McSweeney Local Government Research Bill Signed

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

Governor Signs Cullerton-McSweeney Legislation Aimed at Local Government Consolidation

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

Cary, IL…The Governor has signed legislation that State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) passed in the Illinois House to help streamline and ultimately reduce the number of units of local government in Illinois.

Senate Bill 2994 requires every county to prepare a report for the General Assembly identifying any local public entity to which the county board, board of county commissioners, county board chairman/president, or county executive makes appointments. The reports will help identify unnecessary local government units that can be consolidated.

“Illinois has about 7,000 units of local government,” McSweeney said.

“Surely, we can find a way to reduce the number of units of local government and make Illinois government smaller, more efficient and ultimately less costly to taxpayers. Fewer layers of government will help reduce property taxes.”

McSweeney carried SB 2994 in the House and Senator Thomas Cullerton (D-Lake Villa) was the Senate sponsor.


McSweeney Local Government Research Bill Signed — 9 Comments

  1. David always talks about taxes and jobs.

    When is he going to do something?

    Except collect a pay check

  2. SB 2994 was signed by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner on July 22, 2016, becoming Public Act 99-0634 (PA 99-0634).

    The report is due from each County to the General Assembly on or before January 1, 2017.

    Unfortunately there is no provision for the reported to be posted on either the County or State website.

    Hopefully the State will post each report on a State website, and each county will post the report on its website, to be transparent to taxpayers.

    It is a one time report, being repealed on January 1, 2018.

    The report includes the following:

    – The legal name of the local public entity

    – The principal place of business of the local public entity

    – A description of the services the local public entity provides

    – The total numbers of members of the local public entity’s governing board, with an indication of any authorities that also make appointments to that public entity

    – The process by which the local public entity was first created

    – An identification of any plans for consolidation or dissolution of the local public entity

    – An indication of whether or not the local public entity levies a property tax

    – If there is no property tax, an explanation of how the local public entity is funded.


    Even if there is a property tax levied, the report should include all sources of funding.


    All of the 112 State Representatives whom voted for the bill, voted yes.

    6 members did not vote.

    There were 5 excused absences (Democrat State Representatives Monique Davis, Democrat Pamela Reaves-Harris, Democrat Elgie R Sims Jr, Republican Ed Sullivan, & Republican Michael Tryon) and 1 member not voting (Democrat State Representative Ken Dunkin).


    All of the 57 State Senators whom voted for the bill, voted yes.

    2 members did not vote.

    Democrat State Senators James F Clayborne Jr and Democrat Laura M Murphy did not vote.


    Republican 52nd District State Representative Dave McSweeney (Barrington Hills / Cary area) was unopposed in the March 15, 2016 Primary election and is unopposed in the upcoming November 8, 2016 General Election.

  3. Want to save some real tax $$$$$, cut services.

    Stop looking to gov to do every thing for you.

    Consolidation sounds great, but without service cuts, all that will happen with consolidation is creating a bigger more expensive unit of gov.

  4. The Nob: Can we start by cutting the MCCD police force?

    Sell Valley Hi?

    Use the income to fund infrastructure maintenance and further lower the County tax bite.

    Eliminate all tax funding for all Park Districts – want a park?

    Fund it with a non-government 501c3.

    Eliminate ALL Fire Districts.

    Simple add the rural areas to surrounding munis.

    Eliminate ALL Library Districts.

    Make the existing library districts part of muni government and charge for out of town use.

    FREEZE all teacher and admin salaries.

    Eliminate all social service jobs in schools.

    Eliminate ALL benefits (includes pensions) for ALL elected officials.

    Eliminate prevailing wage.

    Eliminate all federal HUD grants to stop federal insinuation into our zoning laws.

  5. Go for it and good luck.

    Gov is addicting as most hard drugs, hard to get people off.

  6. Fire protection is provided by very few municipalities.

    Most is provided by Fire Protection Districts that cover both municipalities and unincorporated areas.

  7. And they will double their salaries because they will say they are doing to much more work.

  8. 24 people does sound a bit too high.

    Would love to know how long it has
    Been 24 & WHY they probably raised
    It to 24 ?

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