Feds Charges Jack Franks’ Fishing Buddy, Contributor Chicago Alderman Ed Burke with Attempted Extortion

2011 invitation containing Mike Madigan’s, Ed Bruke’s and Tom Dart’s names

Here’s what the Chicago Tribune is reporting:

Feds charge powerful Ald. Edward Burke with corruption

Names of Mike Madigan’, Tom Dart and Ed Burke are featured on the top of Jack Franks’ 2012 Chicago fundraising invitation.

Jack Frank’s 2014 invitation to his Chicago fundraiser featured Ed Burke’s name.

Longtime Ald. Edward Burke, one of Chicago’s most powerful figures and a vestige of the city’s old Democratic machine, has been charged with attempted extortion for allegedly using his position as alderman to corruptly solicit business for his private law firm.

The indictment of the almost 50-year Chicago Alderman and Illinois Supreme Court member husband involved court-approved wiretaps and emails.

“The criminal charge was jaw-dropping even for a city with a long history of public corruption,” the Tribune reported…”arguably one of the biggest fish ever reeled in by the U.S. attorney’s office.”

Campaign contributions in exchange for assistance with city permits is but one aspect of the indictment.

The Franks’ men go fishing in Canada in late June with powerful Illinois Democrats like Alderman Ed Burke,  Jesse White, and others whose names are recognizable.

(The Canadian trip is even mentioned in the charging document.)

As reported on McHenry County Blog two days after Christmas, Jack Franks has reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections receiving contributions from Ed Burke going back to 2004.

In his campaign for McHenry County Board Chairman, Burke gave Franks $5,000.

Other contributions–usually two per year–. are listed below:

Mike Madigan is missing from Jack Franks’ 2016 Chicago fundraising invitation this year, but Tom Dart’s and Ed Burke’s still appear.

  • 2/25/4 – $300
  • 2/24/5 – $200
  • 7/24/6 – $250
  • 6/24/8 – $500
  • 12/12/8 – $500
  • 3/11/9 – $250
  • 6/23/9 – $250
  • 2/24/12 – $300
  • 8/3/12 – $250
  • 6/21/13 – $250
  • 2/19/15 – $250
  • 7/20/15 – $250
  • 2/20/16 – $500

Jack Franks didn’t have Mike Madigan as a headliner on his 2018 Chicago fundraiser, but he did have Ed Burke’s and Tom Dart’s.

The pressure on McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks for having his name mentioned by Breaker Press President Richard Lewandowski as involved in the defamatory postcards attacking Republican County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio pales in comparison of those of his Canadian fishing companion and campaign contributor.

Chicago mayoral candidates have scurried to get rid of the money their campaigns have received from Burke.

It is so, so unlikely that the dominant media presence in McHenry County, the Northwest Herald, will even mention the indicted Chicago Alderman’s contributions and other connections to Jack Franks over a fourteen-year period.

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More from the Chicago Tribune:


Campaign money tied to Ald. Edward Burke’s alleged extortion scheme was intended for County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, sources say


Feds Charges Jack Franks’ Fishing Buddy, Contributor Chicago Alderman Ed Burke with Attempted Extortion — 11 Comments

  1. This blog makes me laugh.

    Those totals are peanuts, and entirely legal.

    Can’t you cry about something more important, like letting people of color FINALLY take charge?

  2. That is a WHOPPER!!!

    As a consummate insider with his hands on many of the city’s levers of power, Burke is arguably one of the biggest fish ever reeled in by the U.S. attorney’s office, which has famously indicted a succession of Illinois governors, aldermen and other politicians in a seemingly never-ending parade of graft.

    While the allegations have a familiar ring, the details in the 37-page complaint hint that it could be the tip of the iceberg.

    According to the complaint, the FBI had won a judge’s approval to wiretap Burke’s cellphone and was already recording his calls before the alleged shakedown at the center of the charge began to unfold in May 2017.

  3. Franks has just been reported by the NWH as responding to the courtroom revelations by saying “Much ado about nothing”.

    This is what Woodward and Berstein called a “non denial denial” during Watergate.

    When they heard that it meant they were on to something.

  4. UnderwearNow, you’re an idiot and this post is obviously above your skis.

    You missed the point totally and declared Cal was saying something he wasn’t!

    Time for you to watch reruns of Sesame Street.

    “do it Dude!”

  5. Ald. John Arena, 45th, said the criminal allegations against Burke tar government in taxpayers’ eyes and called on the powerful powerbroker to resign.

    “If he cares for this city, he should focus on his defense,” Arena said. “We in the council need to find a way forward from this.”

    Arena has been pushing an ordinance to strip Burke of his control of the city workers’ compensation system, a $100 million enterprise that is currently exempt from the scrutiny Inspector General Joseph Ferguson exercises over the much of the rest of the City Council.

    “He has worked to block that, and I guess now we know why,” Arena said.

  6. “Above your skis” is where one is supposed to be.

    Check your metaphor before trying to condescend.

  7. Martin, go back to Cuba.

    And take that lying, fake-nurse, vote fraud specialist with you.

  8. Snakes, you argue like a child. You apparently do not like my comment about a metaphor, but instead of arguing the point – how I was wrong, for example – you tell me to go “back” to a place to which you have no idea I’ve ever been.

    If you think someone’s facts are wrong, cite the contrary evidence.

    If you think the reasoning is wrong, say how.

    The rest is simply trolling from the anonymous safety of your computer.

  9. “You can’t shake the devil’s hand and say you were only kidding.” – TMBG

  10. Underwood is really very anti-White, and it shows!

    “Underwood and her supporters—through training volunteers, organizing canvasses, and recruiting Democratic precinct captains—rebuilt the party’s presence in the district. Tina Willson, one of the area’s recently minted Democratic activists, and other local volunteers told me the increased Democratic visibility seemed to have an impact.”


  11. Not just anti-white, or very anti-white, or really anti-white, but she is really very anti-white? I

    read the quote and the article you cited, but I don’t see the anti-white there.

    She won in a very white district.

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