McHenry Brady for Governor Team Gearing Up

The following memo from Bryan Javor outlines what those supporting State Senator Bill Brady for Governor are doing and/or planning to do:

A few weeks ago the very first Brady for McHenry County meeting was held.

Approximately sixty people attended and the campaign was excited to see everyone volunteered their time and talents to some portion of the race.  Together we made some real progress as we mapped out the framework for the gubernatorial race within McHenry County.

We were able to fill so many of the roles we sought with new faces and more than a few experienced campaigners.

It appears many join with the Brady campaign in feeling this year is the time for all those who care deeply to step forward to make certain the citizens of Illinois have a voice in their state government rather than allowing the business as usual of the past to continue to haunt generations to come.

Our next Brady for McHenry County meeting is Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 7pm.

The meeting will be held at the Liberty Self Storage facility at 4114 IL Route 176 in Crystal Lake.

The Bill Brady tee shirts have arrived.

We will share the campaign’s progress to date and offer a Q&A session.  Please be prepared to focus on the common needs of the campaign staff and volunteers with subject matter to include, but not be limited to, supplies, training, events, communication, coordination, walk sheets and data.

Your participation and input are the only way any campaign can work or be relevant.  We thank you in advance for your attendance.  Please invite those we may not have reached yet.

We organized the Brady for McHenry campaign by county board districts.

We seek a few more people to fill the remaining coordinator roles in the Brady for McHenry campaign in District 1, District 2 and District 5.  To determine your county board district please click here.  If you would like to sign up as a county board District Coordinator please let us know.  Please see the bottom of this email for contact information.

Some who marched in Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade are seen in this shot. (Maybe the blog commenters mentioned below will tell us who is shown.)

Coalitions have been created by the Brady for McHenry campaign.  If you are interested in joining please let us know and we will connect you with the corresponding coalition leader(s).

Here are the coalitions and their purpose:

  • Veterans: Veterans to support and liaise between the Brady for McHenry Campaign and our cherished local veteran community.
  • Letters: Otherwise known as “Letters to the Editor”. These people write to the papers supporting the Brady/Plummer ticket.
  • Events: Work with the Campaign Coordinators to organize and execute events.
  • “Brady Brigade” Walkers: Walk precincts and pass out literature to local voters while being the personal face and voice of the campaign.
  • Sign Crew: Put signs together, deliver them to local voters and install them.
  • Donors: Offer the opportunity for the Brady for Illinois Campaign to continue as a statewide campaign costs a great deal of money.
  • Callers: Spend time at the headquarters to be the reasoned voice of the Brady/Plummer ticket making calls to McHenry County voters.
  • Women: Educate women, in particular, about the truth of the Brady/Plummer ticket voting record and position on matters of Women’s Rights.
  • Boaters: Owners of boats who will reach other owners of boats and offer knowledge, carry signs and invite others to become part of the campaign for the Brady/Plummer ticket.
  • Speakers: Organize speakers such as politicians, business owners, motivational speakers and local hero’s to speak at meetings.
  • Guns: Second amendment supporters who will go to their groups, leagues, friends and ranges to post and spread information about the Brady/Plummer ticket and invite those people to become part of the campaign.
  • Life: Pro Life supporters who will garner support for the Brady/Plummer ticket.
  • Office: Staff the campaign headquarters on a volunteer basis.
  • Tea: Liaise between the local campaign and the Tea Party groups.
  • Register: Deputy registrars to plan, organize and execute voter registration drives and serve the voting electorate.  We are happy to provide education and certification to those willing to step forward in service.
  • Radio: Frequent radio listeners who are willing to call in to local radio stations in support of the Brady/Plummer ticket.
  • Realtors: Realtors willing to help with education and sign placement.
  • Farmers: Farmers willing to help with education and sign placement.
  • Meet/Greet: Host a meet and greet in the most personal of settings, your home.  These will be scheduled with attendance by Mr. Brady and/or Mr. Plummer for a fireside chat.
  • Early: Plan, organize and execute a program for early, absentee and by mail voting.
  • Blogs:  Write comments in local blogs, online newspapers and magazines in support of the Brady/Plummer ticket.
  • Parades: Plan, organize and execute local parades to ensure there is a strong presence for the Brady/Plummer ticket at the event.
  • Home-School: Reach out to the Home-School groups and individuals.

Thanks to the Republican Party the local campaign has a system where supporters may dial for Brady and Plummer at no cost, please contact us for more details.

Additionally the local campaign has a Letter to the Editor Team and there are materials available to those who wish to join.  Please contact us for more details.

The system the campaign is using on a statewide basis is called “Wildfire”.  For those of us who have not taken the opportunity to sign up already we strongly encourage participation in this system.  There are many resources available within this program which are very powerful.  For example, Wildfire allows you to engage in media where you are able to view pictures and video and send the ones you find relevant to your friends.  Wildfire also offers networking tools to allow a person to communicate with other Brady supporters through groups and discussion boards.  These small examples are only a part of this system’s power.  It’s really quite an amazing system and it is highly recommended for use by our campaigners and friends to exponentially increase their effectiveness and reach during this critical year.

Once you have joined please consider using the red “Invite Friends” button on the homepage to send a message to your Email, Facebook, and Twitter friends who also might like to support Bill Brady and be a part of your team in taking back Illinois in 2010!

Please consider joining the:

  • Brady For McHenry Facebook
  • Brady For McHenry Twitter
  • Brady For McHenry Flikr

A person willing to manage these networking sites is needed.  No experience necessary.  Training is available from experts.  These skills are easy to pick up and fun too.

In regards to yard signs, 4×4’s and 4×8’s, thank you for being patient while we waited for delivery of our order.  Part one of our McHenry County sign shipment has come in.  We are going to continue to take sign orders for one more week before we begin delivering them.  Get your free yard sign ordered now!

Lastly, we invite you to join us in walking in the Algonquin Founders Day parade on Saturday July 24, 2010.  We will begin meeting at 9am off Route 62 (Algonquin Road) just east of Route 31 in downtown Algonquin.

Just look for the huge elephant!  In each parade the turnout has been excellent due to the dedication of the organizers and participants.  It is an experience each of us treasures as we participate and for years to come.

If the memories are not encouragement enough we are happy to give each of you a high quality T-shirt to wear.  We encourage all participants to wear comfortable footwear for walking.  Also, be prepared for the weather and wear sunscreen.  We very much look forward to seeing each of you at this parade.  See more info here.

For more information please call or email:

Jack Schaffer, County Coordinator, 815.459.1776

Bryan Javor, County Co-coordinator, 847.354.1243


Bryan Javor

Photo credits: Jake and Ashten Justen


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  1. Wow! Look at all of those people wearing shirts supporting John O’Neill for State Representative!

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