Lou Bianchi’s Final Message

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office puts out a newsletter called, “Justice for All.”

It is apparently a quarterly publication.

In the last edition under State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, he published this:

A Message from the State’s Attorney

My term as State’s Attorney of McHenry County will be ending on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

After serving 12 years as an elected official, preparing to leave is bittersweet.

Lou Bianchi with his trade mark carnation.

Lou Bianchi with his trade mark carnation.

While I look forward to change, prosecuting violent crimes allowed me the opportunity to help keep our community safe and provide a healthy environment in which to raise a family.

I will also miss the occasion to positively impact the lives of others through the specialty courts: mental health court, drug court, domestic violence court, as well as the State’s Attorney’s Office First Offender and Check Enforcement Programs.

However, change is inevitable and I look forward to the next State’s Attorney Elect Patrick Kenneally to continue with these programs and initiate new, innovative ones that positively impact our society and wellbeing.

I will miss working with the 31 Assistant State’s Attorneys, administrative assistants, victim witness coordinators, and investigators.

They are the real defenders who work hard to make a difference and do justice.

They protect the rights and safety of all the people in our cities, towns and villages throughout McHenry County.

Every day they look into the eyes of people who are victimized by crime. They may be parents, spouses or children of a murder victim.

They themselves may be victims of another type of crime.

Whatever the circumstances, they are looking to the prosecutor to hold accountable the perpetrator who harmed them.

Our prosecutors work for victims who often have no one else to depend on to give them some sense of justice.

I would like to take this time to express my sincerest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the citizens of McHenry County for allowing me the opportunity to lead the office as State’s Attorney and for their support for me and our office these past 12 years.

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to work for and serve our community.

Very truly yours,

Louis A. Bianchi


Lou Bianchi’s Final Message — 4 Comments

  1. Bianchi was quite good … that’s why the old rats tried to scotch him with their phony charges.

    But who stands tall today; and look who slinks away!

    Always look to the sort of enemies a politician makes. If those people are bad, the politician is probably good!

    Crooks can tolerate one of their own kind, but cannot abide an honest man!

    Fare thee well, Mr. Bianchi!


  2. An endorsement by OldManWinter.

    Ha ha, that is hilarious.

    He should have added, “Get off my lawn you damn kids.”

    “Always look to the sort of enemies a politician makes”

    That is hilarious also.

    I love me some OldManCrankyPants.

    Gee were Lou’s enemies drug dealers um no.

    Were Lou’s enemies wife beaters, um no.

    Were Lou’s enemies murderers, I hope not because three of 12 walked on their charges.

    His enemies were “criminals” only because he made them criminals by charging them.

    And then of course the charges got dropped.

    Lantz, Caricario, Dalby, Regna .. the list would fill a page and be boring.

    When the public waited for Lou to explain why his shenanigans were not political attacks, the public got nothing.

    Then Lou stuffs his pick in there rather than more qualified State’s Attorney’s in the office … and his pick is his friend’s son.

    This may be the greatest patronage move ever, in a state filled with patronage moves.

    You are wrong Old, but that’s no news.

    Please write more.

    Totally bored here.

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