Tax Hike Referendum Set for April 8th

A friend of McHenry County Blog chides me and other local medias for not informing pe0ple of the 377 Board tax hike on the April ballot.

Here’s what I have written so far (click on the title):

McHenry County Board Resolution for 377 Board Tax Hike Referendum Seems to Endorse It

In that article I tell of how the money was distributed right after the 708 Mental Health Board was created.  It was a 50-50 split between Family Services and Pioneer Center.  The 708 Board no longer gives 50% of its money to the developmentally disabled.  No reason they could not, however.

As in any low-turnout election, supporters of the tax increase try to mobilize their supporters without alerting the general public.

Here’s the email I received:

“You might want to highlight that the 377 Tax Proposal that is going to be on the ballot on April 9, 2013.

“The powers that want it passed are keeping the issue on the down low with no campaign hoping that only their supporters will show up to pass this new tax and that the general public will not even be aware that this possible new property tax increase will be on the ballot.

“They are promising that it will not turn into the 708 Board Mess but what stops it from turning into the exact same type of mess (Nothing).

“Also, it should be noted that many of these social services organizations already have a great deal of tax dollars and that their spending of these dollars is already questionable?

“Fancy executive type cars paid for by the organizations they represent, expense accounts and little if any transparency of how they spend their monies.

“Not to mention six figure salaries and benefit packages for some social service administrators.

“Being a Republican I am not in favor of any new taxes and making property taxes higher to support more government.

“Yet, I am caring and would vote for a tax to help Developmental Disabled, if I though the money would get to them directly, but it will only pay for more highly paid administrators.

“Seems to work the same way as in school districts.

“I hope you will at least alert your readers to the upcoming issue of the 377 tax proposal on the upcoming election ballot and that they need to get out and vote their opinion and not to let a select few make this decision for everyone in McHenry County.

Below is a fly that has been developed by the 377 Board supporters:

Flyer putting forth the reasons for voting for the 377 Board tax hike.

Flyer putting forth the reasons for voting for the 377 Board tax hike.


Tax Hike Referendum Set for April 8th — 3 Comments

  1. It’s called nickle and diming you to death.

    It’s an emotional plea.

    Yes there are developmentally disabled who need help.

    No this is not the right way to go about it.

    Illinois already has the most units of government in the United States.
    Why create another?

    To benefit special interests.

    And the last in line would be those who really need the money, the developmentally disabled.

    Think appointed positions to oversee the board, patronage jobs to run the Board and work at the board, just like the 708 board a new building would probably eventually be needed and guess what that means – bond deals which mean more long term debt not just the cup of coffee a day, real estate deals, attorneys to review the paperwork, union construction jobs to construct facilities.

    Here we go again, just like the County Executive position in the last election, Cook County and State of Illinois politics are showing up in McHenry County.

    Pat Quinn said in his annual budget address that he will chop some state boards.

    So McHenry County decides it wants to create at 377 Board.

    Chop down one tree and another is immediately planted.

    The tax forest has an insatiable appetite in Illinois.

    Here’s a further explanation of these boards which are allowed under state law but created at the county or township level.

    “A 377 Board is one of three different kinds of taxing authorities allowed by the State of Illinois that localities can use to fund services for individuals who are disabled by mental illness, substance abuse or developmental disabilities.”

    708 — Mental Health Board (the most prevalent).

    553 – Health Department Board

    377 – Developmentally Delayed.

    What about the 67% income tax hike, why not funnel some of that money to the developmentally disabled?
    Because tax hiking pension benefit increases in 38 of 40 years from 171 – 2011 resulted in overly generous pensions so the tax hike went to pensions.

    Disclaimer, not every pension is overly generous.

    So creating this board would just allow government to not cut spending in other areas.

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