Message of the Day – A Sign — 13 Comments

  1. Robert Beltran: Communist-Democrat and virulent Christian hater.

    Of course he’s OK w/ degeneracy of every single kind, even pizzagate and infant blood feasting.

  2. Is that a command to “celebrate diversity”? Why should we do that? What would be ways to do the celebration?

  3. Of course he voted for it!

    How else do you increase the pool of potential sexual misconduct victims?

  4. He uses the word “Queer” in the title of his celebration of diversity month resolution! How gay is that!

  5. Beltran is a reeking pos.

    He wants churches closed down permanently.

    Except the Church of Satan and of course no synagogues or mosque shutdowns.

  6. It shocks me how many men wait until their elderly years to finally emerge out of the closet.

  7. Beltran is a ‘Bernie’ Democrat and a complete fool.

    Robert, you’re only supposed to take a few cents out of the ‘take a penny, give a penny’ dish at the dry cleaners in CL, IF YOU NEED SOME.

    Don’t empty the whole dish into your pocket’

    What a cheapo!

    But that’s what libtards do.

    How come your Bernie sign is down Robert?

    You can toss it in the trash.

    Bernie is gone.

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