Big Tribune Story on Apartment Complex Fire

Location of the Willow Brook Apartment complex that burned.

Most of a Woodstock apartment complex with such a troubled background that its name has been changed burned Friday night while we were in Galena enjoying shopping between the raindrops.

The Chicago Tribune wrote an extensive story on the fire, which you can read here.

The complex is now called Willow Brook Apartments.


Big Tribune Story on Apartment Complex Fire — 12 Comments

  1. It was a very troubled complex, before new management and cosmetics.

    What was the old name?

  2. If I remembered I would have included the old name in the story.

  3. I’m remembering “Stone Gate Apartments,” but it may have been named “Lakewood Apartments.”

  4. I think they were originally stonelake apartments on stonelake Rd.

    Then Lakewood apartments before cunat bought it and rehabbed and killed all the roaches and chased the drug dealers away.

    Three half brains remembered

  5. I remember visiting a friend there and finding my gas had been siphoned from the tank.

    I’m sure gas around a buck a gallon back then.

  6. Stone Lake apartments in 1974.

    Don’t know if they were still new in that year, but they seemed to be fairly safe at that time.

  7. The City changed the name of the road from Stone Lake Road to Willow Brooke Drive.

    The old Farm and Fleet is across State Route 47 / Eastwood Drive just a little bit northwest on Davis Road.

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