Rezin Explains “Present” Vote on recreational Marijuana Legalization

From Former Quigley Supporter:

State Senator Sue Rezin Discloses “Present” Vote Reason on Cannabis Legislation

Per the 6/23 14th District Update here on McHenry County Blog:

State Senator Sue Rezin, a Republican congressional candidate in the 14th district, discloses the following  regarding her “present” vote on HB 1438, Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act:

Sue Rezin

“For over a year I have regularly spoken of my concerns with legalizing marijuana during radio interviews and other media interviews.

“When it came down to the marijuana vote I had a conflict, a family member who bought a small amount of stock in a marijuana company in another state.  

“Our legal counsel advised filling out the appropriate ‘conflict of interest’ paperwork, which I did, and to vote present, which I did.

“Despite my conflict on this issue my concerns are the same:

1) Police chiefs and sheriff associations overwhelmingly oppose the bill and I support our law enforcement.

2) I believe legalizing sends the wrong message to our next generation.

3) Most of the money received to our state from marijuana taxes will not go towards Illinois’ budget, pension debt or backlog of bills due.” 


Rezin Explains “Present” Vote on recreational Marijuana Legalization — 5 Comments

  1. Of course cops don’t want it legalized, marijuana arrests account for countless jobs in the courts, police departments, lawyers, drug sniffing dogs, training, etc.

    It’s cash cow for law enforcement.

  2. Rezin is unfit to run as a Republican in the 14th!

    Her voting record sucks!

  3. If she wanted to remove herself from influence on this decision, wouldn’t a non-vote (NV) have been more appropriate than a Present (P)?

    Doesn’t a P vote add to the denominator (total) of votes while effectively counting as a no vote while a NV doesn’t add to the denominator?

  4. A number of positive votes are needed, wo a “present” vote counts as a “No.”

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