Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 33

Since moving to Illinois in 1958, I’ve been following Chicago schools. The first reason was because Benjamin Willis, my mother’s Queen Anne’s County School Superintendent, was then in charge of the Chicago Schools. Those were the days when trailers were … Continue reading

Franks May Get Second Chance to Help Poor Inner City Kids Get a Decent Education

Back in 2010, Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks had a chance to help poor inner city kids get a decent education. See Jack Franks’ Liberal Politics Hurt the Most Needy and Disadvantaged Kids while Voting Against Saving Hundreds of … Continue reading

Jack Franks and the Illinois Federation of Teachers – Follow the Money

Regular readers may remember my extreme disappointment with liberal Democrat Jack Franks’ vote to sentence poorly-educated Chicago children to more of the same. Chicago Pastor and State Senator James Meeks got a bill through the State Senate that would have … Continue reading

Walsh Touts DC Public School Scholarship Program Approval

A press release from Joe Walsh: Congressman Walsh Issues Statement on House Passage of D.C. Opportunities Scholarship Program “Once again, D.C. parents will have the power and means necessary to emancipate their children from failing public schools” Washington, D.C. — … Continue reading

Teacher Union Republicans

The Rev. and State Senator James Meeks’ voucher bill (Senate Bill 2494 ) to allow Chicago Public School students from failing and overcrowded schools to attend the private school of their parents’ choice with a relatively small portion of the … Continue reading

Franks Joins Majority in Defeating Voucher Bill for Poor Chicago Kids

Senate Bill 2494 went down to a preliminary defeat Wednesday, twelve votes short of the 60 needed. One of the missing votes was teacher union-supported Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks. No voting for anything involving school choice of something like … Continue reading

The Reverend and State Senator James Meeks Beginning to See the Light on Reforming Schools

It has taken a long time for the Reverend and State Senator James Meeks to gain the courage to tell the truth about Chicago schools and point out paths to improving student performance. Knowing the influence of Chicago school teachers, … Continue reading