgar County Watchdogs out here!

    Lets be a county that ISN”T a laughing stock, and truly be a county that works.

    Right on Andrew, Scott Vetter!

  11. Government is the People’s Business as is paid for by the Taxpayers.

    It should never become one’s ‘Family Business’.

    If that’s what you want, work in the private sector.

    You’re there to work for the people, not pad your household’s income.

    Anyone who is paid with taxpayer dollars and hires their family has no credibility, neither does the family member that was hired due to their connection.

    If you are an elected official or work in Govt. and insist on hiring family, prepare to:

    * be a one term elected official

    *have your opponents run a negative campaign against you

    *get bad press

    *be scrutinized heavily/have your family member scrutinized.

    Any and all would be deserved.

    And don’t complain!

    You should have learned in Kindergarten that “Just because you ‘can’ do something, doesn’t mean you ought to.”

    What else can I say?

    and I’m the wife, he won’t hire, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  12. I would suggest that by supporting candidates pledged to lower taxes that Precinct Committeemen can have a significant impact.

  13. Great point, Cal.

    The PCs are foot soldiers who do the homework on the candidates, attend the meet and greets, study their messaging and their ethics to inform their constituents.

    They most certainly do have the power to influence .

  14. I also serve as a Library board trustee so as a Precinct Committeeman I can help get fiscal conservatives elected to important local positions.

    Problem was I had people in my own party working against me and many other long time very good precinct committeeman.

    When I asked for help from my own party to block the old patronage township pension guys from taking hold I couldn’t even get a phone call back and people still attacked me.

    I can assure you good committeeman have a direct influence on tax’s.

    The Republican party needs a major shake out.

    Top to bottom.

    A revitalizing plan so to speak.

    Some very good people simply need a new updated mission.

    Volunteering there is nothing wrong with relatives or friends working together.

    Paid positions are a different matter.

    But first and for most unity and loyalists must be part of the plan.

    Training,ethics and election tools should be the fighting is reason for the boot.

    And grow up and be supportive professionals is what I would really like to say to several people.

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