Jack Franks Courting Mayors for Chairman

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Word has gotten back to McHenry County Blog that Jack Franks is now actively courting the endorsements of Mayors and Presidents of villages and cities in McHenry County to challenge Michael Walkup for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Walkup won his primary race.

The Democrats did not run a candidate to run for chairman and now will slate a candidate.

McHenry County is known as a “Republican” county.

Mayoral and presidential positions are non-partisan but many identify themselves as Republicans.

It will put many elected village and city leaders on the spot as they will have to decide who to support in the general election.

The local paper is reporting that the McHenry County Democrats will be announcing their pick for chairman as well as more county board candidates.

It will be interesting to see who endorses Franks as most of the elected mayors and presidents identify with the Republican Party.


Jack Franks Courting Mayors for Chairman — 17 Comments

  1. I hope Mayors stand by the most popular official in McHenry county.

    The County GOP has shown their true colors after unseating every democrat in McHenry County.

    It’s time for accountability and someone needs to shake up crony politics.

  2. Any Republican who endorses or donates to Franks should be denounced by the Republicsn Party. Flush the Democrats out.

  3. It’ll be telling if and when the Salgados publicly announce and actively support the Republican candidate for Chairman, despite their known affinity for the current Democratic State Rep.

    What if Jumpin’ Jack Franks is the slated Democrat who runs for Chairman too?

    Get your popcorn.

  4. Georg: The County GOP actually did come out and support Steve Reick over a known Democrat in the primary.

    Party support in a primary is unusual.

    I have no doubt that Walkup will get readily endorsed by the party, including all of the committeemen.

    The taxpayers cannot afford Jack Franks!!

    Jack Franks always touts that he is against higher taxes.

    The voters need to be educated as to the number of times Jack Franks has voted in favor of mandates which cost taxpayer dollars.

    A classic example was his sponsorship of SB1455 in 2006.

    We, the taxpayers, pay for that every election.

  5. Walkup is a democrat than either way we get a democrat in chairman spot

    we should pick the best one

  6. It is because the Republicans cannot do their job and keep out the Rhinos

    they had a conservative running and they stood behind the Rhino

  7. Brian Sager, Woodstock’s Mayor and homosexual “rights” backer will back his pal, Jacko …

    watch and see!

  8. Typo.

    Try 1445.

    Good to see some people actually check.

    Every election County Clerks must provide additional information to the State relative to the tracking of ‘grace period’ voting.

    “Within one day after a voter casts a grace period ballot, the election authority shall transmit the voter’s name, street address, and precinct, ward, township, and district numbers, as the case may be, to the State Board of Elections, which shall maintain those names and that information in an electronic format on its website, arranged by county and accessible to State and local political committees.”

    Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for additional work from which ONLY the political parties gain anything?

    If the political parties want this info, they can use poll watchers.

    In 2007 Mr. Franks voted against raising the speed limit for trucks on rural interstate highways.

    He also voted in support of Blagojevich’s veto.

    Taxpayers footed the bill for increased product costs due to this ridiculous law against trucks until a bill was passed to raise the speed limit for trucks to 70.

    Franks voted yes for the bill and voted yes to override the Governor’s veto.

    Which way does the wind blow today?

  9. Jack Franks is the worst type of tax hiker.

    Unfunded and underfunded pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes to pension systems which were at the time unfunded and underfunded, the resulting pension and retiree healthcare benefits which per one sentence added to the Illinois state constitution on December 15, 1970, cannot be diminished or impaired.

    Unfunded and underfunded pension and retiree healthcare benefits being the single largest fiscal challenge facing the State of Illinois.

    Many of the hikes resulting in unfunded and underfunded mandates on local taxing districts which hike property taxes.

    Many of the hikes resulting in unfunded and underfunded mandates on the state which hikes state income taxes.

    The vast majority of state legislators over the last 45 years participated in the same scheme.

    The pension sentence should be repealed from the state constitution in its entirety via constitutional amendment and benefit hikes scaled back.

    Or sit back and do nothing and watch taxes climb and/or services decline.

  10. hmmm ?

    I wonder what would be found if somebody looked at McHenry County Economic Development Corporation ?

    Mr Franks, you know what I’m talking about.

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