Is Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse a 21st Century Generation Z Paul Kersey?

Paul Kersey (played by Charles Bronson) in final scene of original Death Wish movie

While there is no question laws were broken, First Degree Murder charges against Illinoisian may be hard to prove

As has been told elsewhere, Antioch teenager Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Lake County for allegedly shooting three men at a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest Tuesday night in Kenosha. The protest was in connection to the shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha Police which according to Blake’s parents, left Blake paralyzed from waist down.

Rittenhouse is awaiting a court appearance in Lake County tomorrow morning which will include extradition to bring the accused back to Kenosha to face, per media reports, 2 counts of First Degree Murder. The 17 year old Rittenhouse is being charged as an adult.

Starting last night due to potential violence from Rittenhouse’s alleged action in Kenosha, the Antioch village president ordered an 8PM to 7AM curfew.

Those old enough to remember watching the 1974 movie Death Wish in the theaters when Charles Bronson’s Paul Kersey character, after the brutal rape and murder of his wife, and traumatizing to mental shutdown of his daughter muggers inflicted on his family in their New York City home, would shoot and many times kill men who wanted to do him harm, the audience in the theaters would cheer out loud.

Could Rittenhouse, a staunch supporter of law enforcement officers and the Second Amendment, be the next Paul Kersey character, a 1970s type anti-hero, especially in light of the 3 BLM protesters he allegedly shot, and 2 died given their respective criminal backgrounds?

Kyle Rittenhouse
From WBBM TV News 8/26/20

Rittenhouse will plead “not guilty” to the two counts of First Degree Murder. And here are the three BLM protesters Rittenhouse allegedly shot, and all three men were white.

The first man shot:

While Andy Ngo makes it clear Rosenbaum was the first man shot Tuesday night allegedly by Rittenhouse, the sequence of the other two men shot is not clear.

And finally, the 3rd shooting victim who survived:

To be very clear and as mentioned in the subtitle above, laws were clearly broken Tuesday night in Kenosha. Everyone on the streets of Kenosha were violating curfew and had all civilians obeyed that law, no one would have been shot or killed. The law is very clear about taking the law into one’s own hands, either with an AR-15 or with your bare hands.

But First Degree Murder charges against Rittenhouse with supporting video showing he was clearly being attacked by each of his victims and clearly defended himself? First Degree Murder will be hard to prove.

Educated guess, prosecutors will charge him with lesser crimes, including the obvious crimes he’s guilty, like a minor-aged person in possession of an AR-15 weapon and transporting firearm across state lines.

Memories coming of the real life Bernhard Goetz, the “subway vigilante” of the late 1980s for defending himself from four men trying to rob him (at the trial, the defense said they “asked” him for money).


Is Antioch’s Kyle Rittenhouse a 21st Century Generation Z Paul Kersey? — 137 Comments

  1. My guess is they stick with the mob and go for first degree.

    I don’t agree with that, but it’s what I expect.

    No one should be surprised by this incident.

    It’s the logical next step.

    For months our elected officials, almost all democrats have allowed lawless thugs to run loose on our streets without fear of consequences.

    It’s only a matter of time before citizens decide to take things into their own hands when the government is failing at it’s most basic responsibilities.

    The government’s job is to provide safety and security above all else.

    If they will not or can not do this then our laws no longer matter, and it will be mob rule until someone decides to take charge by force.

  2. Hmmmmmm, when a useless governor, co. Sheriff and police Chief don’t do anything to protect lives or property, how can this 17 year old kid be blamed.

    The videos show he was attacked by goons.

    Nature’s eldest law: self defense.

    He’s just another McCloskey, or Sandaman victim of the MSM’s pile on.

  3. News coverage like this is why people are buying the story.

    Warning very graphic video.

    They show the events out of order.

    They start with the kid on the ground shooting the first victim.

    Then they cut to a clip with a mob chasing after the kid.

    The kid falls and is confronted by two members of the mob and shoots one of them and so on.

    The problem is the mob is chasing him before he shoots anyone.

    They show the same person getting shot twice.

    You can tell this by watching the guy who puts his hands up in both clips.

    Completely irresponsible reporting by wgn to post a video edited in this manner on thier Facebook page.

  4. I’m sorry it’s on the WGN YouTube channel.

    Same problem.

    Garbage manipulated reporting that is really just propaganda.

  5. So now in review we can see how the FAKE NEWS MSM has manufactured and manipulated
    the story to fit their agenda and narrative.

    WGN being the leftist media outlet that it is, should be held legally responsible
    for disseminating their hate filled evil propaganda.

    I wonder what they would have to say if one of their reporters had their brains blown
    out by one of the peaceful protesters they so dearly love.

    Perhaps that is yet to come.

  6. I’m afraid of what might be to come.

    There is no shortage of gun owning individuals who love their country and will fight for it.

    If we don’t somehow change course this is only a preview of what is to come.

  7. As a member of the YMCA I got an email last night saying this kid worked for the Y, part time, had been on furlough since March and in no way does the YMCA support racism and he will not be allowed to return to work.

    I feel so much safer.

    I also understand he was a member of the Community Police Academy in Antioch and had originally gone to Kenosha the first night to help clean up.

    Why he came back with a gun the next night probably has to do with whatever kind of Militia related or wanna be group he also may have been part of.

    Wearing that 5.11 T shirt and pants is usually a sure sign of being a wanna be.

    With what the real video shows—that wasnt First degree murder.

    Illegal possession of a weapon by a minor and entering another state with it topped with some kind of second degree manslaughter (given the circumstances he knowingly entered, into) might stick.

    Either way CNN will probably have to do another payout as they’ve blasted him for days now as a White Supremesit—didnt learn from Sandman who was 17 too.

  8. It’s interesting that all victims had a history involving assault in some form.

    All white.

    One of them came up to kid with a handgun.

    Antioch is going to be interesting this weekend.

  9. Why is a 17 year old boy from Antioch in Kenosha armed with a rifle anyway.

    Where did he get the weapon and why did his parents allow him to be there anyway.

    He as well as the other people out at that time of night were violating the curfew.

    When people choose not to observe the rule of law this is the breakdown of our society as we know it.

    I am afraid that this is only the beginning of us being a lawless country.

  10. “The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time To Time
    With The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants”

    Let it be done.

  11. I do agree, he is 17 where are his parents?

    As to why are people out there that’s easy to explain.

    The rioters know that the curfew will not be enforced so they ignore it.

    They are rioters after all, why would you expect them to follow the law.

    Property and business owners also know the police will do nothing, so why should they stay inside while people riot and loot.

    If the government refuses to protect from such things you have every right to defend yourself.

    Your rights are not something that the government has given you.

    You were born with those rights.

    The government exists to protect those rights, not the other way around.

    If the government isn’t serving it’s purpose, then people are justified in doing something about it.

    Read the declaration of independence, this is what is says in a nutshell.

  12. The mostly left wing media, national and Chicago, will do their very best to bias this story to fit their narratives and that of the Democrat Party.

  13. hum…all bad apples sounds like and asking for violence… interesting… well now let’s see how much the BLM’s protest for these criminal crackers… start popping the corn… the truth will set you FREE….

  14. Absolutely self-defense. He was chased, cornered, and attacked. He was in fear for his life and had no choice but to defend himself.
    All the original videos have been wiped. Try these stills.

  15. Thank you, Cal, for presenting this so much better than all the other “media”. Even the LakeMcHenry Scanner got the story so muddled up and skewed that people will be believing the lies. All the news videos have been doctored and the rhetoric is abominable.


  16. I hope that kid is busted out of jail before he becomes white sexual slave/play you of wild blacks st the Co. Jail.

  17. I wonder how the commenters feel knowing that “Cindy” agrees with them 100%? It certainly tells me something.

  18. I don’t really care for InfoWars and Alex (penis pills) Jones, but they did a pretty good job of putting footage together to show how it went down.

    The kid still had no business being there AT ALL, especially not with a gun that he could not legally carry there.

  19. To answer Neal regarding the parenting, Heavy said that his mother is a health care worker, which I absolutely thought would be the case before I read it. Likely a single mother, but no mention on his father.

    Nurses often work late nights and leave their teenage kids to their own devices. Possibly the case here.

  20. It may have been “self defense” but a 17 year old kid from Illinois had no business being there, and especially had no business carrying a weapon even if Wisonsin permits open carry for residents over 18 years of age.

    Walking around with a weapon with a bunch of angry rioters and looters is like walking around with a sing on your back that says “kick me!”.

  21. Pompous race baiters and Democrats very rarely say anything about how to behave when police are called. Instead of ADVISING ALL people – black, white, yellow, red, purple, etc – on how to behave when police are encountered, it is just BS coming from their mouths always blaming the police. Such as saying police brutality, social injustice and the biggest BS of all, “systemic” racism.

    If the race baiters and Democrats wanted to do good, they could start by saying that above all else, OBEY POLICE ORDERS.

    Race baiters and Democrats could do well to focus on the shootings by civilians resulting in deaths and injuries. The amount of civilians shot by cops is minuscule compared with civilians shooting other civilians. There is always provocation by a perp such as a gun or knife and then a cop feels his life threatened and then fires his gun in self defense.

    A while back, an Atlanta cop shot and killed a guy he was chasing on foot after the guy FIRST fired his gun at the cop. The cop was charged with murder and then bonded out and was fired from the police force. The cop has filed a lawsuit against Atlanta.

  22. The kid kicked back.

    The rioters tried to wrestle the weapon from him, what would have happened
    if they had been successful?

    Dead kid?

    The kid was tactical in that he did not lose control of his weapon.

    Self defense all the way.

  23. I agree with Cindy.

    He was cornered, in fear of his life and did what any red blooded American would do.

    A skate board is a weapon.

    Maybe the far left should have those banned too.

  24. Bred is right.

    This whole thing never would have happened in the first place if someone had not fought with the cops and then when they broke free went to reach in the car.

    What should the police do just let him drive away when he has warrants for domestic abuse and sexual assault.

    Yeah that sounds like a plan, just let that guy drive away with kids in the car.

    He should be charged with child endangerment for acting in such a way with his children present.

  25. In other news, more people went bonkers after a Minneapolis man shot himself in the head and people blamed cops that were nearby trying to keep him alive.

    Conveniently, there was video right there that showed what really happened.


  26. Repost : 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse-Lewis’ mom Wendy drove him and his AR-15 rifle from Antioch, IL to Kenosha WI to “defend” businesses that he does not own from riots.

    He ended up shooting 3 people, 2 died and 1 lost his arm.

    Since some people are always quick to pull up shooting victims prior criminal history in order to justify their ill fate, I thought I’d post the shooter’s instead.

    His prior criminal history appears:

    In 2018, he has a charge for disobeying officers.


    Case Number: 2016CM000410
    Case Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Classification: MISDEMEANOR CLASS A
    Counts: 1
    Crime Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Degree Of Offense: MISD. A
    Crime County: ROCK
    Offense Code: 941.20(1)(B)
    Offense Date: 01/29/2016
    Charges Filed Date: 03/01/2016
    County: ROCK
    Plea: NOT GUILTY
    Disposition Date: 10/04/2016
    Status: CLOSED


    Case Number: 2016CM000410
    Case Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Classification: MISDEMEANOR CLASS B
    Counts: 1
    Crime Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Degree Of Offense: MISD. B
    Crime County: ROCK
    Offense Code: 947.01(1)
    Offense Date: 01/29/2016
    Offense Description: DISORDERLY CONDUCT
    Charges Filed Date: 03/01/2016
    County: ROCK
    Plea: NO CONTEST
    Disposition Date: 10/04/2016
    Status: CLOSED


    Case Number: 2016CM000410
    Case Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Classification: MISDEMEANOR
    Counts: 1
    Crime Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Degree Of Offense: MISD. U
    Crime County: ROCK
    Offense Code: 961.41(3G)(E)
    Offense Date: 01/29/2016
    Offense Description: POSSESSION OF THC
    Charges Filed Date: 03/01/2016
    County: ROCK
    Plea: NOT GUILTY
    Disposition Date: 10/04/2016
    Status: CLOSED


    Case Number: 2016CM000410
    Case Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Classification: MISDEMEANOR
    Counts: 1
    Crime Type: MISDEMEANOR
    Degree Of Offense: MISD. U
    Crime County: ROCK
    Offense Code: 961.573(1)
    Offense Date: 01/29/2016
    Charges Filed Date: 03/01/2016
    County: ROCK
    Plea: NOT GUILTY
    Disposition Date: 10/04/2016
    Status: CLOSED


    Case Number: 2018TR011432
    Classification: FORFEITURE U
    Counts: 1
    Offense Code: 346.04(2)
    Offense Date: 08/09/2018
    Charges Filed Date: 08/13/2018
    Plea: NO CONTEST
    Disposition Date: 09/18/20

  27. Bans never work, because they can’t be enforced and people disobey them. ☹️

  28. Maybe the kid shouldn’t have gone, but he had every right to self defense.

    First degree murder!


    Did Kenneally draft the charge?

  29. richard kuranda, do you know the original incident with Jacob Blake, he did have a knife of some sort?

    Why run from the police?

    How bout you post the complete rap sheets of the others in this mess?

  30. All this violence when the truth is neither the police involved in the original incident or the kid involved in the shooting are guilty of murder.

    The police don’t appear to have done anything wrong based on the video and the fact that they were dealing with a man wanted for sexual assault and domestic violence who resisted arrested.

    He committed suicide by police.

    The kid is definitely guilty of gun charges and should not have been there.

    All the video evidence shows that he was defending himself in that moment.

    Going to be very difficult to convict him on murder.

  31. Excerpt from above article:

    According to public records, Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum has a long history of violence.

    Rosenbaum was convicted in Arizona in 2002 for committing an act of sexual misconduct with a child.

    According to his entry in the sex offender registry, he was a level 3 offender, meaning he was at a high risk of reoffending and a general danger to his surroundings.

    Arizona Department of Corrections records reveal that Rosenbaum spent 12 1/2 years in prison after being convicted of two counts of 3rd degree sexual misconduct against a minor and one count of interfering with a monitoring device. For sexual misconduct with a minor to reach the level of class 3 felony, the victim must be under the age of 15.

    More telling is Rosenbaum’s 42 seperate disciplinary infractions while incarcerated, including numerous assaults, committing sex acts, manufacturing a weapon, and arson. He was then released in 2016.

    According to records from the Wisconsin Circuit Court, Rosenbaum had pending charges for battery as domestic abuse filed just last month.

  32. The governor and Jr. governor of Wisconsin are, what is the correct word…


  33. A friend of mine who lives just across the border in wisc. told me he saw a bunch of dirty people pile out of a black bus filling gas cans on the Illinois side yesterday.

    He reported it and took a video.

    I wonder if the cops will do damned thing.

    He made sure he got a picture of the license plate.

  34. Sweet loving guy who should not have been on the street.

    If the law allows for someone like that to be free clearly the laws on sexual assault against a minor are not strong enough.

  35. @richard kuranda

    Can I plz ask for some more infos on the kids past record?

    i have seen this posted,yet i cannot find it verified anywhere

    Regardless,he was a criminal before he even got there and pulled the trigger

    He should thus be treated the same as any other shooting victim when their criminal past is brought up as somehow relevant

  36. Lin Wood just took his case as defending him.

    Same lawyer that just helped Sandmann kid.

  37. Oh, and yes the cops did go to that black bus and other cars that were filling up.

    Not sure what happened so far but they went in there

  38. “If people stop fearing them, and start refusing their demands, especially cities, then this all gets better fast. Not over, you see, just better. But better is good.”

    It’s not just cities that fear them.

    Our vaunted corporate America fears them to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars donated in the hopes that BLM/Antifa don’t come after them.

    That is the fear factor.

    Those donations will perpetuate the conditions which is why we don’t negotiate with terrorists!

    Remember all the police murders that began occurring after Ferguson?

    I believe the citizenry is quite possibly in the same boat now.

    Our crime rate nationwide is skyrocketing almost everywhere and it appears no one is able to control any of this.

    The anger is palpable and people are rightfully scared.

    Firearms sales have skyrocketed which proves one thing: people see this as a call to arms and self-defense.

    Rightfully so.

    I would love to be so very wrong.

    I stand 100% with Kyle Rittenhouse.

  39. “Dr.” Jill Biden should be charged with Elder Abuse.

    She is a criminal abusing a sick old man.

  40. richard kuranda,

    Your repost is everywhere.

    You people are so mentally retarded that you are reposting case information for A 31 YEAR OLD MAN WITH THE SAME NAME. Kyle is 17, simpleton.

    Can you “educated” nitwits perform basic math?

    How is it that you are incapable of figuring things out for yourself?

    I figured it out in 5 minutes by looking up the county and determining where it was located..

    Stop lying to people.

  41. Yeah all those offenses occurred in Rock county, that seems odd for a 17 year old from Antioch.

  42. Lee Preston,

    ADL (even though they aren’t worth anything) already claimed that they didn’t think it was a “hate crime”.

    If they don’t think so, then it’s probably not one since they sensationalize everything.

    Their regional director claimed that referring to Pritzker’s behavior as being “like Hitler” is “antisemitic”.

    People need to speak out and stop worrying about what these fools say.

    It’s all lies all the time.

  43. Maybe I’m being hard on Richard but it is pretty clear that it looked sketchy and should at least be investigated before reposing that.

    Fakenews would have been all over it by now and it seems that only liberal extremists are passing it around.

  44. If ADL can sue people for defaming pedos and thieves, people like Ayanna Pressley can also be sued for lying about him being a “white supremacist”.

    People might remember Nicholas Sandmann.

    He got a fat check from Fakenews and was all over the RNC this week.

  45. FYI his real court record for the incident is now online, including what appears to be traffic violations from last week (8/19).

    But otherwise, those charges from Richard Kuranda were bogus and for a different person.

    He has no other criminal records.

    It does show us that he was in Kenosha a week ago, before the Jacob Blake event.

    So for whatever reason, he might have commuted to Kenosha regularly.

    Perhaps for work or to visit someone.

    He technically has a “fugitive from justice” case in Lake County, but mainstream media already reported that.

  46. The Kyle Rittenhouse from Antioch is 17.

    Juvie records generally aren’t made public.

    The Kyle Rittenhouse with charges in Rock County was born in 1989 and has a different middle name.

  47. I think we should probably thank the kid for helping Trump to win Wisconsin this November.

    A good resolution is the kid pleads guilty to federal gun charge and Trump pardons him.

    Unless there is more evidence than we have seen so far, I don’t see a murder charge as being appropriate, he was acting in self defense.

    The fact he committed a separate crime doesn’t change this.

  48. Yeah– Its true– I didn’t investigate the post.

    My Bad.

    But still– no one should have been out after curfew.

    And no should travel with a gun unless you follow the law.

  49. He’s got 6 counts in Wisconsin for the incident.

    1 940.02(1) 1st-Degree Reckless Homicide Felony B
    Modifier: 939.63(1)(b) Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    2 941.30(1) 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety Felony F
    Modifier: 939.63(1)(b) Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    3 940.01(1)(a) 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide Felony A
    Modifier: 939.63(1)(b) Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    4 940.01(1)(a) Attempt 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide Felony A
    Modifier: 939.63(1)(b) Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    5 941.30(1) 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety Felony F
    Modifier: 939.63(1)(b) Use of a Dangerous Weapon
    6 948.60(2)(a) Possess Dangerous Weapon-Person < 18 Misd. A

  50. Richard Kuranda,

    I was probably too harsh about it.

    I searched for those cases and I was seeing them all over the place with nobody bothering to verify.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.

    I’m just tired of all of the misinformation out there.

    Social media making matters worse.

    I agree that he shouldn’t have been out there, especially should not have had the gun.

  51. Democrat U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood of the 14th Congressional District, which includes Antioch, called for a “complete and transparent investigation.”

    “That a 17-year-old from our community would have an assault weapon, travel to Kenosha, and allegedly commit grave violence toward protesters is an unspeakably horrific symptom of the toxic hate and division that permeate our country right now,” she said. “This instance is painfully close to home, and it is not reflective of the values we hold dear in northern Illinois: that weapons of war, racism, and hate have no place in our communities, and we should never seek to solve problems through violence.”

  52. I didn’t even know he had a GoFundMe.

    That company is despicable.

  53. The first person killed was shot by an Antifa person that was actually trying to kill Kyle (which is why he was running in terror from them).

  54. There were gun shots coming from all over the place.

    I also think that there is a chance that someone else fired that first shot but it’s hard to tell from the footage that I’ve seen.

  55. Fortunately this doesn’t involve Patrick B. Kenneally in anyway as he’d be standing there looking like an idiot with one thumb in his mouth and other two knuckles deep in his ass playing “Switch”.

    The “B” likely stands for Butthole.

  56. The Democrats new talking point about this is saying:

    “why was the kid even there? Why was he armed? He lived in another state”.

    They are trying to deflect from their voter base being a bunch of pedophile criminals, who take advantage of any opportunity to rob, loot, attack others, and burn down buildings.

    This kid was there BECAUSE of the above thugs.

    He lived nearby across the state line and was aware of the riots, 30 miles away is nothing it is not far.

    It is alarming to hear of mass riots going on just 30 miles away and he was alarmed and wanted to help out and defend property.

    The Democrat thugs ARE the problem, that includes the thug who started it all – Jacob Blake.

    Along with the suit and tie wearing Democrat thugs who run the city of Kenosha and who tell the police to not do anything, and allow the Democrat voting thugs to run the streets.

    Also, many of the rioters are from out of state too and that has been the trend in nearly all riots everywhere the last 3 months.

    The Democrats and their media could not have cared less in those cases, they would say the person was just “concerned” or was a “activist” and that’s why they drove there…

    Well, Kyle is a activist too and that’s why he was there.

  57. At age 17, Kyle violated curfew laws of Antioch, IL and Kenosha, WI.

    Kyle had no ties to Kenosha whatsoever.

    Kyle didn’t go there to feed people or administer First Aid.

    He went looking for trouble and found it.

    If his mom drove him there, she could be in trouble too. ☹️

  58. Mark Thoman,

    I’m not a Democrat and I think those are some valid questions to ask.

    He is still a kid.

    That said, at what point do we just allow the looting / rioting liberals to take over and burn our entire country to the ground

    Surely there is a point of no return since our law enforcement has been told to stand down and only arrest those who retaliate.

  59. I think that this incident has potentially done a great favor for our country.

    This rioting and looting has unfortunately been allowed to get to the point where citizens should be putting an end to it since the government has failed in its most basic responsibility.

    The national attention drawn by this case will hopefully wake people up to the fact that defunding the police is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard.

    The only problem I see is that he is 17 but I say so what

    This kid is a better American than the people supporting criminals.

    If you don’t want citizens taking such actions on their own, then there needs to be pressure applied to local and state officials to crack down on this violence.

    Otherwise this will just keep happening until it’s a full on civil war.

  60. I think he’s technically only like 6-8 months off from being old enough for selective service and being sent into war to shoot someone (often for less noble reasons).

    I still think that it’s a shame that a kid now has to deal with the fact that he’s shot someone else.

    And any dream that he had of being able to serve as a police officer or in the military might also be out of the question at this point.

    But that obviously depends upon how the case is handled.

    There always is a chance that he could leave with no charges, but I really think that they are trying to make an example of him.

    Anyone who opposes the new rulers, even if they are not acting in the best interest of the Republic, will be imprisoned or killed.

  61. All you cowardly cunts that decry a young man who went to protect his neighbors, and shot criminal thug attackers in self defence, are less than animals and definitely not men.

    He is a patriot who came to the aid of his countrymen, without need of an organization give him courage.

    He was right, and the criminal traitors who attacked him got their just deserts.

    BTW, all 3 were part of a certain tribe. Interesting ain’t it?

  62. By the way, the laws that were broken, are bull and void if you hold to the Constitution.

    What a bunch of fucking women you all are.

  63. I’m wondering how it is that they’re trying to charge a 17 year old as an adult; with a crime that can only apply to minors.

    If he’s being tried as an adult, how can a charge that applies to minors stick?

  64. This narrative is atrocious.

    You cannot shoot someone, then claim self defense when people try to aprhend you and stop more shootings.

    Rittenhouse committed murder, and was attacked by protestors to prevent him from shooting others.

    He is not the victim in this situation.

    Your website is disgusting.

  65. A 17 year old teenage minor walking around with a AR-15 is serious business, even if it was his residential city of Antioch, IL, instead of Kenosha, WI. 🤔

    Was he legally allowed to own his or carry someone else’s AR-15? 🤔

    He wouldn’t have been in danger, if he just stayed home❗😮

  66. Duh.

    Nobody would be in trouble if they obeyed curfew.

    Those three people wouldn’t had been shot by a 17 year old if they just sat home.

    He was there, stop drawing wonderment on the thought of “Why was he there?”

    I think most people agree that he shouldn’t have.

  67. My question is, if it’s illegal for a minor to walk with an ar-15 like he did, and he’s being tried as an adult, can he still receive the charge offense only commitable by minors as an adult?

  68. Duh ❗ We aren’t discussing the people shot and killed by Kyle.

    We are discussing Kyle, who broke curfew and probably other laws. 😮✔️

  69. You’re turning him into a scape goat by holding him accountable and no one else.

    He wasn’t the only armed person there.

    He wasn’t the only one breaking curfew.

    He also wasn’t the only one shooting in the area.

    So why come down on this one kid/adult?

    How are you going to charge a minor as an adult with an offense only minors could commit?

  70. Let us assume for the sake of argument that the 1st shooting counts as self defense.

    How are the other people supposed to know that?

    All they know is that a kid with an assault rifle just shot someone a bunch.

    Next, they try to take the rifle away to prevent more shooting, and the kid’s response is to shoot 2 people.

    This would suggest that in a mass shooting incident the shooter has a right to defend themselves if someone tries to take their gun away.

    I still think he seemed quick to shoot the first person – it did not sound like there was any threat besides a thrown plastic bag and being followed.

    When the person reached for the gun – it does not sound like any struggle, instead, Kyle stepped backward and shot him to death.

    But even if we assume the first shooting was self defense the next 2 clearly crossed the line into murder.

  71. Eddie, don’t forget to install your Orwell interior surveillance system, you know, so that you can always say you were at home.

    Without having to say it.

  72. Even if the 1st shooting was self defense, how would bystanders know this?

    If they assume he is a mass shooter and try to remove the gun, the second shooting is not justified.

  73. And where did you get your facts regarding the men who Kyle shot?

    Also Kyle shot them and he was there with the intent to shoot someone/anyone.

    He should not have been there.

    He should not have had that rifle.

  74. “Even if the 1st shooting was self defense, how would bystanders know this? If they assume he is a mass shooter and try to remove the gun, the second shooting is not justified.”

    How does he know that the mob of rioters who are in the same group as the person he just shot in self defense don’t intend to take his weapon and shoot him?

    You can’t have it both ways and say that it’s not OK for the kid to be out there taking the law in his own hands but then defend “protesters” who are then taking the law into their own hands.

    That is what we call doublethink and your argument doesn’t hold water because of it.

  75. And comparing him to a mass shooter is soooo inaccurate.

    A mass shooter is generally a mentally ill person who goes on a shooting spree.

    Kyle was a kid who was defending himself against a mob of rioters.

    His reason for being there was to protect property from criminals, not to go around shooting people randomly.

    Big difference.

  76. Virginia R Sheppard said: “Also Kyle shot them and he was there with the intent to shoot someone/anyone.”

    No. You’ve got no evidence of this.

    You also said: “He should not have had that rifle.”

    Under which circumstances or laws?

    Illinois permits minors to have a FOID with a parent / guardian sponsor.

    Also permits a parent or guardian to sign an affidavit that permits them to own firearms and ammunition as long as it’s (assumed) to not be handgun size.

  77. I never defend rioters and looters. 😐

    I don’t know why Kyle went there. 😐

    He was needed in Antioch, to protect his mom. 😐

  78. Eddie, I don’t think that you personally support or agree with rioters and looters. My goal is to get people to see that elected Democrat officials are for whatever reason turning a blind eye to what is going and are putting politics ahead of safety. The Democrat Governor of Wisconsin refused help from the federal government because the look was wrong.

    I’m not a life long republican and do not rejoice in seeing what has become of the democratic party. It would be much better for our country if we had two parties that put America first. That being said, the democratic party of 2020 is not the party it used to be. The entire reason they are afraid to do anything about the violence is because most of the involved are democratic voters. It’s now the Bernie bros running the party and that is unfortunate and I hope the Democrats are able to clean house over the coming years.

    In the meantime, we welcome all Americans who love this country and support law and order and equal opportunity to come join with us in ridding our country of this mess.


    I found this and it’s quite interesting reading on the backdrop of these events.

    I think the real take away from this situation is why, in the United States of America, do average citizens feel like this kind of thing is necessary?

    Why have we devolved as a nation to the point it’s turning back into the wild west?

    Pretty much every one of the areas having problems is run by so called “progressives”.

    I’d like to know what they are progressing towards that is better than equal opportunity and freedom for all.

    Seems to me that is the top of the mountain and they now have us progressing right off the side of a cliff.

  80. Virginia? You are an idiot! How dare you. YOu have no business being anywhere. You should not be here! How do you like it?

  81. Anyone who doubts the democrats are being run by the radicals take a look at this.

    They are actively going after their own if you are not radical enough for the party.

    The policies of Bill Clinton, who I’m sure is still a reason why people are loyal democrats would not be welcomed in today’s party.

    He would actually have to be a republican in today’s world.

  82. Cindy, I was not surprised with your aggressive and rude language towards some- including me.

    These are stressfilled times.

    BUT– Can you be a bit nicer?

    I would point out that I use my real name, I said I was wrong when it was flagged.

    It was my bad.

    I value everyone on this community and while we might not agree– its important to be polite.

    Its makes us better as a society.

  83. I would agree, even if we disagree with someone, we should still have a base level of respect.

    That is exactly what is missing in our politics today.

  84. This just in from Jim Stone …”Rosenbaum lit a dumpster on fire, and they were going to roll it down the street. Kyle then put the dumpster out with a fire extinguisher.

    This pissed off Rosenbaum, who then pursued Kyle, while Kyle was being shot at by other Antifa for putting out the dumpster fire and being identified as a Trump supporter.

    Rosenbaum then got shot by Antifa at least twice, he had 5 rounds in him and Kyle only shot 3, and if I got the story right, all 3 shots from Kyle came later, when they were trying to get his gun away from him.

    Even if he did shoot at Rosenbaum, he did not kill Rosenbaum.

    The fatal shot to Rosenbaum came from behind.”…

    And so we now have the real reason Antifa went after Kyle.

    You lying pukes like the Dailer Caller POS that lied about everything he told the police will have his place in Hell (along with those like richard).

  85. Soo, the rifle wasn’t his it was the property of a Wisconsin resident on temporary loan, which is legal.

    In Wisconsin you can carry a rifle or shotgun in open carry as young as 16 thanks to a loophole in hunting regulations.

    And finally, he did try to surrender to officers at the scene, but was released, so he went home.

    Heck, the guy that got a round in the arm was packing an illegal Glock-26 and hasn’t been arrested yet even though there are images splashed online of him committing a felony, so that the heck is going on in Wisconsin?

    I know Tony Evers is a bit slow but come on…

  86. @Eddie

    You like to attack Kyle who was just defending himself, yet you have said zero about the 36 yr olds who were going out of their way to attack him – he is a 17 yr old.

    The 36 yr old who attacked him first, was a convicted child molester, yet you mutter NO condensation towards him or about why he was at a riot to begin with?

    Why was a 36 yr old convicted pedophile at that riot?

    Why was the 26 yr old convicted woman beater at the riot?

    They both singled out a 17 yr old child who had a gun, did the pedo think he could “get his way with him” or something as he did in the past to other children?

    It didn’t work out that way for him now did it.

    The 26 yr old skateboard guy / convicted woman abuser, he also tried to assault Kyle when he had no business doing so.

    So Eddy, where are your remarks about Josepph Rosenblaum [the convicted pedophile]?

    You think it was ok of him to be out attacking ppl and attacking the 17 yr old Kyle – a CHILD, especially when that 36 yr old very likely may have had rape on his mind?

    Kyle defended himself from a pedophile who was chasing him down.

    The skateboard guy tried to crack his head open and he also was a convicted criminal, you going to defend the woman abuser / skateboard criminal too Eddy?

  87. Probably Person Of Color???

    Kyle is getting a raw deal.

    Why are we showing more sympathy for criminals and not the people who are trying to stop them.

    The police were not going to.

    Why should we allow criminals to roam our cities.

    If the police won’t stop them someone needs to.

  88. Hi Neal.

    I know what POC is, but the people discussed are White. 😮

    I agree with your post too. 😁

  89. Joseph Rosenbaum died what he loved doing best.
    chasing minors.

  90. Cindy and Horace– I’m neither.

    love America, I love Capitalism and I really don’t like peopel like yourself who are impolite.

  91. Dear Markie Mark, I didn’t know anything about those people you named, nor did I defend them.

    I never attacked Kyle, who should have been in his safe home. 😁

  92. Eddie and Neal? I used it as the euphemistic version of POS. That’s what is known as backing off a tiny bit.

  93. A Jew revolutionary is shot dead in the streets!

    Worst crime of the century on CNN

  94. Thank you, Rob. That was a very interesting piece (minus all the blahblah legal claptrap, of course). You won’t get any of that from WGN or Daily Caller liars.

  95. richard kuranda – Don’t waste your time on Cindy. Words such as “kind”, “respectful”, “nice”, “thoughtful” and “sane” do not exist in her tinfoil hat-wearing world. Insults and conspiracy theories are her thing.

  96. KT? You are a moron! May God have mercy on your wretched lying soul.

  97. The way Rittenhouse was charged came from the official eyewitness report of Richie McGinnis, who was the reporter who had interviewed Rittenhouse earlier in the evening on camera and who was walking with him towards the gas station where the first person was shot.

    McGinnis’ statement said that Rittenhouse seemed “agitated” “on edge” and “mishandled his weapon” all night.

    He also stated that Rosenbaum was following him along with a couple of other protestors, but in no way was “an angry mob chasing him.”

    When Rosenbaum confronted Rittenhouse, McGinnis said he wasn’t armed and made no move as if he were about to “attack.”

    Rittenhouse made a “juke” move and ran towards the parked cars, where Rosenbaum followed him.

    McGinnis, at that point, was standing right behind and slightly to the right of Rosenbaum.

    He said Rittenhouse had his weapon “ready, but pointed down.”

    Someone who WASN’T standing closeby fired a gun into the air and that’s when Rittenhouse fired the first shot.

    McGinnis said it hit the ground and that he felt something hit his leg and thought he may have been shot because he was right in the line of fire.

    Rosenbaum then tried grabbing the barrel of Rittenhouse’s gun.

    McGinnis then stared that that is when he saw Rittenhouse raise his gun, aim it directly at Rosenbaum and fire 3 or 4 shots directly at him, hitting him.

    Rosenbaum fell to the ground.

    McGinnis took his shirt off and tried to render first aid.

    Rittenhouse called someone and was heard saying “I just killed someone” as he ran away.

    So Rittenhouse didn’t stay to try and help his victim.

    He didn’t even call 911.

    Other witnesses started chasing him TO STOP HIM and when he fell, Huber hit him in the shoulder with his skateboard and was shot in the chest.

    The third person who was shot in the arm is a paramedic.

    He is seen in photos from earlier in the evening with other medics tending to injured protestors.

    It’s not unusual for paramedics to be armed because they are often in volatile situations.

    He was one of the “good guys with a gun” and he’s getting bashed because he had an incident with the police where he was intoxicated and was in possession of his LEGAL weapon?

    And it’s NOT the MSM, or The Left who is creating this scenario out of thin air.

    Richie McGinnis is the executive editor and a reporter/videographer with The Daily Caller, an EXTREMELY right wing, pro gun, anti BLM media site.

    It was his police report that led to the criminal charges against Rittenhouse.

    If you want to doubt what happened, take it up with him.

    He watched the whole thing up close.

  98. I’ve got to laugh and call out the clown that posted Rittenhouse’s “record”.

    Misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

    Misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia.

    One count of disobeying a traffic cops order.

    Yeah, boy!

    That’s a real hardened criminal!!

    As for Richie McGinnis, I don’t believe his account, on the fact that we actually have video footage of what really happened.

  99. So, a bunch of misdemeanor marijuana charges compare to a pedophile rapist, and domestic abuser.

  100. The third person he shot in the arm is a member of a Leftist Revolutionary Commie Organization.

    The first person he shot is a pedophile rapist.

    The second he shot is a convicted felon and domestic abuser.

  101. You are a very distrustful and disturbed individual, to lie like that, and defend convicted felons attacking a 17 year old kid.

    Defending rioting and looting.

    Never claimed Leftists to have brains, though.

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