Jim Oberweis Passing Petitions for U.S. Senate

Jim Oberweis' petition.

Jim Oberweis’ petition.

A copy of State Senator Jim Oberwseis’ petition for the United States Senate found its way to my inbox this morning.

The Democrat, of course, if Dick Durbin, elected in 1996.

A copy of the petition may be found here.

Signature return is requested by November 8th, about a month before filing day.


Jim Oberweis Passing Petitions for U.S. Senate — 3 Comments

  1. I guess Jim winning that State Senate seat has givin him selective memory.

    Another beatdown by Dems on a bigger stage, will jar him back to reality.

  2. Thanks Allen, I think I like Jim again.

    Especially enjoyed hearing the State speed limit, finally will mirror surrounding states somewhat.

    Should finally help shut down that State Police revenue scam, off the Interstate borders.

    But next time can you post a link completely editing out your co-host?

    For those that want to listen, Jim starts at the 43:28 mark.

    Just kidding about the edit, you have a good show.

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