Tiffany Davis Designated to Replace Retiring Circuit Court Judge Charles Weech

Charles Weech

Judge Charles Weech is retiring this September after serving on the Circuit Court since being elected in 2006.

Prior to that he was an appointed Associate Circuit Court Judge beginning in March of 2001. Before his judicial appointment Weech was a probation officer, public defender investigator, law clerk and private practice attorney in the fia of Pollock, Meyers, Eicksteadf and Weech Ltd.

He may be best known as the compassionate, yet fair head of the Mental Health Court.

The Illinois Supreme Court has decided that Tiffany Davis will fill Weech’s post until the 2018 election.

She works in the Winnebago State’s Attorney’s Office and is married to former two-time GOP State’s Attorney candidate Dan Regna.

As far back as 2001, McHenry County Blog reporter her applying to be appointed an Associate Judge.

She will take the oath of office on September 6, 2017.


Tiffany Davis Designated to Replace Retiring Circuit Court Judge Charles Weech — 18 Comments

  1. I think Tiffany Davis will do a good job you cant argue she got picked by the supreme court. she also has a lot of knowledge 25 years as a attorney at Winnebago county Rockford IL

  2. RickeyRicardo: anonymous internet troll coward.

    You do not know her, and I call you a liar.

  3. I think what Rickey said could be said of just about anybody these days. That doesn’t make him a liar. Wonder why Martin got his panties in a knot over that.

  4. Unfortunately, there are judges on the bench who I used to wonder how they managed to navigate to work every day.

    Experience does not fix stupid, sorry.

  5. Rickey dies not know Ms Davis.

    Rickey posts anonymous conclusions.

    Rickey makes no arguments, cites no evidence.

    Rickey talks of her “judicial mien,” when she has none since she is not a judge yet, Rickey posts a phony photo,

    I think judicial selections are important.

    They usually are effectively lifetime appointments or elections.

    If you want to post something relevant and factual about her experience, ability, fairness, or legal knowledge, I’m happy to hear it.

    Anonymous trolls posting unsupported conclusions can sway fools and the gullible.

    She has been a lawyer for a long time, so there is a thick public record of what she has said and done.

    If you want to criticize her, base it on her record.

    Don’t give me cowardly anonymous crapulous nonsense.

    So that is why, Cindy.

  6. Coward nonsense? Please show more respect for the trademark of this beloved McHenry county sunshine blog. 2018, is this you? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Ms. Davis will never be a Charlie Weech or even Pat Keneally.

    I watched her in her early days in McHenry County Court and frankly it was embarrassing.

    She got better due to the cookie cutter nature of court and making deals.

    The phrase that was always uttered about was, “pretty but dumb.”

    I believe a judge should be intelligent, don’t you?

  8. Surely I do, but anonymous people repeating what they claim anonymous people said is not evidence.

    If someone next posts that a bunch of people said Ms Davis is bright, I’ll say the same.

    I do not care if you flap your yap about whatever, but I do care if you manage to convince a voter based on nothing at all.

  9. Ms. Davis was an ok prosecutor just not smart enough to be a judge in my opinion based upon my observations of her in court.

    Nothing wrong with that

  10. Smart enough to be a judge, CP? How smart is that? What exactly is the measure?

  11. You obviously don’t have to be smart to be a judge. Go to court and watch.

  12. Ms. Davis will be a excellent judge.

    I have observed her in court and and assisted her with obtaining documents and reports for cases she prosecuted.

    McHenry County’s gain is Winnebago’s loss.

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