Gravel Pit Company Gives Franks $2,500 Four Days Before Citizens Come to Complain about Expansion

At Tuesday’s meeting of the McHenry County Board, citizens from the Spring Grove-Fox Lake area appeared to object to additional gravel pits in their area.

One of those who spoke mentioned the Thelen Sand and Gravel company.

Hearing the name of the gravel company struck a cord.

I had just looked at recent contributions to McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Here is what was Franks reported to the State Board of Elections:

Contributed By Address Amount Received By
Thelen Sand & Gravel Inc 28955 W Rt 173

Antioch, IL 60002

Supporters of Jack D Franks

Franks pointed out that the issue was not one involving County government because the property was in Spring Grove.

But one speaker told of plans by the gravel firm to put a conveyor belt under a county highway.

That certainly would involve McHenry County government.


Gravel Pit Company Gives Franks $2,500 Four Days Before Citizens Come to Complain about Expansion — 10 Comments

  1. Looks like if the County Government does have to get involved somehow with what the sand and gravel company wants to do then the Chairman WILL have to recuse himself entirely from the matter.

  2. There are conveyor belt tunnels already all over the County.

    There would have to be some very special reason why the County would deny another one.

    Perhaps the nibbies should find that very special reason before Spring Grove board votes on the issue.

    Sand and Gravel are a big $$$$ deal need to build almost everything.

    Good luck trying to stop the expansion.

    The resident’s for Cary were smit out of luck trying to stop the expansion by IL31.

  3. SG residents spoke about the issue during public comment at the September meeting as well.

    Franks would rather take campaign dollars than care for his constituents.

  4. The Thelen family donated the land for a terrific recreational park in Spring Grove.

    They have roots deep into our community.

    The gravel industry has bought and paid for and rented out McHenry politicians for decades.

    Look at Fat Jack Schaffer, Dick Klemm, Ann Hughes, Mike Brown, and Florida Kieth Nygren.

    They represented the pits in Algonquin before thinking about us in McHenry County.

  5. Yes you are right Charles however when does it stop?

    Can we get somewhat of an honest Board?

    Jack Franks always seems to find himself getting donations from everyone but still thinks he is a taxfighter!

    He has never been a taxfighter just a slick politician.

    He is the County Board Chairman now why is he getting $2500.

    Does any other County Board Member get that kind of donation?

    Doubt it!

    The master politician he is!

    The County Board Chairman position is nothing but a bump in the road.

    He will be gone in less than 3 yrs for some reason and what he does to the County Board they will have to pick up the pieces.

  6. It was only a matter of time before cal found a way to tie Jack Franks to this.

    The sick obsession continues.

  7. Charles?

    Can you explain to us how the sheriff can affect the growth of the pits?

    In Algonquin Twp or any other township?

    If the office can expand them, perhaps you could ask Sheriff Prim to shut them down, right?


    As for Chairman Mao, er, Franks, he IS representing his constituency.

    It’s a constituency of one.

    Guess who!

  8. I believe the Thelen Family sold the gravel pit sometime after Vern Thelen passed away.

  9. When all of our property values plummet, due to the mining operations up for consideration, and we all have new appraisals done on our homes and land to reflect their new value,(or in this case, lack thereof) how will they make up the tax shortfalls incurred by our newly adjusted tax rates ??

    But, by all means, let all get behind lining a handful of pockets while destroying the very fabric of our community.

    Seems incredibly short-sided to me.

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