Fundraiser for Judge Robert Wilbrandt Thursday Night

From Robert Wilbrandt’s campaign:

We live in an incredibly polarizing time in politics, and it seems to be creeping into every aspect of our lives. However, we can all agree that politics must stay out of our courtrooms.

Keeping politics out of the courtroom is why we are supporting Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Judge Wilbrandt is an accomplished and experienced judge, who is adamant about keeping McHenry County courts free of cronyism.

We must keep Judge Wilbrandt on the bench, and that is why we’re hosting a fundraiser in support of his candidacy.

Join us, on February 8th, at the Stage Left Café for live music and warm food.

RSVP here.

Keeping politics out of courtrooms seems like common sense. However, Judge Wilbrandt’s opponents don’t share that sentiment.

With your help, in the final weeks of the campaign, we can stand behind an experienced judge that will provide leadership in our courtrooms.

Stand even stronger with Judge Wilbrandt and become a sponsor of the event.

Together, let’s set the stage for Judge Wilbrandt!

Committee to Elect Robert Wilbrandt, Jr.


Fundraiser for Judge Robert Wilbrandt Thursday Night — 13 Comments

  1. Keep politics out of our courtrooms? That’s like saying the sky is blue. Great idea captain obvious. Hows about we keep LIARS out of our courtrooms?
    Word around the courthouse is Wilbrant lied about serving our country in the military. Did you serve or not?

  2. Punishment for Stolen Valor can be up to a year in jail. Are you sure you want to throw that out there?

  3. If it’s an untrue rumor, then he should be able to put it to bed right now. Dis he serve or not. yes or no.

  4. When and where did he claim to be a veteran?

    He makes no such claim on the bio on his campaign website, and I haven’t seen any any claims of military service on his campaign literature.

    Does anyone else remember the Kane County judge from about 25 years ago who had to resign in disgrace because he falsely claimed to have been a Medal of Honor recipient?

  5. @ IKnowThings. . .

    Are you Mary or are you Ed? In my opinion, if you’re Mary, the “attorney”, er, excuse me, the SANCTIONED attorney, I would think you’d know better than to try lay crap like that on your opponent and then try and force him to prove a negative. You attack by making a claim based upon a rumor, a rumor that you cannot substantiate and try to force him to validate a claim he never made apparently. Perhaps that’s why you were sanctioned by no less than a Federal District Judge. Lawyers I’ve spoken with tell me that is a really difficult thing to accomplish. You really have to be circling the drain to have a federal judge sanction you.

    If it’s Ed slinging the mud, I guess that it’s understandable. Just an opinion (though shared by many) but look at how his “expertise” screwed up the election. Just how smart could he be? He married McClellan. OTOH, looking at his other “problem” in the Clerk’s Office, how smart can she be?

  6. I totally distrust those that throw out accusations willy-nilly. Anyone can accuse anyone at ANYTIME of ANYTHING. This seems like what is going on today with the federal landscape. People that are guilty throw out accusations to get the heat off of their own back. BTW IKnowThings, the sky is NOT blue! Have you looked at the sky lately?

  7. I do not allow comments which accuse people of a crime.

    If that is what you want to do, at least use your own name so you can be sued if you are wrong.

  8. Which mask will Willbrandt wear that night? Tragedy or Comedy

    He carried on a comedic shtick at MCC where he ‘taught’ business law like a real thespian in the limelight.

    But his election, or that of his rival Mary McSanctions for Recklessness and Falsehoods, will be a tragedy for the crumbling county.

  9. What is the cronyism they are claiming is creeping into our county courts? And which courts are they referring to that have allowed politics in?

  10. Wilbrandt says his opponents don’t share the sentiment of keeping politics out of the courtroom.

    And then he fails to say when any of the other candidates said that. Because it’s made up by Wilbrandt.

    I am sensing a theme here.

  11. If he’s so concerned with keeping politics out of the courtroom then why has he been schmoozing with polititicians at their campaign events over the last year or so?

  12. Yet another stupid election with candidates running on issues that don’t matter for the job.

    * The only qualification presented by Demetri is that he won’t take a judicial pension. He has been in the State’s Attorney’s Office for 15+ years. If he didn’t opt out of IMRF, his pension vested after 8 credit years. With the 15+ credit years he now has and his comparatively high salary at the SAO, his Tier 1 IMRF pension benefit is going to be pretty close to the Tier 2 judicial pension (it might exceed it). You can’t take both pensions because of the Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act. His promise not to take a judicial pension is a supremely hollow gesture.

    * McClellan is running because “As a young girl my dream was always to be a judge” [gag]. Of course she’s not running on the debacle that her tenure in the County Clerk’s office has been.

    * Wilbrandt has some meat behind his candidacy. 11 years on the bench. But, what about it? Have you been processing traffic tickets for most of that time? What’d you do before you sat on the bench?

    * Flavin doesn’t appear to be campaigning.

    So, what do we make of this. None of the candidates have told us anything that we could use to gauge their legal ability. Mary, other than the federal case the Seventh Circuit scolded you over because you stonewalled discovery, have you handled any big cases? What was your level of participation in those cases? When’s the last time you were in a state courtroom? Any concern that you’ll be rusty because you’ve been out of the game for a number of years?

    Same with Demetri. He boasted last time about trying hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases. Can you give us a sample of cases you’ve tried as the first chair attorney? Ever first-chair a jury trial for a murder or a rape or drug trafficking? If so, did you win those cases? He was raked over the coals for this in the Cowlin election, and yet he has not stepped up with something we can objectively consider. Just the same-old-same-old “I’ve tried hundreds of cases.” After two years in a traffic courtroom, a fresh-faced ASA will have tried “hundreds of cases”–that doesn’t mean they are remotely ready to become a judge. Please, give us something to consider.

    Wilbrandt, what’s the quality of your years on the bench? Have you sat in an important courtroom, or have you been processing traffic tickets for the past decade? What do the lawyers who practice in front of you think of your tenure? Did you try big cases before you donned your robe? Can you talk about how you did?

    It’s disgusting that the voters are about to give a de facto lifetime tenure judgeship to someone, and none of the candidates for that office want to talk about their bona fides to perform the job. Early voting started this morning. I hope someone steps up with some real information before too many ballots are cast. If you vote based on yard signs, billboards, or anything other than whether the candidate will be a competent judge, you deserve the crummy judge we’ll be stuck with.

  13. Flavin is not even here for the winter. He spends December through April in Las Vegas.

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