Tryon’s Replacement Race Has Half Million Dollars in Play

I found a useful tool today–Aldertrack.

It totals what has been spent in each legislative district.

The four candidates running for Mike Tryon's State Rep. seat.

The four candidates running for Mike Tryon’s State Rep. seat.

MoneybagsWhen I looked at the 66th State Rep. race in which these four candidates

  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Paul Serwatka
  • Allen Skillicorn
  • Dan Wilbrandt

are facing off, I discovered that almost $500,000 is available to be spent on the race so far.

Aldertrack reports

Aldertrack reports $498,897.58 is available to be spent in this four-way race.

I cannot comprehend spending that much in a State Rep. race.

There must be something at stake that I don’t see.


Tryon’s Replacement Race Has Half Million Dollars in Play — 5 Comments

  1. Serwatka has the most personal ‘skin’ in the game.

    Just because a lot of money is spent by a candidate or on behalf of one does not guarantee a win.

    Anyone remember Eric Cantor?

    Working for a Serwatka landslide!!

    What a message that would send to the Jordans, Millers, Tryons, Davis’s, Uhleins, Smiths, union bosses, and other establishment Republicans such as Proft and now even Walsh!

    A vote for Serwatka is a vote for We The People!

  2. Continuing the protections of the public sector (teacher) pensions. Reason 784 to not vote for Schofield

  3. The Republicans want to ensure the Democrats don’t have a super majority to over rule Governor Bruce Rauner vetoes.

    And vice-versa.

  4. That’s a reason for the big dollars being spent in some State Representative primary elections.

    The more conservative Republicans don’t want a Republican that could side with the Democrats; and more conservative Republicans want someone who will be more vocal and transparent about issues, instead of just going along to get along and largely maintaining the status quo.

    Every seat counts to help build momentum.

    Before Rauner, state political spending and policy was dominated by unions.

    There was no effective counter.

    Thus our current predicament.

    Yes unions have their place but we need checks and balances.

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