Derek Lee Lands Job at Nunda Township Road District

Bob Miller son-in-law Derek Lee was one of the people that Andrew Gasser fired upon taking the office of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner from Miller.

Lee’s father-in-law had sought to protect his job at the Algonquin Township Road District by signing a labor agreement with Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers prior to leaving office.

The agreement would cover more than the entire four-year term of Gasser.

The validity of that agreement is now being litigated.

Now, thanks to a tip from a friend of McHenry County Blog and the response to a Freedom of Information Act request to Nunda Township, the following information has been supplied.

Nunda Township Road Commissioner┬áMike Lesperance endorsed Miller’s re-election.

Employees of the Nunda Township Road District in August of 2017.


Derek Lee Lands Job at Nunda Township Road District — 14 Comments

  1. Isn’t Bob Miller an employee of the Nunda Township Road District?

  2. You should see the mess Lesperance made of the Colby Subdivision.

    His permit has been suspended.

  3. More proof that Townships are nothing more than little fiefdoms, where arrogant Township gadflies get to play bigshot, providing favors, with other people’s money.

  4. Iron Mike laughingly calls his “workers”: ‘The Siesta Boys”

  5. Who cares, it’s nepotism and patronage rearing it’s ugly head again!

    He would’ve been an elected official in a couple of years because Big Bob was grooming him to takeover at Alg. Township , but now Nunda is taking the Millers on their payroll.

    Bob’s working for Nunda as a ‘consultant’ isn’t he? (on that project that got suspended) and now this?

    Well, Nunda, you’re going to have to have a turnover like Alg. Twnshp did or you’ll have every Democrat posing as a Republican collecting paychecks on you-the taxpayer.

    Get Smart like Alg. Township did!

  6. While I believe that Iron Mike is in the running for one of the most ignorant people I have ever met, Cal’s post on a private citizen’s work is cowardly, uncalled for, and is one of more crappy posts that he has done.

    What a little bully Cal has turned into in his old age.

    Sick little piggy.

  7. it really doesn’t say much about Mr. lees competence ,character , pride or respect, what it does show is he is clearly a man that cant support his family without the graciousness of his in-laws, they must think pretty highly of this welfare recipient , poor excuse for a husband , my husband would never allow his family to depend on another man for bread and butter, as a wife I could never respect him for it either.

  8. oh I’m sure she doesn’t ,how could she???? he lies about being filmed on tape shooting weapons, whines about losing his job , sits on his can waiting for some other man take care of his family, maybe someone is taking care of some other needs he’s not up too!!!!! don’t be surprised .

  9. So lets hear next about the new dudes in Alg twh hiring their patronage pals without publishing help wanted adds.

    Alg twh road district two to replace one office help and Alg twh Supervisor’s three patronage employees.

    Start with Ryan Provonsono!

    Or come to the realization that patronage hirings with always be with us and will never be illegal and impossible to enforce even if it was.

    Id like to hear from our anti nepetism hero on his hero The Donald’s family involvement?

    Hiring people you trust will never be stopped, we just need to call them on it if they aren’t doing the job.

  10. Good old boys strike again…there goes Mikes pledge to keep Nundas taxes down.

    Just another liar in the political field.

    He is clueless

  11. Blahahaha. All you fools including Cindy and her make believe God screwed again

  12. Good to see that Mike cleaned out the unemployable relatives of his predecessor.

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