Lake County Sheriff’s Spokesman Running for GOP Committeeman in Cary

Chris Covelli

Chris Covelli

Seeing Chris Covelli on the news Wednesday night with regard to the indictment of Fox Lake’s GI Joe’s wife reminded me that I met him at State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Meet and Greet last week at Crystal Lake Rib House.

His wife, Kimberly Covelli, won election to the Cary Village Board last year as a write-in candidate.

Her write-in running mate Jim Cosler also won a seat on the Village Board.

Chris Covelli is a Detective with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and serves as the Departmental Spokesman.

He has been getting a lot of publicity on Chicago television.

One of the victorious Cary write-in candidates was Kimberly Covelli.

One of the victorious Cary Village write-in candidates was Kimberly Covelli.

And he is a respected law enforcement officer.

So, let’s do some speculation.

Might Covelli be a candidate for McHenry County Sheriff when Bill Prim decides to retire?

Through his wife, he already has a political base in Cary.

By serving as a Republican Committeeman (he has no opponent), Covelli can develop a network of GOP activists.


Lake County Sheriff’s Spokesman Running for GOP Committeeman in Cary — 15 Comments

  1. What a great article! Covelli would be a great asset to McHenry County as our Sheriff.

    He is a hard worker, dedicated, and passionate about what he does.

    I was recently at a retirement party where the guest of honor’s husband was a long time Chief of Police.

    Covelli’s name came up in conversation and other Chief’s were commenting on how well he performed and how impressive his public speaking was.

    I even had Chief’s ask me to share their business card with Covelli.

    I would see it as no surprise if Covelli would run for McHenry County Sheriff.

    The citizens of McHenry would be fortunate to have him!

  2. Prim is doing a great job.

    Did he ever say he was not running again?

    Putting cart before the horse?

  3. James must be confused about the price of butter and eggs in China.

  4. I have heard that Sheriff Prim is doing an outstanding job !!
    We already have an asset to McHenry County !!

  5. Jan – Prim is the Sheriff of McHenry County.

    He has NOTHING to do with the police department in Prairie Grove.

    They hire their own chief just like Cary, Crystal Lake, Harvard or any other department.

    Bill Prim has NOTHING to do with who they hire!


  6. Jan – to educate you further, the Sheriff has deputies that police the UNINCORPORATED areas of the county.

  7. The Sheriff’s Dept does some work in incorporated areas also.

    There is over lap just like with the State police.

  8. Sure Nob, but the sheriff had nothing to do with this guy that got into trouble.


  9. Hi FYI,

    I think it might be helpful for you to educate yourself and read the article.

    The McHenry County Sheriff investigated this incident but didn’t report it to the media in their blotter as they normally do.

    According to the article the incident involved an on-duty police officer.

    It smells to me like the incident and arrest were intentionally withheld until the paper did some digging of their own.

    So yes, it makes me have major concerns!

  10. The Sherriffs office did the investigation as often happens in incidents involving police.

  11. Still the report would have to be allowed by the chief in Prairie Grove.

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