Meet Jeanne Ives in Woodstock February 1st

Fundraiser Scheduled at Bull Valley Golf Club

An invitation from Illinois Family Institute

Want to see a “political miracle that comes along once in a lifetime”? Those aren’t my words. They are Bill Whittle’s description of the Jeanne Ives for governor campaign.

Jeanne Ives

As many in the Illinois Family Action audience know, Bill Whittle has been posting video commentaries on conservative websites for about ten years.

He has also been a director and screenwriter, so he knows something about what goes into making a good story.

“The reason the Left keeps beating us,” he said, “is because they know how to tell a good story.” Conservatives, on the other hand, “can’t tell a decent story to save our lives.”

Whittle is the guest speaker at a Jeanne Ives fundraiser tomorrow at the Bull Valley Golf Club in Woodstock, Illinois.

In the attached video promoting the event, Whittle says that he could not have invented “a better candidate for the times we live in than Jeannie.”

“We’re gonna have to make this a campaign unlike anything anyone has ever seen before,” Whittle says, and at the event guests will learn “the nuts and bolts” of how Ives can win.

WHAT:      Ives for Illinois Fundraiser with Special Guest Bill Whittle

WHERE:    Bull Valley Golf Club  (1311 Club Rd. in Woodstock)

TIME:        6 to 8 PM

COST:       Requested contribution: $100

RSVP:       Email Vicki at

Click HERE to view Bill Whittle’s video endorsement of Jeanne Ives.




Meet Jeanne Ives in Woodstock February 1st — 13 Comments

  1. Jeanne Ives is the Best Candidate we have ever had come forward to Represent We The People in Illinois. Please let us make Illinois Proud Again . . . No Reason To Runaway from Illinois, if we Elect Jeanne Ives.

  2. MegMom, actually that is a good picture, compared to the one, the Chicago Tribune used next to Rauner.

  3. Good Luck – hope the mommy on a mission play works. She’s got a huge name ID hurdle to jump first:

    If the GOP Primary for Illinois governor were held today, for whom would you vote?
    Bruce Rauner 64.59%
    Jeanne Ives 20.51%
    Undecided 14.90%

    Please give us your general opinion of Jeanne Ives.
    Never heard of 68.43%
    Favorable 13.92%
    Unfavorable 4.51%
    Neutral 13.14%

    Please give us your general opinion of Bruce Rauner.
    Never heard of 0.39%
    Favorable 64.71%
    Unfavorable 25.10%
    Neutral 9.80%

  4. Where is your poll from, Moderate? Who was polled? What was the sample size?

  5. Nothing tops Illinois Family Institute fundraisers. Sunshine blogger, will I get free dinner if I take 5 stray cats to this fundraiser? Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Bill Brady

    Bill Whittle’s racially infused rhetoric shouldn’t be tolerated in the Land and Party of Lincoln. Representative Ives should disinvite him from her event. #twill

    3:48 PM – Feb 1, 2018

  7. Once again, nob proves what an idiot he is. Bill Whittle is an amazingly entertaining common sense commentator with an exceptionally good sense of humor. (Some basic things that would completely escape idiots.)

  8. Bill Brady didn’t like Bill Whittles comment on White’s being smarter than Blacks either.
    They Cancelled BW as part of that fund raiser.
    Gadfly you should apply for the Story Tellers job, you’re perfect for the J O B

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