NorWest Republicans Relese Questinnaire – 3

The NorWest Republican Organization have solicited answers from County Board and County Clerk candidates.  Today, McHenry County Blog publishes its third page:

­Question Schuster Brettman Wheeler Miller Tirio
D-6 D=6 D-4 Treas. Clerk


24. Law to prohibit future elected official participation in taxpayer funded pensions and benefits? yes yes yes 37 yes yes
Comment 37: We are bankrupt until we get out of this mess absolutely.
25. Restrictions on ‘patronage’ hiring? yes yes 38 yes yes 79
Comment 38: Define patronage. If relative, yes.

Comment 79: I don’t know how you’d do it. Nepotism should be eliminated for sure.

26. Make violations of rules governing public meetings a felony? yes yes no yes 80
Comment 80: Depends on the rule.
27. Change re-districting to remove political influence? yes yes yes yes yes
28. Photo id for voting? yes yes yes yes yes
29. Tighter restrictions on the use of ‘eminent domain’? yes yes yes yes yes
30. The erection of ‘border walls’? yes yes yes yes yes
31. Complete repeal of the Illinois ‘Trust’ Act? yes yes yes yes yes
32. Moratorium on ‘refugees’? yes yes 20 No 40 yes yes
Comment 20: I support the repeal of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (H.R. 2580; Pub.L. 89–236, 79 Stat. 911, enacted June 30, 1968), also known as the Hart–Celler Act.

Comment 40: Legal refugees only through reg. process.

33. Lower caps on personal injury, products liability and professional malpractice lawsuits? yes yes 19 41 no 81
Comment 19: Except in cases of pre-meditation.

Comment 41: Have to see limits and other things.

Comment 81: Maybe.

34. Privacy of FOID information? yes yes yes yes yes
35. Elimination of the FOID Act? yes yes yes yes yes
36. Development of economic impact plans for prison closure, construction and usage? yes yes yes yes
37. E-Verify as a requirement for new hires? yes yes yes yes yes
38. Full enforcement of all federal immigration laws? yes yes yes yes yes


NorWest Republicans Relese Questinnaire – 3 — 6 Comments

  1. And still nothing about firearms types, ammo or accessories bans.

    Further, are any candidates in favor of reinstatement of the death penalty
    for capital crimes ?

  2. What’s amazing to me is the concentration on issues which are decided at the Federal level. Are these goofs so enthralled with themselves that they are planning on banning nuclear weapons in McHenry County like they did many years ago in the City of Evanston?

    How about some local issues?

    Will they stand up to Chairman Jacko?

    Will they curtail spending money they don’t have?

    Will they do ANYTHING to reduce the tax burden they’ve imposed on us?

  3. When a candidate runs under Republican umbrella they should embrace the Republican platform.

    If they don’t you as a member of the party should know that BEFORE you vote for them in the primary.

    Too often we find out after the fact how far some candidates stray from the ideals of the party.

    This isn’t foolproof but it’s a definite step in the direction and I applaud Nor-West Twp.

    for doing this.

  4. I really don’t expect the candidates to be in lock step with either party. If they are, that’s fine and I will judge (vote) accordingly. I consider myself a Republican but there is an awful lot about their platform that disturbs me, just as there is with the Democrats.

    I would much rather have the candidates tell me what THEY stand for, what THEY will do, and then just do it. It’s really quite simple: “Say what you’ll do and then do what you say!”

    I voted for Trump and I think he’s a jackass at time (most times, to be truthful) but he’s made an honest attempt to do what he said he would do and for that many fault him. It’s no different at the county board level and state legislature. Somebody said they would not make a career of serving in the state legislature. He also said that he would not be running for the county executive, board chairman.

    Oh well, he lied, IMO.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  5. The nationalization of local politics has done great harm. Now we have people parading around in pussy hats telling people who should be on city council.

  6. Regarding the questions that may not pertain to the roles these particular offices…

    The idea here was to not only get a better understanding of these candidates’ views on local issues, but also to see how well they align with the Republican Party platform -viewable here:

    Unfortunately, McHenry County has a history of people running for office as Republicans for political expedience, but then governing like liberal Democrats. In local races, it’s far too easy to get through editorial board interviews or a candidate night “debate” by echoing the usual “lower taxes, cleaner water, less corruption” mantras; digging into topics like immigration, sanctity of life, etc., gives voters more insight into the candidates’ core beliefs.

    This being primary season, the Norwest Townships Republican Central Committee wanted to offer Republican primary voters the opportunity to get a better feel for whether or not a candidate is a Republican-in-name-only, or if she or he actually believes in and will support the Republican Party platform.

    The answers to this questionnaire shed light on that, as does the refusal by many candidates to respond at all.

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