John Jung Makes Pitch through Mail for Re-Election to McHenry County Board

Here is the post card that arrived this week in mailboxes:

The address side of John Jung’s reminder that early voting has started.

John Jung


John Jung Makes Pitch through Mail for Re-Election to McHenry County Board — 6 Comments

  1. When I was done being doubled over from the good yarn that is his postcard, I decided to share my thoughts and welcome

    I don’t like that he’s perpetuating the lie that the county board reduced the tax levy by 11.2%.

    An abatement that is unsustainable. is nothing to run on. And he compounds the lie because the abatement wasn’t 11.2% it is 9.5%.

    We got the abatement simply because Valley Hi had a surplus that was allowed to grow to over legal limits.

    This abatement would have happened with or without Jung, Franks etc.

    Franks used it to win an election with the lie “Cut 10%” and some board members are following him and using it to win theirs

    WHILE complaining that it’s an untruth! and is unsustainable!

    He touts that he’s

    *“Fiscally conservative” – what has he ever done that was free thinking, let alone ‘fiscally conservative’??

    *Says he ‘Voted to eliminate County Board Pensions’ WHILE HE’S DRAWING THE PENSION RIGHT NOW!!!

    *“Voted for Term Limits” – since he’s ready to retire and has been stinking up that board for term upon term…!!

    The endorsement paragraph from a failed Woodstock mayor is the icing on the cake!

    “Works tirelessly?” (when he isn’t mistaken for being comatose, he’s taking phone calls during meetings and leaving the room. How is that a working, dedicated, involved, effective board member??)

    “understanding of the issues?” (how would anyone know-he never speaks up on any of the issues and never leads! A miserable follower at best!

    The hypocrisy and the insult to the intelligence of the voters is unbelievable.

    I would NEVER vote for the AFSME/Socialist Democrat that is running against him so his hypocritical and shameless mailer just earned a bullet vote for Michael Rein, who has been a voice and watchdog for the voters.

    Am I wrong on any of these points, Cal?

    If I am please correct me.

    Is the likes of Jung what you really want on the county board?

    Start looking for Real Representation.

    This mailer earned a Bullet Vote for Rein!

  2. Jung is like McSweeney and Sager – run as a Republican but answer to Jack Franks.

    All four of them are part of the proverbial ‘swamp’.

    Vote for Rein only.

    It makes no difference which one of the other two gets elected but we, the taxpayers, need Rein.

  3. Jung is a phony! He’s the crying, whining Onion Boy of McHenry County.

    He said he wanted to see Lou Bianchi’s head ‘on a stick.’

    Jung is so RINO, he’s a WINO-RINO because he’s drunk on power, and dances to Frank’s death jigs!

    Some time ago, he advocated for a ‘McHenry County Poet Laureate’ at MCC. All at taxpayers’ expense.

    But he should have asked for a ‘McHenry County Clown’ position. He might have gotten for himself!

    Artist’s conception of John Jung crying because of a freshly cut ‘sweet onion.’:

  4. Interesting that half of him is hidden from view in this mailer.

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