AR-15 Raffle in McHenry — 12 Comments

  1. Don’t ya think this is rather a odd thing to do?

    Even though the money is benefiting the people of Orlando I think it is very tacky.

  2. Now before anyone jumps on my comment, I strongly believe in the NRA and I myself have guns and believe everyone should have one to protect themselves and their families.

    This gun shop could have had a different type of fundraiser.

  3. That’s an insane thing to raffle off for the victims.

    Gun safety classes would be a better idea or better yet something entirely different that has nothing to do with guns.

  4. It was probably meant to be “tacky” and in your face as we all know the whole thing was a false flag set up by our own government.

    They are fighting fire with fire.

    I see nothing wrong with their attitude.

    It is very brave souls these days that would even own a gun shop considering what they are up against.

  5. I feel for those folks in Orlando & I hear the sensitivity & concerns of many boisterous people.

    But I can also see that those folks whose lives were sadly taken probably shared the same opinion that “guns are the problem” and not believing their lives were in danger when the sign outside the club, “gun free zone” gave them that false sense of security.

    But murder is already breaking the law.

    I leaning toward Protecting myself because no one else will.

    As I understand it, 9 times out of 10 the police show up after something has happened to clean it all up.

    How about we help them keep our neighborhoods safe.

    Hence, the raffle is a very logical.

  6. Question for Second Amendment Sports:

    What happens to the personal information of folks who sign up for the raffle?

  7. The only thing more offensive than this store promoting itself with a gun raffle is the ridiculous idea that this is a “false flag” conspiracy and the fa t that no commentators challenged that ridiculous pronouncement.

    I keep hearing that Obama or ‘the government’is organizing these kilings to promote gun control.

    So why don’t we have gun control yet, Cindy?

    What have these “false flags” accomplished?

    (PS that guy stopping the shooter with his concealed gun was allover the news. I saw it on WGN. It wasn’t really a secret.)

  8. They got you hook line and sinker, Joe!

    False falgs have been around for hundreds of years.

    Wake up and smell the tyranny.

    BTW my grandchildren are all proficient with the AR.

    Who are you gonna call when the SHTF?

  9. Death threats?


    This is how stupid people have become.

    Don’t tell me that one woman shut this down.

    (And all over a false flag in Aurora?)


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