Spring Grove Bar Fight Yields Five Years for Battery

From the State’ Attorney’s Office:


Daniel Lawniczak

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that Daniel Andrew Lawniczak, 21, formerly of McHenry, Illinois, was sentenced June 30, 2020 to five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections by the Honorable Judge Wilbrandt following a negotiated plea of guilty to the offense of Aggravated Battery, a Class 3 Felony.

Pursuant to the Illinois Truth in Sentencing Guidelines, Lawniczak will serve 50% of the sentence at the Illinois Department of Corrections, followed by one year of mandatory supervised release.

On August 23, 2019, Lawniczak, while at a public place of accommodation, Brick and Ivy Sport Tavern, Spring Grove, Illinois, did knowingly kick and strike the head, chest and mid-section of the victim causing bodily harm.

The victim was subsequently taken to the hospital and sustained serious injuries.

The case was investigated by the Spring Grove Police Department and prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Ann Scholl of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.


Spring Grove Bar Fight Yields Five Years for Battery — 9 Comments

  1. But black rapists get kid glove treatment by Mr. Kenneally’s BLM-State’s Atty’s Office.

  2. He has the look of a dullard about him – no surprise.

    Room reserved at the Graybar Hotel – enjoy your stay !

  3. Yeah he looks real scary, pimples and all—

    Id be more interested in seeing if he has prior convictions for felonies, or physical assaults, as the 5 year sentence seems harsh for a “bar fight”–

    the head kick is probably what did him in and it borders on attempted murder would be my guess, accounting for the harsh sentence if no other mitigating factors.

    Judges are going light on crime these days, (no/low bail, early release, charges dropped, probation) so a real prison sentence for a non child sex crime around here seems rare.

    Maybe it was a judges kid he beat up.

  4. Maybe it was a fake hate crime……. somebody put a move on him and he fought back and Kenneally went nuts and threw the book at the kid !

  5. I personally find nothing wrong with putting the boots to someone in a bar fight as I did so many times in the sixty’s and seventies.

    While Bouncing at several Roadhouse’s I provided many ‘Full body massages’* .

    * Steel toe boots based

  6. Yet black muggers only get 2 years.

    Which is really just a year.

  7. In prison he’ll become the sexual toy of the black gangs that run the place.

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