School District 300 Hires Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

From Brett Corrigan, the newest Friend of McHenry County Blog. Corrigan is a 16-year old student at Jacobs High School.

District 300 Hires Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Adrian Harries, director of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for D300” is listed under “Curriculum Development” on the District 300 web site.

Previoiusly, Adrian worked at Evanston public school as principal.

During his time as principal he instructed his staff to segregate in an email.

His email instructed “white” staff to room 126 and “staff of color” to room 226 for a racial-equality agenda for “courageous conversation” so staff could discuss “racial awakening”.

He segregated his staff on two separate occasions or what’s been reported. 

According to North Cook News:

This spring alone the students have been subjected to

– a “Privilege Walk,”

-a lecture by a man discussing his life as a transgender Latinx man,

=activities aimed at “unpacking the ‘N-word’” and

-a policy change to curb bullying with “restorative actions” rather than discipline.

Also from the article:

“It’s all about shaming some kids because of their so-called white privilege,” one local parent told North Cook News.

“These programs only lead to even more division.”


School District 300 Hires Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — 23 Comments

  1. Thank you Brett Corrigan for your submission and welcome to McHenry County Blog

  2. Segregating staff, based on race, is considered inclusive?

  3. According to Wikipedia, Jacobs High School is:

    70.2% White
    16.2% Hispanic
    7.2% Asian/Pacific Islander
    3.1% Black
    3.1% Multiracial
    0.2% Native American/Alaskan


  4. Yes, according to the woke left the answer to racism is segregation.

    Who would have known the BLM and the KKK would have something in common.

  5. This concept of “people of color” (“black and brown”) vs “whites” is a propaganda tool to spread hate and create division to undermine America.

    Have we not realized yet that the real segregation seems to be self segregation among “people of color” who can’t even seem to get along together but are far more obsessed with their own fake worldly identity rather than being brothers and sisters of God or even an American?

    All this talk of “whiteness” now and how it’s dangerous to the weak-minded and the do-nothings.

    These are just tools of the wicked.

    There is no such thing as “whiteness” just like there is no such thing as “blackness”.

    The concept is for those who are preoccupied with the world only and have no spiritual direction.

    And never mind that “black” POCs hate “brown” POCs just like they’ve always harassed lighter skinned blacks in the past for not being “black enough”.

    Many are just using the other for power and control now because the fake collectivism seems to be a useful tool for tearing down America by pretending that it’s a symbol of “whiteness”.

    They are still separatists and not fooling anyone.

    These people have no God other than their identity.

    Every leftist organization supports segregation because people are easier to control when they are angered about racial issues.

    There is no place for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” in schools (or business) because it implies that certain groups are a victim and the other as an oppressor.

    It’s another form of discrimination.

    No amount of growing the welfare state has improved these issues in the USA.

    It’s only amplified their damage.

  6. The residents, students, staff, faculty and leadership of Jacobs High School already know how to manage their school. 🙂

    What exactly is Mr. Harries going to change and/or accomplish at Jacobs? 😐

  7. Let the 1619 Indoctrination start!

    Just another gov’t affirmative job for a negro incompetent/loafer.

  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. All Leftist constructs for
    wealth redistribution taken from the evil WHITE MAN and given to the POC
    to atone for long past and rectified inequities.

    That means YOU Little Eddie, you witless twit. 👹

  9. A lot of this nonsense is rooted in the great society of piece of garbage, Lyndon Baines Johnson. While JFK was no doubt the last decent and competent Democrat President, he was flawed in one regard and that was picking Johnson as VP. Obviously he did that for political gain and votes. Unfortunately, Lee Harvey Oswald intervened in Nov 1963 to change history forever.

  10. We chump taxpayers are funding this nonsense? What is the salary and benefits of this director? Who is the person or persons who hired the director AND what are their DOCUMENTED reasons as to the Proof of the Need for this position?

  11. DisHonestAbe1, I never asked anyone for anything.

    If you want to be an evil White Man, you most certainly have that right.

    Yes, you sound like a witless twit. 😁😝

  12. Come on, guys. Stop the in-fighting.

    I’m pretty sure you all think that this “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” stuff is nonsense.

    You guys seem to agree more often than not.

  13. Chicago’s Lakeview, Senn, Sullivan and Amundsen High Schools are considered diverse schools.

    These schools have students from all over the world, speaking many languages. 😐

    Jacobs High School isn’t Sullivan High School.

    Parents should have a say on people hired, for new school leadership positions. 😐

  14. What do you want — a referendum on every hire?

    Come on…

    Parents do have a say.

    They (and their fellow residents) elect the school board.

  15. Racial diversity training does not make people less racist, it makes people more racist.

    If the district cared about racism, they would eliminate his position.

    Isn’t it interesting how you hear more about “race” now than ten or fifteen years ago and we have regressed in terms of race relations?

    I guarantee you, this is not by accident…

  16. I miss the good old days when organizations merely had to make a nice donation to Operation PUSH to be absolved of their sins.

    Now, they have to put dead weight like this on the payroll.

  17. Let’s cater to negro low IQ deficits more and more.

    Get rid of the ACT & SAT bc blacks do poorly on them.

    Get rid of licensing for blacks, too.

    Let’s give them more money, too!

  18. Adrian Harries earned $147,593 in 2017 as a Principal for Evanston CCSD 65 Nichols Middle School.

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