Dorr Township Precinct Committeemen Call for Resignation of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner

Tina Hill and John Jung, both Republican Precinct Committeemen from Dorr Township (Woodstock area) have sent the following email to other precinct committeemen:

Algonquin Township Highway Department

Tina Hill

Dear Fellow Committee Members,

Attached please find a letter I am sending to Chairwoman Evertsen regarding all the events that have unfolded in Algonquin Township Highway Department since the last election.  If you agree with me that the McHenry County Republican Party should ask the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner to resign for the good of the Algonquin Township Taxpayers, please let me know and I will add your name to the letter.

I am sending this to all Committeemen that I have emails.  I do not have them all.  Please forward to any other committeeman that you have.  It  would be much appreciated.  I have also included Chairwoman Evertsen in on this email so she is in the loop of this request.

Hill’s and Jung’s letter:

Dear Chairwoman Evertsen,

We have been watching as events unfold in the Algonquin Township Highway Department and waiting for improvements. The situation has become untenable and unfair to the taxpayers of Algonquin Township. Frankly, they deserve much better from their Highway Commissioner and more from their Republican Party.

We could list all the infractions, real, designed, or fabricated that have unfolded in Algonquin Township, but they are plain to see for anyone following and attending their meetings, the newspaper, or online media. The most egregious we find right now, in addition to all we witnessed, is that Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser is simply absent from his duties.

He has declared an emergency of salt shortage during our most dangerous winter of ice storms in a decade and threatened to close roads even though salt is available from his neighboring townships. During this emergency, he was in Madison Mississippi to spend Valentine’s Day with his “bestest (sic) half. (His words)

The Republican Party has a long history of a leadership that does not leave anyone behind whether on the battlefield or the home front. We the following undersigned committeemen ask that in the name of the McHenry County Republican Party, that Mr. Andrew Gasser resign his position so that the Party can name a competent replacement.

We look forward to your response.


Tina Hill, Committeewoman Dorr 5

John Jung, Committeeman Dorr 11


Dorr Township Precinct Committeemen Call for Resignation of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner — 33 Comments

  1. Nice to know Ms. Hill and Mr. Jung have nothing better to do in their own township, so they’ve chosen to meddle in the affairs of another one. Mr. Gasser is not perfect, but he’s an improvement over his predecessor.

  2. Don’t you think Hill and Jung need to work on their own Township!

    You have 2 Democrats in your District now!

  3. Big Orange, I thought that when he was elected but no more.

    I just hope there is a decent, honest, logical person out there who can run for this job and do it satisfactorily.

  4. Who cares what “Tiny” Tina says?

    Or “open-borders” Jung, for that matter!

    These people are poisonous toads, imported from Central American jungles to vex us!

    Is Jung acting as DUI Tina’s chauffer these days?

  5. Great, two more recycled political has-beens having something to say.

    The Alg Twp board, supervisor, clerk and attorney should be the ones booted out!

    Keep your noses in Woodstock where there’s a boatload of issues.

  6. Voters elect the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner via a primary and general election.

    Political parties do not elect the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner.


    The next primary election for Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner (a position in the Algonquin Township Road District) is in two years on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

    Republican Andrew Gasser defeated Republican Bob Miller for that position in the February 28, 2017 primary election, ending decades of a Miller family member in that position.


    Results from the 68 Algonquin Township precincts in the February 28, 2017 primary election:

    Robert J Miller – 2,635 (48.61%)

    Andrew Gasser – 2,779 (51.26%)

    Write-In votes – 7 (.13%)

    Total votes – 5,421


    Mr. Gasser then won the April 4, 2017 general election with 5,478 votes.

    There was no Democrat or any other opponent.


    Once again.

    The Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner is a voter elected position, with elections every 4 years, decided by Algonquin Township voters.

    It is not a political party elected position to be decided by political parties.


    Political Parties

    In McHenry County, political parties (not voters directly) elect their party leaders, and voters elect the Precinct Committeeman.


    As a side note, most counties have a similar system.

    A notable exception is Cook County including Chicago.

    In the 30 suburban Cook County Townships, voters elect one Republican and one Democrat TOWNSHIP Committeeman.

    In the 50 Chicago Wards, voters elect one Republican and one Democrat WARD Committeeman.

    At the precinct level in Cook County including Chicago, there are precinct captains, not precinct committeemen.

    The precinct captains are not voter elected.


    Andrew Gasser is currently neither a political party elected leader in the McHenry County Republican Party, nor a voter elected Precinct Committeeman.


    McHenry County Republican Party


    McHenry County Democrat Party


    McHenry County Yearbook (lists party leaders and precinct committeemen)

  7. Tina Hill?


    She is another Planned Parenthood RINO, and weighs about as much as an actual Rhino.

  8. This comes from a person who openly stated she supported Hilary Clinton but proclaims to be a Republican?

    A person who was an absolute embarrassment to all residents of this County when she was arrested for DUI while County Board Chairman.

    Tina Hill is the one who should resign as a committeeman!!

    When Grafton Township had its problems, the voters fixed it!

    Algonquin Township government will be ‘fixed’ by the voters not by a ‘washed up’ political hack who has openly displayed an ineptitude so extensive she should never run for any office!

    If she had any real honest self-respect remaining she would voluntarily withdraw from the political arena.

    AND she would take that obnoxious two-faced onion man with her. Just my opinion.

  9. About Tina Hill and John Jung, i’m surprised that their memory is so short.

    i have known Tina all her life, since employing her father as a attorney.

    I have known and respected John Jung for at least 30 years.

    i’m surprised that they don’t recognize that Algonquin Township is a target by political forces from Cook County and elsewhere sending patronage soldiers to McHenry county to fulfill the agendas of their donors to take over and control the lives of our citizens by violating their Constitutional Rights to include obstruction of justice and the denial of Justice.

    It has been obvious for 30 or more years that serious political influence has covered McHenry County with a cloud of corruption.

    Perhaps Tina and John do not recall that around 1980, the McHenry County Board discredited themselves by zoning property in total violation of the Illinois statues, and then allegedly influenced Judge Rowland Herman to affirm their position.

    Allegedly, there is countless other County Board actions and procedures that the US DOJ could investigate with a Taskforce.

    i would suggest that the County Board Members and others abandon the Algonquin situation for what it is and pursue the larger targets of the Cook County Democratic members and those in McHenry County pursuing clout and influence to control our citizens and business’.

    Please refer to an article written in Chicago Tribune- Kneel Before the Khan. By: Stacey Wescott

  10. The request for committeemen to add their names to the list has been circulated in Grafton Township as well by our chairman Mike Scala.

    Of the responses I’ve seen and speaking for myself there are no takers so far.

  11. Now that we know she’s okay with people voicing their opinions and calling for someone to resign, she’d better get ready to have the whole Republican party suggest that she never get elected to anything ever again – Loud and publicly!

    Being “Proud Hillary Clinton supporter” that she is, she doesn’t belong in the Republican Party.

    Being the loser she is, she doesn’t belong in elected office, ever again!

    She doesn’t belong substitute teaching either!

  12. Tina Hill is a perfect example of why the GOP must be scrapped and replaced by a nationalist political party.

    She is a lamebrain, birdbrain and harebrain.

  13. If we could remove elected officials based upon incompetence, many would lose their elected posts, maybe even the authors of the letter in this post. Perhaps we can give the Chairman of the Board Franks The power to file articles of impeachment and the board can play the role of trier of fact. I am not defending Gasser but when it comes to malfeasance I think there is enough of that to go around, VALLEY HI anyone?

  14. Hey hey hey it’s F Tina! The teny tiny Tina problem is that she can’t think her way out of a paper bag unless it’s coupled with a bankruptcy petition, a Democrat to suck up to, and a bottle of Jim Beam! Why on earth would Jung join that bandwagon? Perhaps, Teny Tiny Tina comisserated with her other DUI pal, Rachel.

    Teny Tiny Tina please resign from your position as a committeeman. The foolishness of this stunt is absolutely amazing. Resign now and that goes for Jung too.

  15. Interference by outsiders in Alg twh business has now be officially recognized.
    Jack, Dave, Bob A, Edgar County Gasser Advocates, Tina, and John, plus so many and space is limited.
    It’s almost as bad as the Wis. recall election.

  16. May I point out that the Grafton Road Commissioner Tom Poznaski now works for Illinois Tollway Authority full time?
    Grafton Township Supervisor Eric Ruth works a private full time job. Former Grafton Township supervisor Jim Kearns worked a full time job while he was in this position.
    Tom, Jim, Eric and Andrew all have full time staff to assist them in their duties even when they are otherwise occupied.

  17. Crap, Nothing worse than showing up late and the latest on-line Lynch Mob is already disbanding.

  18. This has Franks written all over it!

    Tina Hill should stick to AA. There’s Twelve Steps in that program and she’s not off step one!

    No one cares what these two RINOs think!

  19. The sheer fact Diane Evertsen could not be reached for comment on the Herald article today is astounding. HOW INCOMPETENT IS SHE!?!

    Did you see the Herald today?

    Does she have one iota of PR or media know-how?

    Clearly not, if she did, she already would have had a canned response for Ed Komeda.

    Instead, Ed wrote, “Evertsen could not be reached for comment.”

    Diane is literally plugging her ears about Gasser, placing priorities elsewhere.



  20. Diane is FAR from incompetent, Tina.

    The Herald (FakeNews) often says they reach out and the person ‘couldn’t be reached for comment’.

    Guess what?

    No one cares that ‘a has been’ and ‘a never was’ is calling for someone else’s resignation.

    This isn’t even news.

    This article is considered ‘the funnies’.

  21. Wow, for being one of the GOP’s biggest RINOs, Tina Hill lacks any self-awareness.

    To come out calling for someone’s resignation when she was denied data from the Republican Party after her many mishaps and incompetence is rich in hypocrisy.

    Between this RINO whaling and the Northworst FakeNews Herald’s obvious bias, THIS just lends empathy and support for Gasser.

  22. I firmly believe that any problem in Algonquin Township should be resolved by people who pay taxes in Algonquin Township.

    For many years the taxpayers kept the Millers where they were.

    When Andrew Gasser won the election he had two choices – fix the problems quietly or fix them with a lot of noise – we know what he chose but the choice was his, not Jung’s, not Skala’s and not Hills – none of them live in Alg. Twp.

    It is still up to Gasser and the Township Board to S.E.R.V.E. the taxpayers.

    If Gasser were to resign, the Board would choose his replacement – not the County GOP.

    If no replacement was named in sixty days, my understanding is that a special Town meeting would be called and the registered voters in attendance would choose a replacement.

    We live in dangerous times where the ignorant masses are easily manipulated – the masses includes the mainstream media like the NWH and the WI.

    Was this another diversion attempt by lying Jack?

  23. On a scale of 0 to 10 [0 = certifiable moron, 10 = political genius]

    Gasser: 7.68

    Jung: 1.4

    Franks: 5.64

    Gottemoller: 3.11

    Althoff: 4.42

    Reick: 2.73

    Weber: 5.08

    Wilcox: 7.94

    Tirio: 8.7

    Aavang: 1.35

    Bob Miller: 2.85

    Lutzow: 1.67

    Lukasic: 0.5

    Underwood: 2.5

    Hultgren: 2.63

    Roskam: 3.33

    Pritzker: 2.45

    Yensen: 0.82

    Tina Hill: -7.97

  24. Funny, Realist.

    I give Goatmauler a 1.009 and Casten a 2.11.

  25. Tina Hill?

    John Jung?

    These two Franks lackeys calling for Gasser’s resignation?

    What a couple of jokes!

    Jokes joined at the hip!

    Hill is a sloppy drunk that went to get dried out on the county’s dime TWICE and was arrested for drunk driving, seen running meetings drunk.

    John Jung is collecting pay and benefits from the county for being a board member AND is collecting a pension from the county board at the same time!!!

  26. These two would be recalled if it could be done!

    Tina Hill lost her race for Precinct Committeeman anyway so she has no say!

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