IL-06: Dr. Gordon “Jay” Kinzler on Beyond the Beltway Tonight

Dr. Kinzler

Live at 6:06PM CST, Dr. Kinzler will be on live as a member of Bruce Dumont’s Panel

6th district Republican congressional candidate Dr. Gordon “Jay” Kinzler will be part of the 4-person panel on tonight’s broadcast of Beyond the Beltway.

The show is broadcast live nationwide, and locally can be heard on WCGO 1590 AM. Additionally, you can stream the show, with video, live on Facebook or YouTube.

Indeed, it will stream right here on McHenry County Blog at 6:06PM CST:

With the actions about to be taken on lowering prescription drug prices in Washington in the coming week, hopefully, Dr. Kinzler can give the first hand account from a medical professional’s perspective of the reasons why prescription drug prices are so high in the United States compared with the rest of the world.

And may tonight’s discussion include what can the President and Congress do to lower the prices of prescription drugs through executive and/or legislative action.

Prescription drug prices has loomed large in Washington in recent weeks right up there with impeachment, and other important issues Congress is trying to wrap up before the Holiday recess begins after December 20.

Should be an interesting show this evening.


IL-06: Dr. Gordon “Jay” Kinzler on Beyond the Beltway Tonight — 2 Comments

  1. When should McHenry County constituents begin learning Russian?

    Shame on Republican leaders for acting like lemmings and taking followers blindly over the cliff.

    Nan DePalma

  2. Look at Kinzler’s head! Is he a conehead? Although Na Depalma’s head is even more elongated.

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