Algonquin Road District Paves an Algonquin Street

Stopped off in a part of Algonquin that the city didn’t want to annex, but did run water lines through messing up a streets surface.

The corner of South Street and Cardinal Drive.

It’s up on the hill south of Edgewood Drive.

It’s rare that I see asphalt being laid, but that is what the Algqonuin Township Highway employees were doing Thursday morning.

And for the commenter asking if folks have seen Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, yes, there he is in his pink shirt.

It takes two to run the paving machine. The employee in the foreground is one of two remaining claiming membership in Local 150 of the Operating Engineers Union.

The surface is soft. The indentations visible are made to make sure the asphalt is deep enough.

The compactor, which I would call a “steam roller,” smooths out the lane, while the machine that lays down the asphalt returns to the far end of the road to complete the job. The compactor’s driver is the other remaining Local 150 member.


Algonquin Road District Paves an Algonquin Street — 9 Comments

  1. That street is right on the county line, and if memory serves me, the village did annex the south side of the street, into Algonquin, but the north side was definitely not annexed.

    Maybe because north of the street is still unincorporated must be why Algonquin Township Road District has jurisdiction(?).

  2. Rawson Bridge Road north of Three Oaks is in serious need of a paving job.

  3. I believe that is a county raod and it’s in Nunda Township in any event.

  4. Anyone know what this Facebook post on the Township Page is about?

    “Dear friends,

    While we understand there are individuals that might be frustrated with our new and enforced rules, vulgarity will not be tolerated when speaking with our staff.

  5. It’s about you, Little Joey K!

    Isn’t it time you grew up a bit?

  6. Why is Alg twh road dist paving a Village of Alg owned road?

    It’s a Pavement Roller!!!!

    The Pink shirt isn’t a recognized safety color like all the other employees were wearing, some not wearing the safety vest either.

    This whole post is a photo op for your hero, I heard he left right after you took the pictures.

  7. “And for the commenter asking if folks have seen Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, yes, there he is in his pink shirt.”

    Cal, did he call you beforehand to let you know he’d be there?

  8. Sure. Although I campaigned in the neighborhood for County Treasurer or State Rep., no way I cold have found the street without directions.

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