Saturday Night YR Forum for State Rep. Candidates Kent Gaffney, Danielle Rowe and Dave McSweeney

Cory Brackmann speaks at last Saturday's District 5 and 6 candidates night. Others participating were, from left to right, Ersel Schuster, Diane Evertsen, Shawn Green, Rachel Smith, Michael Rein, David LaGue, Mike Skala and Michael Stanard. At least six of ten District 6 candidates will be at the Chamber of Commerce Expo at Marengo High School Saturday and Sunday.

Last Saturday night at 7 the County Board candidates you see above gathered at McHenry County College to present their credentials and answer questions.

Danielle Rowe

Kent Gaffney

Dave McSweeney

Tonight, three aspirants to fill the full term of the late State Rep. Mark Beaubien will do the same.

Because of the hotness of the race, there will probably be a larger crowd than a week ago.

For the western half of McHenry County, most County Board candidates will be at the Marengo Chamber of Commerce Expo at Marengo High School on Saturday and Sunday.

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