Seneca Township Hoists New Flag

Seneca Township Supervisor James Kagel was presented the new township flag by Eagle Scout candidate Jarrett Mathews.

On Tuesday, 9-11, Seneca Township marked the hoisting of its new flag on the township flag post.

As explained here, the flag was created as an Eagle Project by Life Scout Jarrett Mathews.

Hoisted for the first time on September 11, 2012, the Seneca Township Flag flies beneath a 9/11 American Flag.

Suggested by Seneca Township resident Don Andrews, the project involved Marengo Township art students and local Scouts.

Veteran Don Andrews sits among the Boy Scouts who helped in the Seneca Township flag project.

The only cost to the township was buying the flag.


Seneca Township Hoists New Flag — 4 Comments

  1. Please fly the American Flag – not a look a like!

    I respect all those suffering from, and those lost in the 9/11 Attacks, and our military fighting to defend our country. That is why I must say… that is not our nations flag.

    Nice job on the township flag young man, congrats on the Eagle Scout Project completion.

  2. In response to the above comment; We were honoring those lost in the 9/11 attack in this ceremony.

    We raised the 9/11 American Flag for the ceremony only and once the ceremony was complete, we raised the official American Flag which is always flown at the Township office.

  3. Much ado about absolutely nothing other than a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  4. Wow, Jim (no last name), I don’t know what could be more worth while in this day and age than to have a young person that is interested in Scouts, his community, and patriotism.

    This young man put many hours and lots of work (all without any cost to the township) into this project to give Seneca Township something to be proud of.

    I don’t think you can say that about too many youths today.

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