Oberweis Challenges Durbin to Seven Debates

A press release from the Republican candideate for U.S. Senate, Jim Oberweis:

Oberweis challenges Durbin to seven debates

Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis

SUGAR GROVE — GOP U.S. Senate nominee Jim Oberweis is challenging career politician Dick Durbin to seven major statewide debates so voters can compare his record of creating jobs and prosperity for Illinois families with Durbin’s record of killing jobs.

Oberweis, an entrepreneur from Sugar Grove, said it is time for Durbin to stop ducking questions from the media. In the past several weeks, Durbin has refused to answer whether he favors a special prosecutor to find out the truth in the IRS scandal and whether he plans to return campaign money from an infamous sexual harassment firm. Debates would force Durbin to answer those questions and others pertaining to his dismal record.

Oberweis proposes:

  • Seven major statewide debates with major media sponsors.
  • One of the debates co-hosted by a liberal organization and one co-hosted by a conservative organization for diversity of questioning.
  • At least three of the seven debates outside the Chicago media market in major downstate locations.
  • Open, free-wheeling formats to allow the best format to debate issues.
Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin

Since Durbin last ran for re-election, roughly 350,000 fewer Illinoisans are employed and an extra 350.000 citizens are now living in poverty. His policies have been a disaster for the poor and middle class.

Jim Oberweis’ successful businesses have prospered and provided jobs and prosperity for thousands of Illinois citizens and families. He believes we have to abandon Dick Durbin’s failed high-tax, high-spending, high-regulation economy if we want to turn our state and country around.

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