Ethics in Winnebago County

This past weekend I commented on the “anything goes” ethics’ enforcement in McHenry County.

But, the contents of an article in the Rock River Times makes the approved of use of county email accounts and offices for political purposes look like child’s plan in comparison.

Bob Springer

Bob Springer

You can get the gist of what may be going on in Rockford from the article’s subhead:

“Democratic candidate Bob Springer is reportedly running campaign out of office inside Winnebago County Justice Center”

The article reports, the winner of the Democratic Primary Election for Sheriff “occupies an office inside the Winnebago County Justice Center, where he is reportedly running his campaign.”

There have been reports of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department employees doing campaign work for Andy Zinke on the taxpayers’ dime, e.g., posting on his campaign Facebook account, putting up signs, visiting potential voters in uniform and campaigning, and using county vehicles to transport campaign signs.


Ethics in Winnebago County — 4 Comments

  1. There should be a formal investigation regarding Springer and Zinke.

    Since investigating within the two counties would be useless,

    Why can’t they send a formal complaint to The STATE Ethics Commission to review, since Winnebago and McHenry counties don’t know the meaning of Ethics ?

  2. Happy Trails: And you think people in Springfield adhere to ethical behavior?

    Read the story above this one.

    Just take one look at the legislative redraw map and tell me if the authors were ethical.

  3. Dots… Happy DID say that McHenry and Winnabago Counties DON’T know the meaning of Ethics.

    Was Farnham unethical.of course he was and a pig but what does that have to do with the
    State Ethics Commission?

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