Rod Blagojevich’s Christmas Card

Click on the image and you can read the small print on the bottom.

Along the same line is Ottawa’s David Martin’s

published on the op-ed page of the Chicago Tribune Monday.

It’s good satire and has this paragraph that relates to the ridicule above:

“I’m guessing what with the downturn in the economy and Rod’s possible relocation next year, my real estate commissions are going to be few and far between.”

The Chicago Sun-Times also had a related prison joke last Wednesday from Palace Grill owner George Lemperis.

Two prisoners are getting lunch.

The first complains about the “slop.”

The second replies,

“You think this is bad. You should have tasted the food here when you were still governor.”

The pity of it all is that if convicted Illinois politicians had to serve time in state, rather than federal prisons, that would be a real deterrent.

Obviously, federal prison is not a sufficient threat.

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