Underwood Joins AOC in Calling for Trump Impeachment

From Former Quigley Supporter:

Lauren Underwood Comes Out for Impeachment Inquiry

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, in a tweet at 2:51PM Chicago time today (8/20), joined the other 127 Democrats who support an impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Her full statement which was tweeted is below:

Here is her statement in larger type:

“No person in America is above the law, including the President of the United States.  The Mueller Report lays out substantial evidence that the President’s campaign worked with a foreign adversary to influence an election.  The President has stated he would welcome foreign help to win the 2020 election.  I find this extremely concerning.  The Mueller Report gave us a lot of information, but it left open a lot of key questions that House committees are investigating.

“I have long stated that I support the impeachment-related investigation by Chairman Nadler and the others being pursued by 5 other committee Chairs-the American people deserve all the facts and full transparency.  And, Congress needs this information to inform a decision to move forward with the very sobering act of drafting articles of impeachment, and just as importantly, we need the information to better understand how our election was influenced by a foreign adversary to prevent it from ever happening again.

“The petition Chairman Nadler filed on July 26 clearly states that ‘the Judiciary Committee is investigating whether to recommend Articles of Impeachment, essentially an impeachment inquiry.’  I support this investigation.  I find it sobering that a lot of the conversation is being framed in terms of winners and losers.  Let me be clear:  no one wins when Congress is compelled to investigate impeachment or bring about articles of impeachment.  This is a tragedy for our country.”

As of 6:45PM on Tuesday evening, none of the 14th district Republican candidates for Congress have commented nor issued a statement on Underwood’s decision.

COMMENTARY:  Congresswoman Lauren Underwood just made a huge mistake with her decision to back the formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Not only is it a major reversal of what she said prevented her from supporting an impeachment inquiry a little over three weeks ago in San Francisco, her statement tells a huge lie about the Mueller report which brings Underwood’s judgement into serious question.

The Mueller report cleared the President of collusion with the Russians concerning the 2016 elections that Underwood claims in her statement.

The President’s welcome of foreign help were ill-chosen words on his part which he quickly corrected, and most reasonable people took that statement as a joke, in poor taste, but a joke.

While the professionals at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the Congressional Leadership Fund SuperPAC remind voters what Underwood said in San Francisco, below is Underwood’s full statement why she said, on July 29, she was against an impeachment inquiry:

The community is NOT with Congresswoman Underwood on this and by Underwood’s own words from July 29 in San Francisco, her decision today is a power grab and Underwood is no better than what she is accusing President Trump.

So is Underwood going to impeach herself?

But more importantly, what changed in the past 3 weeks and 1 day when she said those words in San Francisco opposing an impeachment inquiry?  
Congress has been on its August recess, so to my knowledge, she has not been back to Washington since her trip to San Francisco.

She did travel to Central America with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who represents San Francisco and 10 other Democrats and 1 Republican, but she said nothing about impeachment there, just some Democratic talking point attack against the Trump Administration enforcing immigration laws by raiding businesses in Mississippi at a press conference in McAllen, TX.

Loren Underwood

And yes, an audience member did ask Speaker Pelosi at that press conference when the House was going to impeach President Trump, which Pelosi quickly said that is another press conference for another time, which is consistent with Pelosi’s opposition to an impeachment inquiry.

Maybe Governor’s Day last Wednesday and mingling with Illinois Democrats in Springfield was what changed Underwood’s mind, but House Speaker Pelosi was the keynote speaker there, too, and as stated above, she is opposed to impeachment.

One thing is certain, 14th district voters do not favor an impeachment inquiry and Underwood will learn sooner than later how huge of a mistake in judgement her flip-flop on supporting an impeachment inquiry truly is because her own words from July 29 condemn her.


Underwood Joins AOC in Calling for Trump Impeachment — 38 Comments

  1. Lauren Underwood, continues to be an embarrassment to the people of the 14th and the entire State of Illinois.

    And, she is a big mouth clown, who doesn’t listen to the people!

  2. “…who doesn’t listen to the people!”

    When do Democrats ever listen to the people? The state that Illinois is in is proof of that question.

  3. Sure I’m for impeachment hearings.

    It’ll keep all you f’wits at each others throats for another year.

  4. Yes she is, funny how she jumps on the dem wagon for impeaching Trump but when asked to start impeachment proceedings on Pelosi and Schumer,she does nothing, she Does Not work for ALL the PEOPLE !

    that I can tell you, again only thinking of herself well One Term she is!

  5. What a dope. She aligns with crazies such as Democrat crazies such as Jerold Nadler and Adam Schiff. The Special Prosecutor did not bring any indictments against Trump for either collusion or obstruction.

    The real story is the conspiracy by Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, British spy Steele working with Russians to create the discredited Trump Dosier and also members of the Obama Administration such as James Comey to illegitimately spy on the Trump campaign and then WITHOUT probable cause start the Mueller investigation.

    Most Democrats on the national level are still bitter about the loss of their grossly incompetent and criminal Hillary Clinton to Trump and are hell bent to avenge that loss.

  6. She supports this filth, too:


    The Maryland Department of Education has agreed to add “LGBTQ” content to high school history classes statewide, ensuring public school children will soon begin learning about the leftist movement as an integral part of U.S. history.

    It’s a move that is quickly becoming a trend in many blue states. Already in 2019, three other states — New Jersey, Colorado, and Illinois — have passed laws requiring schools to include LGBT history as part of their curricula. In California, such lessons have been mandated for several years.

    Proponents of these measures argue they are merely expanding the teaching of U.S. history to neutrally cover events that have previously been ignored. As one Maryland advocate told the Washington Post, “This is not indoctrination. These are facts.”

    However, as parents in these states are now finding out, there is a much deeper agenda at play.
    Consider the growing controversy in the Murrieta, Calif., School District. There, parents recently discovered, to their alarm, that students were being exposed to a highly sexualized curriculum in both sex education classes and other classes. To make matters even worse, teachers were also being instructed how to help students get abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

    However, when parents brought their understandable objections to school district administrators and requested to opt their children out of such content, they were informed they could not do so. According to one of the parent group leaders, “[school officials] quote the opt out right pertaining to sex ed and never tell the parents that the LGBTQ content in other classes can not be opted out of. Everything they show the parents has to do with sex ed, and parents don’t know that these issues are now in history, language arts, assemblies, and the like.”

    This, in a nutshell, exemplifies the real danger of the progressive effort to insert “LGBT history” into schools. For as long as our country has existed, it has generally been accepted that it is the right and duty of parents to instruct their children on issues of sexuality. And even with the advent of public school sex education in recent decades, the common privilege afforded to parents of opting out their children from these classes has preserved this important right, though it was severely weakened.

    Now, however, progressives are attempting to totally undermine parents in their bid to impose affirmation of their sexual beliefs on everyone — including children. As alluded to above, their plan to accomplish this is by inserting these beliefs into curriculum across all subjects, not simply sex education. In being taught about alleged LGBT figures and causes throughout U.S. history, students will really be learning the “lesson” that related sexual behaviors are not only normal, but praiseworthy.

    Expanding this content into other subject areas like English, fine arts, and foreign languages (as has been proposedin Montgomery County, Md., and elsewhere) will only serve to amplify this “lesson.” But most importantly, unlike sex education, parents will be unable to opt their children out. Parental rights will be completely subjugated to the debased desires of a radical movement.

    Let’s be honest: this is the ultimate end goal of progressives — a goal decades in the making.

    While the left of the 1960s and 1970s cleared Bibles and prayer out of public schools supposedly to create a religiously neutral space for students to learn, the left of today is filling the vacuum with their own religion: the doctrine of the sexual revolution.

    Parents must firmly resist this cultish attempt at mass proselytization and instead insist that their right and responsibility to instruct their children on these critical matters must be respected.

    Otherwise, parental rights are likely to become just another forgotten relic relegated to the dustbin of “LGBT history.”

  7. Now would probably be a good time for Republicans to STFU about calling the Dems crazy. Maybe at least for a day? Trump literally just cancelled a trip to visit Denmark, an ally, because they wouldn’t talk about selling Greenland to the United States. That’s more than crazy…. it’s unfathomable. Can anyone explain how Trump cancelling a trip, after he accepted the Queen’s invitation for a state visit, because Denmark wouldn’t discuss selling is not bat shit fucking crazy?????

  8. Every Oh on post could be improved by ending with: “I think I’m going to kill myself”.

  9. Rumor has it, Lauren Underwood’s team is already passing petitions for her re-election.

    She is a desperate candidate and knows her role in the 14th as Congressman is in jeopardy.

    Lauren Underwood, has brought disgrace, embarrassment, unprofessionalism and dirty politics to the 14th.

    Underwood, is one term and done!

  10. Hmmm, 2 months to the day did Congresswoman Lauren Underwood come out for impeachment inquiry compared with Congressman Sean Casten:


    And none of Underwood’s supporters can answer the key question, what has changed in the past 3 weeks since Underwood said of her acting unilaterally, as in coming out for an impeachment inquiry, would look like a “power grab” back on July 29 (but the interview was published on August 5).

    Apart from President Trump expressing interest to buy Greenland concerning foreign relations, I cannot think what could have changed when Underwood said her words back on July 29 in San Francisco.

    She couldn’t have thought because she said those words nearly 2000 miles away, we in Illinois wouldn’t hear about it, could she?

    She knew the podcast would be broadcast nationwide from her San Francisco interview under a “tape-delay”, and she knew who her audience was in the Mission District, and whose congressional district she was in, right?

    Tomorrow’s town hall meeting in Huntley for senior citizens should prove very interesting.

  11. I’ll answer that question.

    She wasn’t there 3 weeks ago.

    People called her office.

    The phone calls worked.

    She finally listened to her constituents and she decided to do the right thing!

    That’s what changed.

    This has been happening with a lot of congressmen and congresswomen.

    It’s not that complicated. Should be pretty simple for the senior congressional correspondent to the McHenry County Blog and expert local pundit. Hope that helps!

  12. FQS (expert pundit): “One thing is certain, 14th district voters do not favor an impeachment inquiry”

    How is this certain?

  13. Also, Cal, you are running a misleading headline.

    She is supporting an “Impeachment Inquiry.”

    She is not calling for Trump’s impeachment.

    I’m sure it’s an honest mistake by Cal because he’s too ignorant to understand the distinction.

  14. Oh on. Please get your own Blog.

    Call it: “Jack Franks Take on What You Should Think”

  15. Swordfish on. It’s much more fun to make fun of the stupidity of the commenters and wonderful host in this toilet bowl of a website.

    Hey FQS: Today, Trump called himself the chosen one and looked up to the sky when talking to reporters.
    Hey FQS: Today, (separately) Trump said Jews in Israel think he’s the 2nd coming of God.
    Hey FSQ: What does the Bible say about false prophets? You’ve made it clear that you are very religious and like to quote scripture so can you give us some COMMENTARY:.


  16. FSQ: Can you run some COMMENTARY: on whether Trump really is the “King of Israel” and the “second coming of God”

  17. I will leave what President Trump said well-enough alone and defer to a psychiatrist on the subject of a “god-complex”.

    Keeping the topic to Ms. Underwood, if she really did hear from constituents en masse as Oh said, why didn’t she just say that in her statement?

    It would have provided her with political cover.

    Oh’s answer is thrown out for lack of evidence, and Underwood is still condemned by her own words from San Francisco on July 29.

  18. Good link Cal.

    Nowhere in that article does it say she’s for impeachment.

    It says she’s for an inquiry.

    Did you think I wouldn’t click on the link?

    The headline is a lie.

  19. FQS: stop living in denial.

    It’s a blue county now.

    Trump flipped the burbs all over the country blue.

    It’s the will of the people.

    Sorry but Trump did this.

    The leader of the Republican Party is a bad dangerous psycho and all the Republicans who spoke out are gone.

    Thank you Trump!

  20. Oh, talk like that is going to get you “red flagged”.

    McHenry County is not blue.

    As Indiana Jones said in Temple of Doom, “What a vivid imagination.”

  21. It’s blue. Franks won.

    Underwood won McHenry County.

    Carsten won McHenry county.

    Numbers don’t lie.

  22. As Bob Dylan said in The Times They Are A-Changin’, “For the times they are a-changin’.”

  23. In 2016, Cal?

    Who else carried McHenry County?

    Randall Mark “Randy” Hultgren by 18 points?

    Then he lost two years later by 5 points in 2018?

    What do you think changed in those 2 years, Cal?

    Keep pretending that 2016 was the last time that WE THE PEOPLE had a say at the ballot box.

    Keep pretending that 2018 never happened.

    Keep pretending that 2018 didn’t tell us anything about how WE THE PEOPLE feel about the Republican party and its dip shit leader.

    COMMENTARY: Trump is a drag on the Republican party in the burbs here and all over the country.

    But all these Republican candidates should continue to wrap themselves around Donald Trump, his holiness, the King of Israel, the 2nd coming of God, the chosen one, the man who picks only the best people, etc etc etc etc.

  24. Underwood, ran a fake campaign. The people know it. And, no one likes a dishonest candidate like Underwood.

  25. Ted Nugent was one of the best things to ever happen to McHenry County.

    Not only did he put on a great show, he shined a “BIG FAT BRIGHT LIGHT on THOSE STUPID DEMOCRATS!

    Let us guesse, ‘OH,” didn’t make an appearance!

    Too outnumbered by those awesome Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  27. Theere was not state rep. primary in the 66th district in 2018.

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