Message of the Day – Turkeys

No, even though this is a political blog, I’m not referring to politicians or candidates.

Here’s what I saw in Bull Valley on Shadow Lane on Sunday evening just before sunset.

Nine turkeys on Shadowood Drive west of Thompson Road in Bull Valley.

Nine turkeys on Shadow Lane west of Thompson Road in Bull Valley.

We parked next to them.

They did not seem very afraid, although they did move beyond the tree line before entering a mowed front lawn.


Message of the Day – Turkeys — 6 Comments

  1. I am told that wild turkeys don’t taste much like what you are familiar with tasting on holidays.

    Not sure if that is a good or bad thing on either side.

  2. There are more turkeys in the collar counties now.

    It seems a lot are like todays geese in that they are not very shy.

  3. Iis the local Democratic caucus.

    That’s Jacko Franks eating the free carrion!

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