Walkup Explains Absences

Mike Walkup

A comment from District 3 McHenry County Board member Michael Walkup:

I am out of state attending to a family health situation.

The house was sold because some people showed up without it having been on the market who wanted to continue the organic farming tradition I had started so I figured the stars were in alignment for what I needed to do otherwise.

I have been attending meetings of the Board remotely insofar as that has been possible.

It is my intention to return when conditions permit, which is unknown at present.


Walkup Explains Absences — 12 Comments

  1. It is way past the time, this guy has got to go!

    Why should we pay his salary and listen to this
    garbage when he does not live here anymore.

    Well, Mr. Chairman? Hello?

  2. Here is the relevant language from the Illinois Attorney General’s office regarding remote participation in a meeting under the Open Meetings Act:

    “If a quorum of the members of the public body is physically present, then a majority of the public body may allow a member to attend by video or telephone conference if the member is prevented from physically attending because of

    (1) personal illness or disability;

    (2) employment purposes or the business of the public body; or

    (3) a family or other emergency.

    If a member wants to attend the meeting by video or telephone conference, he or she must notify the recording secretary or clerk of the public body before the meeting, unless advance notice is impractical.”

    One might wonder whether the conditions that originally existed to claim an exemption to allow remote participation, given all the circumstances (eg. house sale), no longer exist, and, therefore, the exemption allowing remote participation is no longer valid.

  3. Please note that the Rat has not provided the specifics of his reasons for absence.

    He will continue to grab his checks though.

  4. Does Walkup own/rent another place in McHenry County? He sold his property… has been out of town for weeks, does he even have a place to live here?

  5. Michael, you and your family remain in my prayers.

    You truly are a loving and caring man.

    May God bless you and your family.

  6. In his public career, the Rat has shown to be consistently dishonest in his words and his actions.

    In his professional career, the apparent dissolution of his ambulance chasing practice demonstrates his lack of professional credibility.

    If there is a medical emergency, my prayers are with the person. But what sick person requires the constant services of a lawyer who apparently has lots of time on his hands, is cynical enough to keep grabbing his paycheck and benefits, but no credibility?

  7. AlabamaShake makes a good point, does Walkup live in District 3?

  8. The Real Rat is the Jacko Franks, the Blagoevich petitioner for fat cat jobs for his wife and papa.

  9. Check his stories.

    He was at my resort for a long weekend in Minnesota, and before that he mentioned he was vacationing in Lake Superior.

    No one was comfortable with him, his lies and his actions.

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