Thoughts about Press Coverage of Moore Beheading

So, a woman was beheaded Friday at a vegetable processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma.

The man who did it had just been fired.

He had served time in prison.

He was a Muslim.

He was an African-American.

He was “aggressively” trying to convert fellow workers at the plant.

I don’t image there a lot of Black Muslims in Moore, but it is conceivable that he was initially introduced to the faith in prison by such fellow inmates.

Moore NWH 9-27-14

The AP’s coverage of the beheading.

What I do know is that the Associated Press article run by the Northwest Herald made no mention of the man’s race.

The Norman Transcript found a Facebook page “possibly belong[ing to] [Alton] Nolen…under the name Jah’Keem Yisrael.”

Here is one post:


The Tribune story on the subject was smaller than the one in the Northwest Herald.

The Tribune story on the subject was smaller than the one in the Northwest Herald.

Other Facebook posts may be found here.

The Chicago Tribune ran a smaller article at the bottom of page 7.

Again no mention of the man’s race.

The online version of the Moore beheading story last night was much longer than today's print version in the Chicago Tribuen.

The online version of the Moore beheading story last night was much longer than today’s print version in the Chicago Tribuen.

Maybe that fact is not important, but last night the Tribune ran the guy’s photo.

No photo in today’s paper.

The Tribune's story about Afghanistan beheadings.

The Tribune’s story about Afghanistan beheadings.

Showing that its editors do care about beheadings, at least overseas, it ran a story four times as large at the top of page 9, complete with photo.

The Chicago Sun-Times made the story it most prominent article on its “Nation/World” page (number 10).

The Chicago Sun-Times gave more emphasis to the story than any other local paper.

The Chicago Sun-Times gave more emphasis to the story than any other local paper.

Now that I have set the stage, I offer up an FBI agent’s affidavit about how a Black Muslim was willing to try to blow up Cherry Vale Mall just east of Rockford in 2010.

The possible relevance is that this perpetrator, Derrick Shareef, was an African-American who claimed to be a Black Muslim, but at the time references to his race or his religion in the mainstream media was difficult to find.

I’ve reproduced the December 10, 2010, Federal court filling below:
Cherry Vale Shareef 1Cherry Vale Shareef 2Cherry Vale Shareef 3Cherry Vale Shareef 4Cherry Vale Shareef 5Cherry Vale Shareef 6Cherry Vale Shareef 7Cherry Vale Shareef 8Cherry Vale Shareef 9Cherry Vale Shareef 10Cherry Vale Shareef 11Cherry Vale Shareef 12
Shareef is scheduled to be released from Federal prison in 2037.


Thoughts about Press Coverage of Moore Beheading — 26 Comments

  1. People better wake up and realize that the Taliban has probably been here for years.

    Isis members are here.

    This was a terrorist attack and a beheading of an American on our own American soil.

    There should not be a trial…….He should be killed.

  2. There was no beheading.

    They just want you to panic.

    Yes, a woman was killed gruesomely.

    But check for the original stories on this.

    The beheading stories came afterwords.

    They are playing us all for scared little children.

    BTW there won’t be any trial, either. Multiple gunshot wounds translates as the police probably killed him.

  3. As usual Cindy, you comment on things and facts you know nothing about.

  4. Cindy, read the article again and the background on this kook.

    There was a beheading and people like you run from the truth.

    You sound like you agreed with Obama when he let the other prisoners go.

    They are investigating and I am sure that in the days ahead you will find out more.

    Then you can wipe the egg off your face.

  5. Prove it voter.

    Prove what you say is true!

    You CANNOT prove anything!

    You just love to attack the messenger.

  6. Looks like Cindy has her head in the sand.

    Islam wants to kill us.

    Prisoners, mostly blacks have been converting to Islam in prisons for YEARS.

    There are mosques in every state even one here in CL.

    They know that somolian Muslims in Minnesota have gone to Syria to train and have come back.

    No one knows who is crossing the borders.

    Isis, Al quada, Hamas – heck whatever you want to call them – they are all vicious killers–are calling for Muslims in USA to kill; target our troops & veterans. Political correctness, complacency & ignorance will kill us.

    This administration is turning a blind eye – or part of it, who knows.

    Holder releasing 10’s of 1,000’s of convicted felons onto our streets then Obama states how proud he is that under holder there are fewer incarcerations.

    Speaking of Holder, when will he Al Sharpton & Jesse ‘shakedown’ Jackson arrive in Oklahoma?

    Oh never mind.

    A no show just like all the crime in Chicago.

    Wake up!!!!

    Let’s call a spade a spade!

  7. I have absolutely no idea what point Cal is trying to make about the perpetrator’s race.

  8. Dave, because the MSM is too afraid of being called racists.

    This PC crap is, and will be the death of America as we knew it.

    Hey Cindy, turn on Fox News – Huckabee is on now with yes, CIA experts, on the threat to us; next, at 9 is judge Jeannine who is one of few who has the guts to speak the truth and has been for months.

    Educate yourself so you can prepare.

    Re Oklahoma good thing there was an employee (the company’s COO) who had a gun!

    Maybe people will start feeling safe when they go into work or a store and that sign NO GUNS ALLOWED is NOT plastered on the door.

    Law abiding citizens with conceal carry permits just may save us from those with knives that want to chop our heads off.

  9. **Dave, because the MSM is too afraid of being called racists. This PC crap is, and will be the death of America as we knew it.**

    I still have no idea what Cal’s point is, nor do I have any idea how his race is relevant to this story at all.

  10. Had Enough, you are right on all points in your comment.

    The news papers are afraid to print the truth.

    These terrorists are coming through our borders, some are being trained and returning to the U.S. to enlist people here.

    They are very organized and plan what they are going to do here for years. Wake up people and at least admit the fact that they are already in the U.S. Start watching Fox news, Megan Kelly had a good show on last night.

  11. So Cindy, are you starting to understand.

    There WAS a beheading.

    Multiple guns shots DOES NOT translate that the police killed him

    He was taken to a hospital and has regained consciousness and was being questioned.

    A judge is being brought in and he will be charged with murder and other things as evidence is discovered.

    Also thanks Had Enough, Judge Jeannine had an excellent opening statement tonight and program on this event.

  12. No, it is all a psy op.

    You people are all voting for getting into a war that is not needed because you are falling for the MSM crappola.

    They’re using this nut job murderer to frighten you.

    There was NO beheading in Oklahoma.

    Try looking at the ORIGINAL reports that never mentioned this.

    It was all made up AFTER the fact.

    It’s the same old psy op that the MSM foists on you continually. When are YOU going to wake up?

    The fact that some of you are telling me to turn on FOX news tells me that you all are still watching the brainwashing machine.

    Turn OFF your TVs and try living in the real world.

    Anyone that watches TV is being brainwashed and mind controlled. (You have computers. Look THAT up!)

    You are being scammed.

    And Had Enough?

    You are also wrong.

    Islam does not want to kill you – Satan does.

    Take a good look around to understand that one.

  13. Cindy – wow talk about conspiracy theories!

    Blaming the Free Masons instead of radical Islam?

    I suppose you think the school shootings in CT were faked too, all actors, eh?

    I sure hope you’ve stocked up on tinfoil for your hat.

    Better wear it when you’re listening to Harrison lies, too.

  14. Had Enough?

    What makes you think I support Harrison?

    Why do you people always have to tout your election beliefs?

    And why is everything a reason for you to attack me personally?

    Shame on you for the attacks.

    It is like talking to a four-year old that keeps returning to their same old song.

    And yes, Sandy Hook was a psy op.

    The school had been closed for quite some time when they enacted that drill.

    Read the FBI report on no deaths in Connecticut in 2012.

    I don’t deal in conspiracy theories.

    I deal in facts.

    More specifically, the truth.
    Matthew 24:4

  15. “Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray.”

    You’ve got that right!

    That’s what some of us do, search for the truth.

  16. Geez Cindy, I checked out that site you posted and if that’s not Satan talking I don’t who is.

    Get off those subliminal, hypnotic sites.

    Jesus also said to test the Spirits which you have not done.

    You are not getting attacked personally, you are misleading the people.

  17. Y’all may want to read what is posted at this link:

    Insofar as the color of the skin of anyone, this is used by the federal government and the mainstream media WHEN IT SERVES A POLITICAL PURPOSE.

    I do believe that Cal’s reference is simply to point out that either we are identified by skin color or we are not.

    Skin color should not be used to hyphenate one’s nationality.

    You are either an American or you are not.

    In addition, please explain to me why when you become a naturalized citizen of the U.S.A. you must renounce all foreign allegiance but our society condones dual-nationality.

    Want to do something positive?

    Realize that Islam is not a religion but a cult and counting our residents based on skin color and ancestry is the most racist thing you can do.

  18. I don’t think this was about race or color.

    The one beheading was reported as a white British man and that was reported but when it came to this beheading it was not reported it was a man of color.

    So the papers can report a British white citizen but not a black person.

    I do agree that all reports should not have to disclose any race or color.

    The papers should write and say a man or a women period.

  19. “Insofar as the color of the skin of anyone, this is used by the federal government and the mainstream media WHEN IT SERVES A POLITICAL PURPOSE”

    It used to be that describing the suspect including the color of his/her skin was solely to catch the perp so no

    More damage / killing would happen.

    Notice how careful they are describing the flash mobs, if they report it at all?

    PC will kill us.

    It is already.

  20. First off, we need to stop being so PC.

    Everyone thinks what they think and are too affraid to say it.

    Everyone sterotypes and is too affraid to say it.

    We are all racist to some degree.

    Secondly, There is no way to know who the terrorists are anymore.

    They are white, black, brown. etc.

    You’re either in America and grateful to be here or you are here and plotting to kill us.

    It’s Americans we have to fear as well not just foreigners…or blacks… or whoever.

    And whatever the point was on the race of the man I still don’t understand.

    Men and women alike are here and ready and willing to kill us and our families in the name of whoever their God is and we are so affraid of offending people and too affraid of not being PC and being called racist and to do anything about it and they are using it to their advantage.

  21. dave is dumbed-down, typical Americano …..

    oh, what difference does it make about race …

    I’ll tell you ….

    the MSM CONSTANTLY omits the race when blacks or certain other ‘minorities’ are the culprits …..

    the Black on W White crime is over 90x the rate of White on Black crime is …..

    We musn’t scare the White turkeys before they’re slaughtered one-at-a-time …….

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