Democrats on Parade in Johnsburg

When I started writing the article on Jack Franks parading in Johnsburg, I mis-titled it “Democrats on Parade.”

It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures following his that I realized the highest ranking Democrat had separated himself from other members of his party with a snowplow from the McHenry Township Highway Department.

The sign showing the name of McHenry Township Road commissioner James Condon on the snowplow’s blade.

After the truck and Road Commissioner James Condon, elected as an Independent, came a contingent dedicated to State Senate candidate Mary Mahady.

Mary Mahady’s banner followed the McHenry Township Highway Department snowplow.

Mahady herself was behind her banner.

State Senate candidate Mary Mahady waves at bystanders.

I told her again that I was willing to publish any press rele3ase she sent me.

Behind her was a vehicle with her yard sign on the door.

This vehicle re-enforced candidate Mary Mahady’s name.

Behind Mahady’s contingent came the McHenry County Democratic Party’s banner.

After Jack Franks’ and Mary Malady’s entries came the Democratic Party’s banner.

Right after the Democratic Party banner were banners for congressional candidate Lauren Underwood and County Clerk candidate Andrew Georgi.

Neither congressional candidate Lauren Underwood or County Clerk candidate Andrew Georgi minded being identified as Democrats.

Next came a truck with a big “VOTE” sign in front of its radiator.

A truck hauling a “Blue Wave” trailer was next in line.

The Blue Wave trailer was almost the last part of the Democrats’ presence.

Sitting in the Blue Wave trailer was a boy and a woman whom I believe is a candidate, but not in Johnsburg.

Bringing up the rear was a strong supporter of Underwood.

This sign carrying supporter of Lauren Underwood engaged the Republican couple sitting on steps near me.

The Republican man and woman next to me asked the man why the Democrats were not carrying America Flags.

He replied that his parents were buried in the St. John’s Cemetery.

The husband pointed out that his wife’s grandparents were buried there.

Then the Underwood supporter was challenged on abortion by the Catholic couple.

He tried to hand her an envelope with “AJesuit Speks on Pro Lige,” which was refused.

The envelop that the Lauren Underwood supporter gave when challenged on his candidate’s stand on abortion.

I took it instead.

It contained a reprint of a perspecitve piece by someone named Thomas Reese. It had the left hand part of the first column cut off.

The Libertarian Party entry came next.


Democrats on Parade in Johnsburg — 6 Comments

  1. Pols in Illinois love parades.

    Provides a semi-non-threatening public forum, with multiple escape routes.

  2. I wonder if Jack didn’t want to be seen with the other Dems, or the other Dems didn’t want to be seen with Jack.

    Either scenario is plausible.

  3. Madam ‘Dragon Lady’ Mahady represents in her person bloated, fattened government that accomplishes nothing but it’s own gorging off the productive.

    Her signs on foreclosed homes and sec8 hovels/

  4. I’m sick of townships. And their tax bite.

    I live in a town, yet I have to pay for the town and the township. That’s wrong.

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