Dr. Bill Dam Seeking to Re-Direct Centegra

Former Fox Lake Mayor and Fox Waterway Chairman and long-time Centegra physician, Dr. Bill Dam, is leading the charge to change the direction of Centegra Health System.

He has called a special meeting for Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn on September 25th at 7 PM.

Up for discussion will be

  • administrative salaries
  • pending lawsuits
  • by-law changes without membership notice or consent
  • the process of becoming a member
  • the process for nominating candidates for the Board of Governors

In a letter to current and recent voting members of the not-for-profit Centegra Health System Corporation, he asks those who cannot attend the annual meeting (“a social event at a luxury country club”) sign over their proxies “to a trusted fellow member of the corporation,” rather than to the administration.

Material contained along with the letter are relevant by-laws and Centegra’s IRS Form 990 for 2010.  990 forms must be filed by non-profit corporations annually, although there is a lag time allowed.

The two pages of the 990 form enclosed can be seen below:

Page 1 of IRS Form 990 filed by Centegra for the year 2010.

Page 1 of IRS Form 990 filed by Centegra for the year 2010.

Page 2 of Centegra's IRS Form 990 for 2010.  It lists salaries.

Page 2 of Centegra’s IRS Form 990 for 2010. It lists salaries of the highest paid employees.

You can read the entire letter here.


Dr. Bill Dam Seeking to Re-Direct Centegra — 8 Comments

  1. Shepley making 440,000 is absurd.

    He’s not worth anywhere near that much.

    No wonder health care costs a fortune.

  2. The service and coverage go down and the salaries go up.

    This management strategy is hard to believe it is acceptable.

  3. What will anybody do about this??

    There is no cure for this disease, this is what is destroying the entire US capitalist system – the executives make a killing at the top and the rest get the shaft.

    At the hospital nurses get nickel and dimed, sent home early to save a few dollars, they now have to cover more patients, with the potential for more errors, whereas the guy at the top could pay for 50 nurses’ salary just with his bonus.

  4. The salaries may seem high, keep in mind these people are running a huge and compicated business.

    This should not be an issue.

    Good Heath care is essential.

    These people deliver it.

    The Illinois salary and pension issues are of more and real concern.

    We overpay for that every minute of every day.

  5. A hospital is paid by the patients to take are of their needs.

    When too much is spent on the Administrators then the quality of care is affected.

    Why should an Administrator who does a lot less than the Nurses and Doctors and Technicians be paid so much money.

    Even if the Administrators run a business they should not be spending more money on themselves.

    They would have no business to run if the Nurses, Doctors and Technicians did not provide good patient care.

    I don’t believe administrators who have little or no knowledge of really good healthcare be given kudos for patient care.

    The real caregivers work in the trenches.

    Unfortunately the people who run a hospital are only ready to squeeze the most out of the patients and take large salaries.

    Sorry you cannot convince me that it is the Administrators of a Hospital who give a Hospital a good name.

    if the doctors did not provide good patient care then there is no such thing as good health care.

    It is not delivered by the head honchos of a hospital.

  6. Yeah, huge and complicated business…

    According to Chicago magazine Larry Goodman MD, CEO of Rush made 600,000 but no, Mr Eesley’s business is bigger and more complicated.

    I gotta say though, of all the people on the list, Mr Shepley the mayor of Crystal Lake deserves his pay.

    Perhaps he had something to do with keeping Mercy out of Crystal Lake.

  7. Patient Patient Patient people!

    Something’s going to happen real soon! Centegra scandals n animals!

  8. No of them deserve that much.

    They are turning away Medicaid patients.

    They took away retirement for staff positions and don’t give the people that care for the patients raises.

    So who deserves that much???

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