$1.2 Million in Senior Grants Announced

From the October 15th Finance and Audit Committee agenda and backup material:

McHenry County has established a tax rate levy not to exceed .025% for the provision of providing transportation and social services for senior citizens as applicable under Illinois State Statutes 55 ILCS 5/5-1034, 5/5-1005 and 5/5-1091. The levy rate was established as a result of an approved referendum in April of 2003.

In order to provide for the effective and efficient allocation of collected funds, the McHenry County Board has established the Senior Services Grant Commission as a sub-committee of the Public Health and Human Services Committee to advise the Committee on programs and projects for funding.

The proposed levy for the Senior Service grant for fiscal year 2016 is $1,645,000.

There is an additional $513,221 of roll over funds from previous years that is available for a total of $2,158,221.

The Senior Services Grant Commission received fifteen proposals this year for programs and projects totaling $2,713,352.

Fourteen proposals have been recommended for funding totaling $2,123,056.

Impact on Other County Departments or Outside Agencies:

The request will provide $2,123,056.00 in funds to non-profit agencies and units of local government in McHenry County that will provide transportation and social services to McHenry County seniors, as follows:

  • McHenry Division of Transportation-Coordinated Senior Transport Services-$200,000
  • Richmond Township-Senior Transportation Program-$40,000
  • Harvard Community Center-$68,000
  • Senior Care Volunteer Network-Volunteer Services for Seniors-$189,156
  • Family Alliance, Inc.-Reach Recovery Program-$345,000
  • Family Alliance, Inc.-Dementia Specific Services Program-$345,000
  • McHenry County Housing Authority-Senior Dental Program-$40,000
  • Pioneer Center for Human Services-Senior Care Residential Program-$128,000
  • Pioneer Center for Human Services-SOAR Vocational Program-$90,000
  • Prairie State Legal Services Inc.-Senior Citizens Legal Services Project-$77,300
  • Salvation Army-Golden Dinners Program-$107,000
  • Senior Services Associates, Inc.-Senior Services & Resource Center-$179,000
  • Senior Services Associates, Inc. Case Coordination Unit-$305,000
  • Northern Illinois Food Bank, Senior nutrition Program – $9,600

TOTAL: $2,123,056.00


$1.2 Million in Senior Grants Announced — 8 Comments

  1. There are 6,600 people in Richmond.

    Lets say 50% of those are Seniors.

    That is $825 per person to drive them to the anywhere they want to go – the liquor store, out for smokes.

    Richmond is right next door to McHenry.

    Why can’t they work together?

    This is lunancy

  2. I am a senior and I think it’s ridiculous that any of this is found necessary.

    I will never use any of these things and I surly cannot afford to support any of this.

    You steal my money to provide for things that are unwanted and uneeded.

    It’s sickening.

  3. Inish, just one example of twp waste, one of 10,000.

    But seniors vote and that’s where the twps pour out the money to keep those votes.

  4. I wonder if Uber has been contacted to see what they would charge for the non-handicapped.

  5. Beside Golden Diners and Northern Illinois food bank I think giving each senior in McHenry County a check for their share would be fairer, otherwise it looks like contracts that can be abused.

    Northern Illinois food bank has a very goo reputation as does Golden Diners.

  6. Cal, maybe a listing of Pace numbers for the county would be helpful when discussing transportation.

    Should the county be even involved with direct involvement when we are part of the RTA?

  7. Isn’t the Dial-A-Ride program in place for Seniors (and all residents) to use?

    Why do the Pace vans sit empty for hours waiting for their next pickup/ride meanwhile the taxpayers are paying for duplicate services?

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