McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady Announces Run for State Senate

Mary Mahady

The third candidate to replace Pam Althoff as State Senator has announced her candidacy.

She is Mary Mahady, just re-elected without opposition as McHenry Township Assessor.

She will be running against either Craig Wilcox or John Reinert on the Republican ticket.  Both are McHenry County Board members.

Here is Mahady’s press release:

Mary Mahady to Seek Candidacy for Illinois 32nd Senate Seat

McHenry, IL – Today, Democrat Mary Mahady announced her candidacy for Illinois State Senator from the 32nd District. Mahady has long been an advocate of tax law reform and educating taxpayers on their rights.

“The biggest issue touching every Illinois resident is the increasing burden of property taxes.

“Many politicians promise to reduce property taxes, but the only real way to reduce the burden is to change our state laws to provide more funding for our schools and eliminate property tax loopholes”, Mahady said.

“I am committed to solving these complex issues and ensuring our communities have the resources they need.”

Mahady currently serves as the Assessor for McHenry Township and she brings her experience as a REALTOR® and former McHenry County Board of Review member for to the race. Mahady has the knowledge to make the current system more equitable.

Mahady stated, “People don’t mind paying their fair share, but they want a system that is fair for everyone.”

Mahady has lived in McHenry County for the past 37 years. She raised her two children here and now she is working to secure a future for her four grandchildren.

Mahady has been involved in many aspects of her community, including the McHenry Chamber of Commerce and as President of the Pigtail Softball League.

“I am dedicated to making Illinois a place where all of our children and grandchildren want to live and where grandparents can afford to retire near their families,” Mahady said.

“I am committed to listening to all views and working with anyone to create the most efficient, transparent and beneficial system.

“I will bring the voices of the 32nd District to Springfield to make our state stronger than ever.”


McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady Announces Run for State Senate — 13 Comments

  1. None of these candidates talk about the elephant in the room and that is the bankrupt Illinois pension system.

    No mention of a plan to move pensions from a defined plan to individually managed 401(k) system.

    Focusing on anything else under the guise of providing property tax relief is simply picking lint out of your naval.

    Unless I hear a plan for entitlement reform from these candidates I will be voting for none of them.

  2. How much does assessor pay?

    Does she realize the State Senate only pays $67k and is a 3.5 hour commute?

    I want to see Wilcox out-debate her and expose how out of touch she is with the average citizen of McHenry County.

    This will be entertaining!

  3. The “round mound” has been busy recruiting candidates for all offices!

    Republican voters and most current County Board members who supported the “round mound” deserve a round of applause.

  4. She will do a great job for the state of Illinois and people of McHenry County.

  5. How refreshing to see someone who is so dedicated to our county run for office.

  6. “She”Lk do a great job for the state and the people of McHenry County”

    Haha! says Jack Franks or his boat h minion, Kevin Craver!

    She’ll do great for the people like she has as the over-assessing Assessor?

    Like she did for the people in McHenry when she said “those people on the river are gonna PAY!” And pay thru the nose they do!

    She’s much like Bergen-Schmidt- a sour Old Puss!

  7. Would she double dip if elected?

    Would she keep her assessor pay plus senate pay?

  8. I agree; the first commenter of this story must be the elephant in the room…politically speaking of course…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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