Help Wanted: East Side Lakewood Resident with Financial Background for Village Trustee

Carl Davis

The newly-reconstituted Lakewood Village Board held its first regular meeting under Acting Village President Carl Davis Tuesday night.

At the end of the meeting, Davis laid out the type of person he is looking for to replace himself as Village Trustee.

Following the advice of Jason McMahon, Davis said he wanted someone with a financial background.

Further qualifications would include someone from the east side of town, which Davis lives.

He pointed out that Trustee Amy Fues Odom, who currently lives in what newcomers call “The Gates,” is moving to the other side of Lakewood.

That leaves only Davis representing that segment of the population.

Davis added another qualification.

He does not want someone who has previously served on the Board.

There were no comments from Trustees about the qualifications Davis enumerated.

Under state law Davis makes the appointment, which has to be approved by the Village Board.

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