Franks Joins Majority in Defeating Voucher Bill for Poor Chicago Kids

Above is the final vote on James Meek's voucher bill to allow Chicago public school students in the worst and most crowded schools to obtain vouchers to attend the private schools their parents select. Click to enlarge. What you see below is a video of the electronic voting process from beginning to end. Note the switches, at least one, Rich Brauer voted "Yes," "No," "Yes," before ending up "No."

Senate Bill 2494 went down to a preliminary defeat Wednesday, twelve votes short of the 60 needed.

One of the missing votes was teacher union-supported Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks. No voting for anything involving school choice of something like a voucher for him.

Representatives Mike Tryon and Mark Beaubien, both of who represent parts of McHenry County along with Franks, voted in support of the bill to allow students in Chicago’s worst performing and most crowded schools to transfer out and get

Never seen a roll call?

Take a look at the votes going up on the board in the Illinois House:

Capitol Fax Blog reports the partisan breakdown:

  • Republicans: 25-23-0
  • Democrats: 23-47-2

The almost 50% of Republicans voting against giving the Chicago Public School System a semblance of competition where it is demonstrable failing is a residue of former Republican House Leader Lee Daniels’ recruiting of former educators to run for vacant state rep seats Downstate.

Look at the Republicans voting “No” and you’ll find the Republicans who will vote for a massive income tax hike.

There may be an opportunity for the sponsor to call the bill for a second vote. Those living in Rep. Franks’ district might want to contact him, if the disagree with his vote.

The bill was originally proposed by the Rev. and State Senator James Meeks.  To say he broke from the traditional Democratic Party position on the issue is an understatement.

Roll calls like this used to only be available to the sponsor, if the Speaker decided to provide the only copy created by the counting machine.  Now, anyone with a camera can “take the record” electronically.


Franks Joins Majority in Defeating Voucher Bill for Poor Chicago Kids — 8 Comments

  1. I guess they don’t believe in giving the poor a chance for equal education. They believe in allowing Oil companies the right to raise gas prices as they want. Gas prices around the county go up when teh oil companies feel like it. I could understand if BP prices went up but all the gas stations raised their prices. Whats with that.

  2. Vouchers won’t give the poor a chance for equal education. Those who can’t afford private schools even with the vouchers will be stuck in further deteriorating schools, with no way out, and not enough funding to improve the schools.

    Why am I not surprised that Cal is pro-vouchers?

  3. There is a way out Jack…..its called “A Helping Hand.” The money? Let’s see…. if Grafton Twnship would ‘donate’ just ‘one months’ legal fees they pay out for their reckless childs play, how many poor children could have received an ‘chance?’

    Make no mistake, money is ‘there.’ It’s just not going to the ‘right’ places.

    Respectfully speaking. Thank you.

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