Polling on Gay Marriage in Pam Althoff’s District

Pam Altholf

Pam Altholf

Apparently working from a voter registration list, S & A Research called last night about gay marriage.

The pollster explained that the state had civil unions, but mentioned two benefits marriage conferred on a spouse that the civil union law did not confer on a partner:

  • Hospital visitation of a partner
  • Deciding on medical care for a partner

I don’t know the details of the law so don’t know whether the information is true or not.

After explaining that, the basic question was asked again.

Would I be more likely or less likely to vote for Senator Pam Althoff if she voted to legalize gay marriage was the next question.

Then there were questions about

  • ideological leanings
  • whether there was an Hispanic in the household
  • party affiliation
  • religious beliefs
  • age

Here’s a question Althoff asked in her last electronic newsletter:

Illinois recently passed a civil union law, where same sex couples are offered some of the same rights and responsibilities as married couples are, but only on a state level. Advocates for gay marriage argue that same sex couples in civil unions are not afforded all of the legal benefits that married couples enjoy, such as recognition of marriage no matter what state they reside, joint adoption, spousal benefits, and more. Legislation has been filed to recognize gay marriage in Illinois. Are you in favor of or opposed to the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would offer same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples?

  • I am in favor of the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.
  • I am opposed to the Relgious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.
  • Not sure.

The poll results have not been released.

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